Take a stroll and feel the atmosphere of the old city’s food culture – “Time Series” in Guangzhou (3)

Even if you forget the time, you can’t forget the taste of the food itself~

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Fumiichi Strolling through the building, feeling the atmosphere of the old city’s food culture – “Time Series” of Guangzhou (1)

Fenji Take a stroll and feel the atmosphere of the old city’s food culture – “Time Series” in Guangzhou (2)

Because of the love of riding a building, I especially wanted to go to a tidal wave in the near future.

It is said that girls have two stomachs, one for the staple food and one for the dessert.

Because of the habit of drinking syrup in Guangzhou, the girl here is particularly happy. Every time I go to Guangzhou, I will definitely go to the “Baihua Dessert Shop”. In fact, it is very close to the previous store, I hope your stomach is ready.



The last time, I went twice.

The status of this dessert shop is always the first in my heart.

Every time I have to line up, but the old stores are very efficient!

This dense menu is enough for you to not repeat the same every time.

It is also enough for the first-time girl to be guilty: “I will be discharged right away. What kind of food is it good to eat?” In fact, I will tell you quietly, the same is true for my male companions. .

It can be seen that some sugar water will be sold seasonally due to the raw material relationship, and some will appear seasonally, such as Xia Sanbao and Dongsanbao.

Because of the good (four sounds) to eat, the special location of two double skin milk, one cold and one hot:

Pure double skin milk, that is, do not have to add anything, to eat a taste of fresh milk.

It turns out that the same food, in different states, emits different temperament.

The hot taste is softer, the entrance is light and diffuse, the milk tastes heavier, but the aftertaste is lighter. The cold taste is more three-dimensional, the entrance is light and easy to spread, the combination between the particles is tight, and the aftertaste of the milk is sweet. Heavier. In fact, there is no such thing as a better one. Personal tastes are different. See if you like a soft girl or a woman. Individuals prefer cold.

Red bean milk sago

Cooking a pot of good sago, transparent and not paste, is a test of technology.

The kitchen staff are very skilled and quick to operate. With the main ingredients in the back, add the other materials already prepared in the front row, and you can go to the table.

I have to mention, I really like this bowl of red bean mung bean syrup ( actually forgot the name! For the time being so good)

It can be seen that red beans and mung beans are distinct. The wide-style mung bean syrup is very special, they will add kelp, and can also taste the special taste of dried tangerine peel, and it does not violate the sum, it is still delicious!

This is the case after mixing. It is recommended not to stir, and the taste will be more prominent.

In fact, syrup must be eaten by a group of people, you can taste it.

In the flowers and drinking sugar, I will habitually aim at what the neighboring table is eating, and then silently remember, watching people eat very happy, as if they want to eat the next time. Sure enough, it is still quite fragrant in other people’s bowls. Sigh, the two stomachs are not enough!

If the picture is not attractive enough, if you are careful enough to notice the price indicated on the menu, you will be eager to look forward to it.

Last time I forgot to mention, there is still a little tradition in Guangzhou’s old-fashioned gourmet shops. They don’t have branches. I have seen all the treatments and proficiency of these homes, and it is not a simple expansion and copying and pasting. This is also why some brands do not do a good job after they have grown up. They maintain a unique tradition and they also insist on a certain feeling. .

There is also a store near, their home cattle Samsung is very famous! The old man has a recommendation, but there is no chance to try it for himself. Here is a sticker for everyone, please judge each:

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