The 148th money-making project | This project is promising in towns and villages, earning 200,000 a year is enough for it.

At the weekend, I went back home and sent a feeling of emotion;

Today, when I was visiting the circle of friends, I saw a sister helping the family to sell Xiaomi in northern Shaanxi. Combining these two situations,

Today, the old horse shares a profitable project that is suitable for most people: WeChat sells “soil” specialties.

In my circle of friends, there is a friend who sells native products and sells very well. The first thing I sold was the honey produced by my father’s bees. Later I sold the whole village’s honey.

I haven’t asked how much I’ve earned. I know that I changed my car last year and bought a house to get married.

This year, I am going to start a Porsche Cayenne… The inspirational example of selling the local products to the peak of life.

Ok, I won’t go into details about that case. Let’s go back to today’s topic and continue to talk.

[1] Project preparation

1. Preparation of the product: The protagonist must be the native product of the representative of the hometown. It is recommended to eat here, like honey, orange, apple, dry food.

2. Logistics: Talk about the price of cooperation. If you have a large amount, you can talk about 6-9 yuan. At this time, I must hold a group to warm up and find a few e-commerce friends to negotiate together.

3. WeChat packaging: The avatar is best to use my own picture, but there is a trick is not to be beautiful, the best photo is true. From time to time, the circle of friends updates the customer’s edible purchase and praise.

[2] The creation of native products

Sometimes we will envy the simplicity of the rural children’s “earth”. This kind of simplicity will attract people accidentally. This trait is innate, and souvenirs should have this kind of simplicity.

The characteristics of native products can be positioned in the characteristics of their soil.

The first trait: If the specialty is to be planted, then its cultivation method must be the “soil method”. The better the soiling method, the better it can be accepted by customers.

The second trait: the growing environment, the growth environment is best natural, pollution-free, away from the city, of course, is not the kind of deep forests, traffic is still convenient, at least logistics.

The third trait: the product needs real-time original ecology, if it is edible, it is best to eat it directly. It is best to just need the products, for example, to eat, so it is easy to go, it will form repeated consumption, even if the profit is small, it can be small profits but quick turnover, not too much processing.

The fourth trait: packaging also needs “soil”, packaging does not need more luxury and gorgeous, as long as the use of demand, natural. Of course, if your specialty is a gift box, it’s a different matter.

In the future, the long-term advertising content can be created around the above characteristics, and it is endless, because the things that can best collide with people’s hearts must be the most pristine.

[3] Specific operations

Soft text advertisement : For example, eat, apply for some accounts from the media platform, locate food to write soft papers, or publish works or dynamics on some food apps, like this man who sells whole grains, is to spread his own millet by sharing how to cook millet pumpkin porridge .

For some costs, you can directly put the food public number into the soft text advertisement.

Use text and pictures to present the fans with emotions, which will resonate and stimulate consumption.

Of course, if the quality of your product is too good, the repurchase rate will definitely be high.

The principle of soft-text advertising for other types of special products is the same.

2. Add group: Add some food QQ group WeChat group can also be publicized, which is super food, one catch one.

3. Live broadcast: You can broadcast the souvenir planting or growing process through the live broadcast platform, drain it to WeChat to complete the transaction, or directly use the circle of friends to broadcast live.

4. Consignment: Consignment of special products through the consignment bank or grocery store, after successful, use this method to copy it, you can grow bigger.

[4] Finally, I want to say

Any project that looks small can do a lot, but not everyone can do it. There is a famous saying in the stock market, “7 pays 2 flats and 1 earn”, which is also available here.

Including the last sentence of my end each time…..

Ok, today’s old horse’s share is here, Lu Yao knows the horsepower, and sees people for a long time.

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