The centuries-old evolutionary history of Indian women, the last one is awesome!

The 100-year-old makeup series seems to have been very hot… Today brings you a beautiful history of Indian women’s makeup evolution~
Look at your eyes and look at it, the last one is awesome!

1910 Medium distribution type + no makeup

Like the Chinese, the Indian people were also anti-colonial during this period. For independence, the Indians first wanted to get rid of the British ideology. So the girls returned to the traditional makeup, which was plain and covered. .

1920 Red lips + hemp flower scorpion

By this time, Indian women began to emphasize individuality and initiative, so they began to appear carefully in their makeup, as well as fiery red lips, but these are still the definition of feminine beauty in traditional Indian aesthetics.

1930 Makeup doesn’t change much, but women’s status is much higher.

When Gandhi and other freedom fighters began to enter the political arena, Indian men suddenly discovered that women have participated in every corner of the country, women can engage in production, provide shelter for the revolution, and even perform assassination missions.

1940 Sexy attire after independence

After independence, the eye makeup was significantly more important, the mascara was heavier, the eyebrows were more slender, and the eyebrows were also fashionable to draw a very exaggerated curvature. Not only that, but even the hair style has changed, from the traditional hair, hair to a more modern loose long hair.

1950 Western text begins to influence India

In the 1950s, Indians hoped to completely change from the backward situation left by colonial rule. While encouraging business, European and American cultures began to affect the Indian people again. The most popular dress of the year was to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s shape as much as possible.

1960 Bollywood opens for the first time

In the 1960s, Bollywood became an important part of the spiritual life of Indians. The rapid development of India’s domestic film industry also rapidly increased the status of women. By the end of the 1960s, India even had the first female prime minister. Well, when you look at it, the towering hair and high-eyed eyes are not so demon…

1970 Indian hippie style

The middle is long straight hair, highlighting the thick makeup of thick lips, and the earrings that can’t wait bigger than the hula hoop… When the American hippie culture spreads to the East, the Indians absorb some of these features, and think of ways to add them, they will never Go to the changing movie plot.

1980 This is 10 years in line with international standards.

In the 1980s, Bollywood’s shadows accepted the American-style sloppy eyebrows and combed the ponytail or the long scorpion on the side. It is worth mentioning that in that era, India used both piles of jewels in film and television works or photographic photos, or simply processed the image into a cloud of fog.

1990 The world is watching India

In the past 10 years, India has emerged from two world Miss beauty pageant titles, and Indian movie stars have begun to appear in Hollywood blockbusters. With the eyes of the whole world, Indian women began to explore their own attire instead of simply following the trend. So in the face of the girl in the 90s, you can see that the elements of tradition and modernity are slowly blending.

2000 The confidence brought by the rise of the IT industry

Naturally separated long hair with mature light makeup and bold accessories, the Indian aesthetic is more mature after the millennium. The IT industry has driven the music industry and even led to an evolution of Indian culture, where traditional culture and Western culture are more naturally integrated.

2010 The influence of feminism has reached the highest point in history

Women’s security and power issues are now India’s most watched national politics and life issues, and Indian women are making the biggest voice in history. At this point we can see that Bollywood welcomes actresses with neutral beauty, and the girls in life seem to be returning to the classical beauty of India – elegant.

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