Take stock of the five major robbery novels in contemporary China

With the “Ghost Blowing Light” and “Tomb Notes” bursting red network, the tomb novel has been ruined in recent years, but there are few fine products, but these five tombs are called the best of the tombs, and are the Chinese contemporary tomb novels. The leader.

Tomb Tomb Novel List NO.1

“Ghost Blows” Author: Tian Xia Ba Chang

Introduction: Three contemporary gold-plated school thieves (tomb thieves), using the feng shui secret technique, to interpret the pulse of the world’s mountains and rivers, to find a place where the lost land on the land of the Dragon House. The story is quoted by a secret secretary passed down from a protagonist. The world is looking for dragons and dragons. After all the hardships and obstacles, looking for the ancient city that disappeared in the black desert of Taklimakan, the sacred konjac flower in the bottomless cave of Shenshan, in the jungle of Yunnan Worm Valley enchanting, currently in the serial is the final volume, the headless hole remains, the frozen god of the labyrinth

Novel Achievements: The greatest thing about the novel “Ghost Blowing Light” is that it has created a tomb that has never been covered in the past. Opened the era of the tomb of Chinese novels. Therefore, it has established a set of industry standards for tombstones in the current step, just as Jin Yong established nine sects in martial arts novels. In time, the head of this Chinese tomb novel will be comparable to Jin Yong’s martial arts novels.

At present, there are two films adapted through the series of novels “Ghost Blowing Lights”. One is directed by Wu Ershan and directed by Chen Guofu, “The Ghost Blowing Lights”, adapted from the lower half of the series, is expected to be released in 2015; One was directed by Lu Chuan, and the “Precision of the Ancient City” produced by China Film was shot by the start-up. Therefore, it became the top five in the list of robbery novels.

Tomb Tomb Novel List NO.2

“Tomb” Author: South Pine Uncle

Introduction: Fifty years ago, a group of Changsha Tufuzi (tomb thieves) dug into a warring book, and recorded a strange position of the ancient tombs of the Warring States period, but the group of Tufuzi encountered a strange incident in the ground. Almost all died. Fifty years later, one of the grandsons of the Tufuzi discovered this secret in his ancestors’ notes. He and a group of experienced tomb masters went to hunt for treasure. But no one thought that there were so many strange things in this ancient tomb.

Novel Achievements: The “Tomb Notes” series is the masterpiece of Nanpai’s three uncles. It is a masterpiece of the Chinese publishing industry in recent years. It has long occupied the top of the domestic book sales rankings, and has been enthusiastically sought after by millions of readers. Nanpai Sanshu is known as the world’s best-selling book writer. The “Tomb Notes” series created a myth in the publishing world, and together with “Ghost Blowing Lights” opened the era of the tombs of Chinese popular fiction. The top five in the rankings of the tomb novels on the list are well deserved.

At present, the film of the same name, which was adapted from the novel “Tomb Notes”, is directed by Zheng Baorui and Luo Yongchang, and the film will be launched next year.

Tomb Tomb Novel List NO.3

“Secret passages track” Author: Snake from leather

Introduction: The story begins with a mirror image (the mirror person refers to the heart in the right liver in the left five internal organs, just like the imaging principle of the plane mirror, so the mirror person) begins, in the middle of a waste ancient city steel mill The ancient tomb in the period of the cash yuan, the owner of the cemetery is the Liao 丞 耶 耶 ; ; ;; the thousand-year-old tomb sees the sky, the treasure is worthless, and the sinister tiger is even more invaluable. At this time, the seemingly calm ancient city is below Undercurrents, the international high-tech robbers, the local thieves tombs have long gathered here, their goal is only one, is the legendary mysterious Yin soldiers. However, when this group of people really approached the ancient tomb, behind the gloomy ancient tomb was a more horrifying death weapon. Can this group of people escape from the sky, and the Yin soldiers can reproduce the day, the story is just Start.

The achievements of the novel: the snake novel creation, the online novel “The Secret Tracking”, which was the theme of the tomb, once published in the end of the world, broke through the million-click rate mark in the shortest time, and succeeded more than “Ghost Blowing Light” and “Tomb Tomb” “The notes” is the first web tomb novel. The novel’s singular and singular Tomb Raider description makes “Mission Tracking” and “Ghost Blowing Light” and “Tomb Notes” collectively known as China’s three major tomb novels.

At present, the film “The Yinxia Tigers of the Secret Tracking”, which was adapted from the novel, indicates that the tomb of the Chinese screen will be opened. The leading film and the first two robbery novels will enter the theater and will be the first to open the big screen tomb in China. The film is filmed in 3D technology, and will officially become the first domestic 3D movie giant system in the true sense. The film was created by CCTV gold producer Yu Shengli, directed by the new director Yu Yu. The film will be available in the theater in November 2014.

Tomb Tomb Novel List NO.4

“Maoshan descendants” Author: Vigorously Jingang Zhang

Introduction: The descendants of Maoshan tell the story of Zhang Guozhong and Zhang Yicheng’s father and son using Maoshan Dao to step into the world. From the evil spirits to the secrets, the folk scams and the mystery of the ages will be unveiled. Their footprints are even Throughout Asia and Europe, across all continents, different cultures, different regions, different beliefs, China’s most powerful Maoshan Taoism, can it be full length? There is no fighting in the book, there is no magical power to fly away. This is not a bluffing visual blockbuster, but a real fantasy novel.

Achievements of the novel: “The descendants of Maoshan” is a representative work of King Kong’s palm. Now there are adaptations of animation and other works. The story is strong and the rules are good. Compared with the above novels, the biggest advantage of Maoshan is logical coherence. Can be called the best in such novels. .

Tomb Raiders Ranking No.5

“Sly god mound” Author: Peacock burn days

Introduction: This is a young man whose life has fallen into a trough. He accidentally found a small note 15 years ago. From then on, he entered the mysterious organization and confuses the story of the ancient cemetery. In this book, the protagonist passes his own special identity. I found the prototype of the gods and other gods in the folklore, and looked for her tomb of the gods. It can be said that the theme is very novel, refreshing, delicate, and suspicious, very interesting. At first I thought it was just a mysterious tomb book. I didn’t expect the storyline to be more attractive, and people couldn’t put it down.

The achievements of the novel: “诡神冢” has been widely acclaimed since its inception. It is the only work that can be compared with the “Tomb Notes”. Several times, it has won the Chinese network spiritual sales champion. Because the book describes the case of Yin Cao, a suspected bronze gate is involved. The ultimate secret, which caused infinite reverie, was widely controversial after being exposed, and now there are sound novels available.