The father changed his car and killed the one-and-a-half-year-old daughter: the consequences of the family’s unruly rules allowed the innocent children to bear, and it was not limited to this…

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Today, in addition to the full screen of C Ronaldo, there is a rare news headline that reflects my vision:

In Xi’an, Shaanxi, a father accidentally brought his own daughter to death.

How did this happen?

On June 13, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Xi’an, drove to the eldest daughter. There were Mr. Zhang himself, his wife, his mother, and two daughters. The youngest daughter is only one and a half years old.

After the car drove into the hospital, Mr. Zhang did not park the car in the parking space, but parked the car in the aisle at the entrance of the hospital, in front of other vehicles.

The wife took her eldest daughter into the hospital to see a doctor. Mr. Zhang thinks that the eldest daughter may come out soon, so he is in the car.

At this time, the little daughter said that she wanted to pee, and Mr. Zhang’s mother, the little daughter’s grandmother, took her off the bus. Surprisingly, however, Grandma did not take her little daughter to the toilet in the hospital to go to the toilet (there are toilets everywhere in the hospital). It is a small solution directly in front of Mr. Zhang’s car.

At the same time, when the security of the hospital management vehicle saw Mr. Zhang stop the car, he came forward to persuade him to stop the car and stop at the parking space.

Since the security guards spoke, Mr. Zhang also agreed to move the car to the parking space. However, what I never expected was that my grandmother and her daughter were working in front of his car. Mr. Zhang was driving an SUV. The front of the car was relatively high. He could not see his grandmother and daughter in the cab. Tragedy… that happened.

Mr. Zhang started the throttle and immediately pressed his mother and his own daughter………

When Mr. Zhang found that the bottom of the car was abnormal, it was already too late… Even if the accident happened in the hospital, he could be rescued by the doctor, and the little daughter would eventually die. Grandma broke several ribs and lay on the bed.


Mr. Zhang’s family is deeply saddened and regrets it. This case can be said to be a typical example of unruly self-satisfaction. A father who is in a parking lot (usually also has a habit of parking), plus grandmothers who let children urinate everywhere, these seemingly insignificant in their lives. The character is embarrassing, but in a minute, unfortunately, they are connected together, and finally let their daughters use their lives to bear the evil consequences of your adult “uncivilization.”

It’s a pity… it’s a pity…

Your daughter is innocent. She has been in this world for more than a year, and she doesn’t understand anything. As a parent, let her pee where she is, where she pee, obviously there are so many toilets in the hospital, it must be small on the road in broad daylight. solution. Such a well-behaved girl, because she developed her unruly father and grandmother, let her life be buried in the hands of both of you! Really… I only feel sorry for this girl.

However, such selfish people have a bad habit. I always like to blame others for the mistakes I made. This Mr. Zhang family is no exception. He felt that all the mistakes were in the security guards. The security guards let him move the car, but the security guard did not remind him that there were children in front of the car.

Please! This comrade, surnamed Zhang, can you watch the surveillance video again? The security guard came from behind and he came out of your window. From his perspective, you could not see your daughter in front of you! Even if you can’t see your daughter and mother, why should you blame the security guard? !

Red circle for security

Red circle for security

Being a security guard just reminds you to move the car. He has no obligation at all to ensure that your driving is safe? For example, if you go to the community to stop, the security guard tells you that there is a parking space in front of Building No. 3. Then when you parked, you accidentally picked up the vehicle next to you because of your car skills. Do you have to blame the security guard for not directing you to stop?

What is the monthly income of security guards? Do you want your daughter to be killed by your own responsibility for security? Let him go bankrupt?

Sorry! I! Do not! with! meaning!

Can’t let this giant baby thinking get used to it again! In foreign countries, even if you accidentally smash your daughter, you as a father may go to jail. Because of the humanization of China, it is very painful for you to lose your daughter, so you will not be prosecuted. how? You still have to take the inch and let the security guards and the hospital come back to the pot?

Really irritating!


In the past two years, similar incidents of unruly rules have led to self-satisfaction in China. Ironically, however, without exception, The families of this group of people do not find reasons from themselves, they must blame others on their responsibilities.

Do you still remember the Beijing Badaling Tiger wounding incident two years ago?

On July 23, 2016, in the Badaling Wildlife Park in Yanqing, Beijing, a family of four drove in the park, including three adults and one child. As a result, young female tourists want to drive by themselves and exchange seats with their husband (driver), so they are driving the door outside the car in the beast area where it is forbidden to open the window and get off. In an instant, a tiger in the park attacked the woman from behind. At this point, another older woman (the mother of the driver) was found to catch up and the mother was killed by the tiger. The young woman was seriously injured and entered the hospital.

The incident caused great social attention at the time and was a household name. However, many people may not know that this family actually took the Beijing Badaling Zoo to court! The reason is that they believe that the responsibility of 1 death and 1 injury must be borne by the zoo, asking the zoo to compensate 1.54 million yuan and apologize!

It’s ridiculous that the zoo staff had repeatedly smashed the tourists before the start of the race and never got off the bus in the beast area, and even the tourists couldn’t even open the window. There is also a clear sign in the beast area that warns you not to get off. what about you? I don’t listen to warnings, I’m not obeying the rules, and ultimately the consequences of my mother’s innocent death. Why should the zoo be negative?

Beijing Badaling Wildlife Park has been closed for 1 month because of your catastrophe. This loss has not been asked for you. After a long period of time, private cars are forbidden to drive in the park, making other rules-abiding people play. The experience of the zoo has dropped, and the consequences of this bad currency eliminating good money have not made you lose. What face do you want the zoo to compensate you for 1.54 million?


There is no such thing. Just last month, a 60-year-old man from Wu’s Huadu District climbed into the scenic Yangmeishu to pick Yangmei. The result was accidentally missed, fell from the bayberry tree, and died after the rescue was invalid.

The family members of the old man actually claimed 600,000 yuan from the scenic spot. The reason for the claim is that the trees in your scenic spot are too good to climb, and the old people are going to climb……………

Really for saving money, what reason is used. Who stipulates that picking trees in the scenic area will also prevent you from stealing the fruit and falling to death? Obviously, the self-satisfaction caused by not following the rules, and finally find an irrelevant person to pay the bill. What is the difference between this kind of thinking and porcelain?

Finally, I sincerely hope that our social system can formulate a set of rules for ironclad to maintain civilization and order. Rather than blindly giving unruly rogues a hole. Only by clearly telling adults that whoever makes mistakes in this world law will bear it, and firmly reject Mr. Zhang from Xi’an, the party of Beijing Zoo and the families of the elderly in Guangzhou to warn the world:

Obey the civilization, obey the rules, and use the social order to resist the rogue, and then the light of the good money can be carried forward!




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