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When I was young, I thought that money was everything. It’s only now that I know when I am old.


In the past two days, the scores of the college entrance examinations have come out. When the college entrance examinations are volunteered every year, relatives and friends will call me and ask them how to choose colleges and colleges for their college entrance examinations. Let me briefly talk about my views on the choice of college entrance examination volunteers.

The general principle of choosing a volunteer: The first principle of the college entrance examination is to worship money. The biggest misunderstanding is to choose a major based on interest. The higher the mathematics content, the better. The higher the technical threshold, the better. Try to choose engineering, try not to choose science, and never choose pure liberal arts (except for technical liberal arts such as law and small language). The priority of 985, 211 university selection: city>university>professional; non-985, 211 undergraduate, specialist selection priority: city>professional>university.

High school students’ understanding of university majors is superficial. There is a little interest, and it is also a sly understanding from the news media, TV series, or books, and judges the professional situation of the university. There is no practical understanding of the university major, nor is it in contact with the professional front line. An overview of the knowledge provided by the staff. This problem caused high school students to enter the university and found that the selected majors were completely different from their own high school volunteers, so that they were not interested and very common.

Most high school students don’t know their true interests. Most high school students have been studying hard since they went to school, and rarely seriously and deeply consider what to do in the future. Everyone thinks that they are interested in learning well, that is, they love one line and do one line. The opposite is true. It is a line and loves one line. In the absence of special exceptions (such as people who are fainting blood is not suitable for medical treatment), as long as they can do well, score, and have a sense of accomplishment, they will fall in love with this line.

Let me give you one of the most extreme examples of forensic science. More than a decade ago, at that time, forensic doctors did not know so high now (of course, they don’t know much now). Many people have never heard of this industry. At that time, many people had to learn to forensic medicine and they were killed and unwilling. It’s going to collapse. Our class has a total of 44 students, 90% of the forensic classmates are other professional adjustments to the forensic department, more than half of them are from non-medical professional adjustments, but after our class graduates, at least 80% of the students are still Continued to work in forensic science, and the business of many students who were transferred was very prominent. Because of doing a line, loving a line, doing a good job, there is interest.

A more serious problem is that interest will change. Many people are interested in today. After a while, when they encounter another thing, their interest changes. This also leads to less reliable choices based on interest.

but, Interest will change and money will never change. If a professional income is low, there is no achievement, no sense of accomplishment, and it is difficult to maintain long-term interest. Therefore, choosing a profession requires money worship. Money is reflected in the choice of volunteers, which is the employment and development prospects of university majors. When choosing a major, there are different situations, such as different genders, different family conditions, and different levels of college entrance examination scores. There are different methods.

How to choose 985, 211? In the university’s first-choice cities, priority is given to first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, followed by second-tier cities such as Hangzhou and Nanjing, and third to provincial capital cities, or prefecture-level cities comparable to provincial capitals such as Suzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Dalian. Generally, colleges and universities in prefecture-level cities should not go. After choosing a good city, I choose a university. In many cases, I mainly work in undergraduate schools. I don’t look at majors very much, and I can double-degree and cross-professional postgraduate studies.

Only 985, 211 colleges and universities can choose a major according to their own interests, but I do not recommend to choose according to interest, or to see the ability to make money. If you can go to 985 colleges and universities, employment is generally not a problem. The choice of majors is relatively free, but the income gap after graduation from different majors will be more than 10 times. For example, the income of Peking University’s finance major is much higher than that of Chinese. On 985 and 211, the goal can generally be moderately long-term. As long as you study hard and make high-school study sixty-seven percent, the possibility of studying and going abroad for further study is relatively large. Therefore, you can choose a major with a strong foundation such as mathematics, or you can directly choose a highly technical one. But don’t choose pure humanities such as Chinese, journalism, and philosophy.

How to choose one, two, three, and specialties for non-985 and 211? First choose the city, choose the major, and finally choose the university. Because these universities are not well-known, they have basically never heard of it. When they are employed, the company attaches importance to the profession and even the university. To be purely employment-oriented, mathematics majors should not learn. Try to choose engineering, biology, science, etc. Try not to choose. I don’t know what to choose in liberal arts. I can consider employment and promising professions. Medicine and teachers are good choices. Try to learn a technology, it is relatively reliable.

What professional income is high? Market-oriented professional income is high, that is, enterprises that need high professional income and go outside the system can make money, while incomes in the government, research institutes, and other institutions are stable, but relatively low, and with With social development, relative income will be lower and lower.

What professional is good employment? The more professional, the better the employment, such as medicine is almost one of the best professions in employment, but good employment does not necessarily have high income.

How to choose science? The science and engineering department needs to emphasize the majors that enterprises need to emphasize. Mathematics is the most easily overlooked profession. In fact, the best major in mathematics majors, when studying, all majors like to receive mathematics students.

How to choose a liberal arts? The liberal arts, finance, economics, psychology and other social sciences are relatively better than the pure humanities. Although the law does not require mathematics, the law is a very professional technical job. The most important thing to choose is pure humanities, such as Chinese, journalism, philosophy, history, etc. If these subjects are very interested in academic research, they can cross-professional postgraduate studies, which is relatively easy. For example, journalists in the economic field are rarely journalists, and most of them are studying economics. Foreign language majors try to choose small languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc., but don’t choose mini language, the job market is too small.

If the profession is not good for employment, or it is a low-income industry, even if you have graduated, you still have to go to the market to find a job. Because now only 985, 211 graduates have the choice to do academic conditions, that is, after graduation, master’s degree, doctoral student, and then university teacher, it is difficult to go this way, and don’t even think about it. Therefore, if the professional selection is not good, it will be a troublesome thing to study in the future.

Choose a major to choose Road wide , choose more in the future – Interdisciplinary postgraduate study, double degree It must be considered. Postgraduate examinations in science and engineering examinations, liberal arts can not cross-professional postgraduate examinations in engineering; liberal arts, finance, economics and other cross-professional examinations in history, philosophy, management and other professional graduate exams, in turn, it is more difficult. In addition, the most important advantage of choosing a highly technical major is that many colleges and universities can now double-degree, cross-school double degree, and the university double-degree. For example, mathematics can be managed across disciplines, but the reverse is not possible because it is too difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a highly technical professional, the university will have a double degree, and the employment path will be much wider.

For example, there are seven universities in Wuhan that jointly study double degrees. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, China University of Geosciences, Huazhong Normal University and other schools can double-degree courses across universities, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University and other six University students can go to Huazhong University of Science and Technology to study computer science or management, or go to Wuhan University to study journalism and law. It is equivalent to reading a university two roads.

No exam can be a lifetime Although the college entrance examination is very important, it can’t be a lifetime. The most important thing is that the university should study hard, don’t mistake the high school for hard work, the university should relax, the university can’t relax, and the work is hard to find. One of the biggest differences between universities and high schools is that high school mainly fights IQ, and the university mainly strives hard. With the low level of general efforts of college students, it is impossible to fight IQ. There is almost no management in the university. Is there any self-control ability to study hard? It determines whether there is self-control ability in the future work, and whether it is self-improvement. Only if you work hard, you will meet the nobles, and the nobles will be willing to help you; if you are muddy, you will not be able to put you on the wall, and you will find trouble for yourself and dirty your hands. Therefore, no matter which city you go to, which university you go to, what major you study, as long as you study hard, you will not be able to work and live in the future.

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