The Eight Laws of Chinese Medicine Eight Laws – The Next Law

The next method is the law of attacking evil spirits. It is the first of the three major methods of attacking evil spirits. Through excretion, the evil spirits accumulated in the stomach and intestines are quickly discharged, so as to achieve the effect of healing. Because of its powerful effect, it is extremely effective. Evil gas quickly leaves the human body to achieve the purpose of treatment, but because it can deplete righteousness, the following method pays attention to a disease that is good and short, not excessive.

The legislative basis of the next law is the two sentences in the “Study on the Question of Yin and Yang”: “The next one is exhausted.” “In fact, it is scattered.”

There are five kinds of methods in the following ways: cold, warm, run down, submerged under water, attack and supplement.

The most classic agent for cold agents is the Chengqi Tang class. It is suitable for hot knot constipation. It can even be used in the madness of madness syndrome, and some fever caused by hot blood can be used. The usage is very extensive. Secondly, there is a rhubarb peony soup for the treatment of intestinal fistula (similar to modern appendicitis), not only for intestinal fistula but also for the sputum disease, the lower coke blood test card and so on.

Warming agent represents the prescription of Wenpi spleen soup suitable for spleen yang deficiency and cold resistance in the coke, with cold pain in the abdomen, stool is not a syndrome, but relatively speaking, the use of warming agents is still less. However, the use of Wenpi Tang is quite extensive, such as appendicitis, appendicitis, acute and chronic enteritis, acute peritonitis and other diseases that belong to the category of Chinese medicine cold resistance.

The agent of the inferior agent has Mazi Runchang Pills, Jichuan Fry, etc., to avoid the stool, thirst, not thinking about drinking, body thinness, etc. as dialectical points, in fact, these drugs are more suitable for the elderly to suffer from constipation, the elderly are weak. The use of the method of attacking evil must be gentle, so there is such a prescription, or it is due to physical weakness. In fact, I think that there is a duplication between itself and the attack and compensation, but there are many such prescriptions. It relies on the oil of plants to promote the stool, and in general it is more than attack.

The representative agent of the squat agent is the ten jujube soup, and the boat pill is suitable for all kinds of edema. Because of its huge side effects, it is often used in the critical illness of acute illness, and promotes the discharge of water in the body. Modern is more suitable for advanced ascites of liver cirrhosis, ascites of liver cancer.

The offensive and remedy agent is Huanglong Tang, Zengye Chengqi Decoction, which is suitable for patients with physical weakness and constipation. It is generally caused by qi and blood yin and yang, mainly Yangming and stagnation.

The next method, the main medicine is rhubarb, whether it is ancient or modern, the doctors are given the “tiger wolf medicine”, “cleansing officials” and so on. The rhubarbs are all fearful of three points. I personally used to fear them as tigers. Can not be used as much as possible, but this is absolutely wrong. There is a popular saying in Chinese medicine: “Ginseng kills people without guilty, and Rhubarb saves people from doing nothing.” After all, it is uncomfortable to let people run the toilet over and over again, but it cannot be denied because of this negative rhubarb.

Even so, but the law is as fierce as a tiger, such as a leopard, non-Yangming Lizhen can not easily use its damage to the righteousness, must be done in the end of the disease, and must be used to nourish the body after use.

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