The American Opera Silicon Valley fifth season eighth episode vocabulary

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The vocabulary update of the fifth season of the US drama Silicon Valley

Amazon [‘æmәzɒn] n. Amazon River [医] without breasts

Backwards [‘bækwәdz] adv. backwards

Becky [‘beki] n.

Belson [name] Belson

Bezos Bezos (personal name)

Boo-yah, a form of joy

Bream [bri:m] n. Eucalyptus freshwater fish, scorpionfish vt.

California [.kæli’fɒ:njә] n. California

Carolinians adj. Carolina, USA n. Carolina, Caroline; Caroline

Cheers [tʃiәz] interj. Cheers, goodbye

Colin [‘kɔlin] n. Colin (men’s name)

Cook [kuk] n. cook, cook vt. cook, cook, heat vi.

Dana n. American Dana (American Motor Company)

Danny [‘dæni] n. Danny (men’s name, equal to Daniel)

Dick [dik] n. guy, dictionary, vow (book) [medical] dichloroacetam (toxic gas)

Dinesh Di Nish; Dinis; Dinesh

Dude [dju:d] n.<United States, Canada> scorpion, playboy; <俚> man, guy; vt.<俚> dressed up or fancy

Erlich n. (Erlich) name; (I, Germany, Luo) Ehrlich; (English, Czech) Ellih; (French) Eric

Fine, fine, fine, fine a. good, sunny, healthy, small, fine vt. fine, refined, clarified vi. clear, thin adv. very good [count] fine

Friends n. Friends (The Episode)

Fucked, fucked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Galloo 加洛

Games n. (English) gymnastics class, physical education class, [predicate with singular or plural] games, competitions, competitions

Gates n. gates (gates of gate)

Gavin n. Gavin (men’s name)

Gilfoyle [Person] Yoshito Fukuro

God [^ɔd] n. God, idol, idol vt.

Hat [hæt] n. hat vt.

Head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head Magnetic head

Hendricks (Hendrick’s plural) n. (Hendrick) name; (English, Dutch) Hendrick; (French) Hendrik

Holden [‘hәuldәn] v. leave; hug; hold (the past participle of hold)

Hooli mutual purchase; earth mud house; fox

Inuit a. Inuit

Jared (jare’s past tense) abbr. Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition Japan Antarctic Science Expedition

Jeff [dʒef] n. Jeff (men’s name, equal to Jeffrey)

Jesus [‘dʒi:zәs] n. Jesus

John [dʒɔn] n. bathroom, toilet, hacker

Kaboom big bang; title; 砰嘭

Laurie [‘lɔ(:)ri] n. Laurie (woman’s name, equal to Laura); Laurie (men’s name, equal to Lawrence)

Legal [‘li:gәl] a. legal, legal, legal [legal] legal right; legal (upper), legal

Lock [lɒk] n. lock, brake, sluice, a strand of hair vt. lock, lock, detention, hidden, (locked, etc.) slammed, braked vi. locked, (gear, etc.) meshed, (ship) Pass

Lord [lɒ:d] n. ruler, lord, god vi.

Los [lɔ:s] abbr. Lunar Orbiter Spacecraft; Line of Sight

Mmm [medicine] nanometer

Mode [mәud] n. Modal, Modal, Style, Stylistic, State, Mode, Fashion [Measure] Mode; DOS External Command: Set various device commands

Monica [‘mɔnikә] n. Monica (woman’s name)

Muriel n. Muriel (woman’s name)

NSA abbr. National Security Agency; National Standards Association

Ni [医] Nickel (Element 28)

North [nɒ:θ] n. north, north a. north, north adv. north, north

Officer [‘ɒfisә] n. officer, supervisor, official, civil servant vt.

Old [ old], old, old, old, sophisticated

Pappy [‘pæpi] a. semi-liquid, diluted

Photo [‘fәutәu] n. photo, photo, realistic depiction v. photo a. for photography, for photography, for detailed recording, realistic, similar

Pied [paid] a. mottled, variegated, floral

Piper [‘paipә] n. Piper, piper, wind instrument, pipe installer, young bird

Pipers [ˈpaipəz] n. Piper, the person who plays the flute (the plural form of piper); plumber

Pipey [tube] wrinkle; tube wrinkle leather defect

Priyanka Priyanka; Prianka; Parkjaka

Quiver [‘kwivә] n. vibrate, trembling, quiver vi. trembling, vibrating vt.

Richard [‘ritʃәd] n. Richard (men’s name)

Run, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running, running vt. Investigate, drive, start, manage, operate, make out, run a. melted, melted, cast run past and past participles

Scott [skɔt] n. Scott (men’s name)

Shall [ʃæl] to.将

Signature [‘signәtʃә] n. signature, identification mark, key signature [count] signature attachment

Sir [sә:] n. Mr., lord

Territories [ˈteritəriz] n. Territory (the noun plural of the territory); (a person responsible) area; (occupied by individuals, groups, animals, etc.);

Tesla [‘teslә] [Electric] Tesla

Tim [tim] n. Tim (men’s name)

Ugh [uh, ә:h] interj. Hey!, ah!, Hey!


Valet [‘vælit] n. personal servant vt.

Van [væn] n. truck, caravan, pioneer, front, avant-garde vt. trucking [count] value-added network

Wh-What 什么

Winkle [‘wiŋkl] n. snail, edible snail vt. culling, eviction vi.

Yao [jau] n. 尧 (The legendary leader of the late Chinese tribe alliance in the ancient Chinese clan clan society)

Yukon [‘ju:kɔn] [医] Heavy electron

Access [‘ækses] n. access, access, access, access, use of vt. access, access, proximity, use of [access] access, access

Accounting [ә’kauntiŋ] n. accounting, billing, clearing [accounting] account processing, accounting

Acquire [ә’kwaiә] vt. gain, learn [electricity] target lock

Acquisition [.ækwi’ziʃәn] n. acquisition, acquisition, acquisition, acquisition, acquisition

Adept [ә’dept] a. skilled, sophisticated, clever n.

Alternative [ɒ:l’tә:nәtiv] n. Alternatives, alternatives a. Alternatives, alternatives

Annoying [ә’nɒiiŋ] a. annoying, annoying

Ass [æs] n. 驴, idiot, idiot, ass

Asshole [‘æshәul] n. asshole, anal; annoying

Authoritarianism [ə,θɔrə’tɛrɪənɪzəm] n. authoritarianism; powerism

Aw [ɔ:] int. Oh! Oh! (indicating protest, disgust, hate, etc.)

Babe [beib] n. child, naive child

Bail [beil] n. bail, 拎 ring, 杓, fence vt. bail, drowning

Bam [bæm] n. deception, spoofing vt. deception, scam [basis] basic access method, basic arithmetic module, block allocation image

Bar [bɑ:] n. bar, bar, bar, grid, obstacle vt. prohibited, blocked, obstructed

Bargaining [‘bɑ:giniŋ] n. bargaining, negotiation, negotiation [by] bargaining, bargaining, trading

Batch [bætʃ] n. Once baked bread, once in a quantity, one set, batch, batch, batch v. batch, batch processing [count] batch

Beta [‘beitә] n. The second letter of the Greek alphabet [医] β (the second letter of Greek), B

bitch [bitʃ] n Bitch;. Vixen; nasty woman; tricky v sarcasm;. (esp behind) say bad things

Breathing [‘bri:ðiŋ] n. breathing, instant, breeze a. breathing, realistic

Bribe [braib] n. bribe vt. bribe

Budge [bʌdʒ] vi. slightly moving vt. pushing n. lambskin

Budget [‘bʌdʒit] n. budget vi. budgeting vt. budgeting, scheduling a. cheap

Bullshit [‘bulʃit] n. nonsense

Bummer [‘bʌmә] n. rogue, nomad, rogue

Burning [‘bә:niŋ] a. burning, burning like n. burning, burning

Camping [‘kæmpiŋ] n. camping, camping

Capable [‘keipәbl] a. capable, capable, competent

Carefully [‘kєәfuli] adv. carefully, cautiously

Cease [si:s] n. stop v. stop, end

Chime [tʃaim] n. bell, bell, harmony vi. 鸣, playing harmonic music, harmony vt. knocking out the sound of harmony, playing the clock, repeating

Code [kәud] n. code, password, law, code, vt.

Collective [kә’leiktiv] a. collective, collective, common [medical] collective, collective

Consensus [kәn’sensәs] n. Consensus, Consistency, Consensus

Contact [‘kɒntækt] n. contact, communication, acquaintance, contact vi. contact, contact vt.

Convinced [kәn’vinst] a. convinced, convinced

Correlate [‘kɒrәleit] n. something related to each other, related matter vt.

Counterproposal [‘kauntәprә.pәuzl] n. counter-proposal [method] counter-proposal, anti-proposal

Crash [kræʃ] n. slamming, slamming, slamming, smashing, smashing, smashing, smashing, smashing, crushing, crashing

Crush [krʌʃ] n. crushed, crushed, mass, obsessed vt. crushed, conquered, stuffed, crumpled, squeezed out vi. crushed, wrinkled, squeezed

Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency

Custodial [kʌ’stәudjәl] a. custody of the custodian

Datum [‘deitәm] n. argument, material, data, known number [medicine] material, data, argument

Decentralize [di:’sentrәlaiz] vt. decentralization, decentralization (power), evacuation (population)

Decentralized a. decentralized, decentralized; decentralized; decentralized; decentralized

Defense [di’fens] n. defense, defense

Definitively [dɪ’fɪnətɪvlɪ] adv. decisively, finally

Deploy [di’plɒi] v. expand, configure

Desirable [di’zairәbl] a. desirable, desirable

Developer [di’velәpә] n. developer [meter] developer

Device [di’vais] n. device, design, strategy, invention, device [device] device; DOS internal command: This command requires DOS to install a device driver

Diagnosis [daiәg’nɒstik] a. diagnostic, diagnostic, characteristic n. diagnosis, disease sign, diagnosis [diagnosis]

Dick [dik] n. guy, dictionary, vow (book) [medical] dichloroacetam (toxic gas)

Distribute [di’stribju:t] vt. distribution, distribution, distribution

Do-over [‘du:,əuvə] n. (woman) cosmetic surgery; rework; rework products

Element [‘elimәnt] n. component, element, element [meter] part; component; unit; symbol; component; element;

En [en] n. letter N, (lead) half square prep.

Enforce [in’fɒ:s] vt. enforce, enforce, enforce

Entitle [in’taitl] vt. give the name, give it a name, call it a name, give it a right, make a qualification, call it

Entity [‘entiti] n. entity, deposit, existence [count] entity

Finally [i’ventʃuәli] adv. Finally, finally

Execution [.eksi’kju:ʃәn] n. implementation, completion, execution, death penalty

Explore [ik’splɒ:] v. adventure, exploration, exploration

Fighting [‘faitiŋ] a. fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting

Firing [‘faiәriŋ] n. burning, burning, heating, adding coal

Forage [‘fɒridʒ] n. grain, feed, search for food vt. feed, plunder, search for food vi. search for grain, plunder

Fucked, fucked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Fucking [‘fʌkiŋ] a. damn, hard to do, hard to do, inferior, nasty, ugly, chaotic, messy

Gear [giә] n. gear, tool vt. geared up, started, adapted, arranged vi. connected, suitable

Gon [^ɔn] n. percent; (geometry)…angle

Grid [grid] n. grid, grid [grid] grid

Hao [hau] n. corner (Vietnamese currency, equal to 1/10 shield)

Hooli mutual purchase; earthen house; fox

Huh [hʌ] interj. Hey, ha

Impotent [‘impәtәnt] a. powerless, weak, ineffective, impotence

Impressive [im’presiv] a. impressive, majestic

Indie [‘indi] n. Independent filmmaker, independently produced film (singing) film

Inflection [in’flekʃәn] n. buckling, pitch, pitch change

Innovation [.inәu’veiʃәn] n. reform, innovation [法] innovation, reform, refresh

Inspirational [.inspә’reiʃәnәl] a. inspirational, inspiring, miraculous

Issue [‘isju] n. issue, issue, consequence, outflow, exit, dispute, issue, outflow, cause, result, pass, release, issue, issue, issue

Karma [‘kɑ:mә] n. karma, destiny

Kidney [‘kidni] n. kidney, personality [医] kidney

“killer”, killer, killer

Kilowatt [‘kilәwɒt] n. kW [医] kW [special]

Kimchi [‘kimtʃi:] n. (=kimchee)<Korean> kimchi

Knockoff [‘nɒkɔ:f] n. brand name imitation; counterfeit clothing

Laborer [‘leibәrә] n. manual worker, auxiliary worker [machine] laborer

Launch [lɒ:ntʃ] n. launch, motorboat, launch vt. make water, launch, launch vi. take off, launch, put, start

Ledger [‘ledʒә] n. ledger, household ledger, covered tombstone, crosswood [by] household account, ledger

Legitimate [li’dʒitimәt] a. legitimate, legitimate, legitimate, vt.

Literally [‘litәrәli] adv. literally, literally, not exaggerated

Ludicrous [‘lu:dikrәs] a. ridiculous, funny, absurd

Magnificent [mæg’nifisnt] a. gorgeous, noble, magnificent

Mallet [‘mælit] n. raft, stick, stick [chemical] sledgehammer; hand hammer

Manually [‘mænjuәli] adv.

Manufacture [.mænju’fæktʃә] n. product, manufacture vt. manufacture, fake vi. manufacture

Manufacturer [.mænju’fæktʃәrә] n. manufacturer, manufacturer [manufacturer] manufacturer, manufacturer, manufacturer

Masse [mæ’sei] [body] vertical setback

Mimic [‘mimik] a. imitated, imitation n. actor, imitator, clown, imitation vt. imitation, simulation

Mode [mәud] n. modal, mode, style, style, state, mode, fashion [meter] mode; DOS external command: set various device commands

Moron [‘mɒ:rɒn] n. low-energy, stupid [medical] fool

Motherfucker [ˈmʌðəfʌkə(r)] n. (usually referred to as male) shameless guy, git stuff

Motivated [‘mәutiveitid] a. motivated, purposeful

Odd [ɒd] a. odd, eccentric, residual, scattered, various, small amount of n. strange things, weirdo [odd] odd, odd parity, optical data digitizer

Offensive [ә’fensiv] a. unpleasant, insulting, offensive [official] offensive, offensive, offensive

Option [‘ɒpʃәn] n. option, pick, option [meter] option

Outmaneuver [ajtmә’nu:vә(r)] vt. against (vulner) maneuver, wins, wins strategy (enemy)

Parade [pә’reid] n. parade, show off, parade v. parade, show off, march

Partnership [‘pɑ:tnәʃip] n. partnership, joint stock, partnership [jing] partnership (cooperation) relationship, all partners

Patch [pætʃ] n. patch, patch, shard, patch, fool vt. patch, cover up, patchwork, calm down

“patent”, patent, license, license, patent, quality

Patrol [pә’trәul] n. patrol, patrol, reconnaissance v. patrol, patrol

Payment [‘peimәnt] n. payment, payment (or in kind), reimbursement, retribution, punishment [by] payment, payment, payment

Petulant [‘petʃәlәnt] a. capricious, violent, irritating, unpleasant

Piss [pis] vi. pissing, heavy rain, complaining vt. peeing, urine on… n.

podcast n. 播客

Preferred [‘prefәrәbl] a. more desirable, better, more desirable

Preliminary [pri’liminәri] n. preliminary practice, preliminary measures, pre-test, qualifiers a. preliminary, beginning, preliminary

Presale [‘pri:ˌseɪl] n. Pre-sales exhibition

Preserved, preserved, preserved, preserved, forbidden hunting, processed food, hunting, n. processed food, hunting grounds, protected areas, protective materials

Prick, prick, prick, prick, prick, spur, spur, spur, spur, spur

Principal [‘prinsipәl] n. principal, principal, principal, principal, capital, principal a. major, most important, primary

Proceed [prәu’si:d] vi. proceed, proceed, start, issue, sue [law] income, income, income

Promising [‘prɒmisiŋ] a. promising, promising

Proposal [prә’pәuzl] n. proposal, plan, proposal, proposal, application, bid

Protocol [‘prәutәkɒl] n. draft, etiquette, agreement v. draft [protocol] protocol, protocol list utility

Prototype [‘prәutәtaip] n. prototype [meter] prototype; prototype

Racist [‘reisist] n. racist [law] racism, racism

Realer [rɪəl] n. small coins commonly used in Spain and its territories; formerly Portugal; reality; reality adj. real (opp.sham) actual; sincere; [law] real estate adv. More realistic; scroll; Hu Yu

Refugee [.refju’dʒi:] n. refugees, exiles [law] asylum seekers, exiles, refugees

Sake [seik] n. purpose, reason, reason

Scoot [sku:t] vi. running, running

Server [‘sә:vә] n. service, serving utensils, sending players n. server [count] server, server startup program, service desk program

Shit [ʃit] vi. 屎 屎 t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

Shit-ton shit

Shortcut [‘ʃɒ:tkʌt] n. shortcut, shortest line [count] shortcut

Shout-out, shouting, yelling

Smash [smæʃ] n. shredded, shattered, shattered, shattered, smashed, killed, business failure, bankruptcy, coins, fake coins a. very sensational, great vt. Crush, make bankrupt, make fission, use fake coins vi. shatter, slam, bankrupt, smash, kill av. bang, slam

Software [‘sɒftwєә] n. software [meter] soft device

Solo [‘sәulәu] n. solo, solo, solo performance a. alone, solo, solo vi.

Spiteful [‘spaitful] a. hateful, malicious, malicious

Sprint [sprint] n. short distance running vi. full speed running, sprinting vt. running at full speed

Stake [steik] n. pile, gun, wood, bet, bonus vt. piling, using piles, betting, funding vi. bet

Stall, parking, pastor position, stall, excuse, procrastination vt. Zhiwu

Standoff [‘stændɒf] a. frosty, bracketed n. frosty, balanced, and

Status [‘steitәs] n. status, situation, status, identities [statistics] status

Steal [sti:l] vt. plagiarism; stealing; stealing; vi. stealing; stealing; [baseball] stealing; n. [mouth] stealing; bargain; stealing; [basketball] stealing

Strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling strolling

Subscriber [sʌbs’kraibә] n. signatories, donors, subscribers

Tech [tek] n. technical college or school

Tempt [tempt] vt. temptation, temptation, interest, attraction, risk

Threat [θret] n. threatening, threatening, threatening

Throttle [‘θrɒtl] n. throttle, throttle, throat vt. 扼 throat, suffocation, suppression, throttling vi. suffocation, throttling, slowdown

Traction [‘trækʃәn] n. trolling, traction, traction [医] traction

Uh [ʌn. әn] int.

Uninteresting [.ʌn’intәristiŋ] a. uninteresting, uninteresting, boring

Valet [‘vælit] n. personal servant vt.

Vastly [‘vɑ:stli] adv. vastly, many, huge

Vengeful [‘vendʒful] a. revengeful, revengeful

Venture [‘ventʃә] n. adventure, risk vt. dare, risk… risk

Viability [.vaiә’biliti] n. viability, developmental ability [医] [生]活[能]力,生

Voicemail [ˈvɔɪsmeɪl] n. voicemail

Volt [vәult] n. volt [volt]

Wan [wɒn] a. pale, bloodless, morbid, dim v. (make) pale [count] wide area network

Whipping [‘hwipiŋ] n. whipping, tied rope, gauntlet [law] gauntlet, punishment, rope used for binding


Wreck [rek] n. wreck, wreck, destruction vt. wreck, demolish, destroy vi. (ship) wreck, rescue wreck

Yeah [jɑ:] adv. (informal) yes, yes

The vocabulary update of the fifth season of the US drama Silicon Valley
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