Talking about the creation of the collection of landscape design study abroad (2) the logic of the concept

Continuing with the content of the previous article, let’s talk about how to conceive after being familiar with the basic context of foreign landscape design. Of course, the project of studying abroad can enhance the existing coursework according to the style of Europe and the United States, or recreate a work with a new way of thinking from scratch. And this new way of thinking is the “logic of ideas” that we want to emphasize today.

Different from the domestic teaching methods that emphasize actual technology and completion degree, the design studio in Europe and America emphasizes the process of speculation. The whole project is more like a Thesis, which is to use the research method to generate the design and illustrate the conceptual concept of the designer’s attention. theme. In the European and American landscape classrooms that encourage creative thinking, these themes can be as grand as the ecological balance of the entire urban area and the Urban Ecology, or can be specific to the new technology and new materials for the recycling technology (Adaptive Reuse), but also It is the role of Urban Farming in promoting the revitalization of low-income communities in the suburbs. In the concept of the portfolio project, we also encourage students to expand their thinking. There is a need for design everywhere in life, only you can’t think of it, and there are few areas where design can’t get involved.

After establishing the concept of a design project, how to build a logical framework will be the key to the success or failure of the work. The logical narrative and clear expression will make your portfolio easier to impress readers. In short, we have the following suggestions

1 Concept is compelling (Concept)

Since it is a Thesis, a strong design concept is essential. This concept is not only imprinted in your mind from the very beginning of the project, but also to appear in a prominent position in the portfolio. The text, three-dimensional representation or analysis of the project’s title page can be the main way to showcase your project concept.

Image Courtesy of Balmori Associates

2 logical relationship (Logic)

Using logic to tell the story of the design is what the portfolio needs to achieve. In the portfolio, the designer not only completes the design drawings, but also designs the way and experience the readers read. This is the biggest difference between the portfolio and the coursework. We recommend that students typeset as early as possible, and put the semi-formed or unfinished drawings on the drawing with Place Holder to judge the logic and fluency of the expression.

3 Drawings are first and foremost (Hierarchy)

All the content of the work is organized around concepts. In this case, the expression of the drawings should not be flattened and laid out. Drawings that best reflect the characteristics of the concept should be presented in more important ways, such as rich details, forceful space, and conspicuous text.

4 Picture style uniformity (Consistence)

Uniform style and echoes are not an easy task. Many students will habitually fall into the habit of stacking workloads. The way in which information is presented in different styles makes it difficult for readers to understand your plan. We advocate that your design concepts and design types are still closely defined to determine the expression and quantity, floor plans, analysis charts, cross-sections, people views, 3D models, aerial views do not need to debut, choices and discards are often based on their concept The expressive power to decide.

Here are some excellent examples to talk about how to apply these principles:

A large-scale landscape “infrastructure” graduation design uses a large number of 3D views such as models, axonometric drawings, and aerial views to clearly explain the preconditions and design ideas of the project. The color scheme is based on the blue-gray of the water body, which is closely related to the object to which the concept is directed. Image Courtesy of Stefano Romagnoli.

One of the winning drawings of the WILDLIFE CROSSING competition. In addition to going to the website collections such as ISSUE for inspiration, the European and American design competition panels (PANEL) are also an important reference for our collections. This picture highlights the main highlight of the design – the red slate. And use a large map perspective (giving the reader a strong and emotional first impression) and a small section of the profile (reflecting the rationality and rigor of the design) to form a visual contrast in the layout. Image Courtesy of Janet Rosenberg Studio

Planning and landscape design of waterfront space. The selection of the general plane, the human view, the isometric view and the sectional view allows the reader to understand the cross-scale design in the shortest possible time. The relationship between the community and the waterfront runs through almost all types of drawings, effectively forming a complete set of consistent expression systems. Image Courtesy of Fadi Masoud

One of the winning entries in the London HIGHLINE competition. The concept is clear, the slogan is clear, the level is clear, and the color is unified, so that this exhibition board can bring the readers a pleasant aesthetic feeling while conveying information efficiently. Image Courtesy of Yue Rao and Chuanwen Yu

In short, the production of a portfolio not only challenges your design, but also tests your ability to present your design to others. This emphasis on Presentation and Representation will be more evident after the students go to Europe and the United States for further study. Welcome to pay attention to the public number and related information of TRI Study Abroad Workshop, let us help you to create a logical and expressive personal collection.


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