The first lesson of Guanghua, the village in the city that cannot escape

The annual graduation season is here again.

Soon after, a large number of students will have to go out of the campus and step into the society.

In this process, renting has become a primary problem. For those who have just graduated and whose incomes are not high, the city villages with convenient transportation and relatively cheap rent seem to be the best choice.

With this opportunity, we interviewed 8 college students who had just graduated. Let’s take a look at it, The story of renting a house in their village


@吃吃吃胖胖: Every time I go home, I feel that I am in a black workshop.

I think that I am a more hard-working person, so I did not hesitate to rent a village house when I graduated.

I was worried about safety at the beginning. Finally, I measured my salary and decided to accept my life. But when it comes to reality, it is still a bit unacceptable.

First, the floor spacing is so narrow that it crashes me. The room doesn’t see the sun all the year round, it’s darker than the black workshop in the news. . There is no balcony, clothes can only be hung on the railing of the window sill, and the taste is sour and cool as soon as the rainy season.

The one that made me go the most was the village in the city when it rained.

I don’t care if I’m holding my umbrella. pedestrian Whoever screams loudly, who is louder Tricycle owner Rushing in a hurry, dragging a large bag of goods Vendor With the side of the street looping “Hollywood Moonlight” And the mixture of sewage sludge on the ground, it is inevitable.

Whenever I think about this time, when will I leave here?


@大番薯: Living in the village, taking a takeaway is like welcoming the leader, but the mouse can steal my beef balls all day.

I rented it in a village in Panyu before, and lived on the first floor, so there are more snake worms and no balcony.

The most amazing thing is that I There is no network signal in the room. If it is not by WiFi, the mobile phone is a PHS. So every time I order a takeaway, I have to pay attention to where the takeaway brother is. If you arrive at the entrance to the village, I will take the phone and wait for the takeaway. Otherwise, I don’t want to eat if I can’t answer the phone.

Funny, Every time I go out to the village, I can see a row of standing and waiting for takeaway. Everyone is looking forward to it. It seems that they are welcome to lead the team and have to comfort themselves. I am not alone.

I was originally a very nervous person, and I have never found a mouse at home. Until one day, I bought a beef ball and didn’t finish it. I thought about it and then came back to cook it. Who knows that there is nothing left when I come back. Angry and bought a lot of sticky mouse glue back, otherwise it is difficult to report my beef ball revenge.

Renting a house in a village in the city, the mice are more chic than me.


@Natural beauty: In the alleys of the village, there is almost no visible sun, and people feel that they will never be able to walk out of this alley.

The first time I was looking at the house was in the vicinity of Chishang, near Guangcai. At that time, the agent took me and my friend around the alley. After I saw the surrounding environment, I created a kind of “God, I will Do you want to live in such a place? Is my life going to be raped?”

Because there Walking along the road are some old grocery stores, hardware shops and bicycle repair shops. I can’t feel it all around the school.

After turning into the alley, I felt very narrow, and the building was very close. I can hardly see the sun in the alley, and I feel that I can never walk out of this alley.

The house that the intermediary took me to see, in the very ordinary self-built residential building, dirty, even The room was so small that after the bed was placed, the door could not be opened. The point is that the rent is still 1400+, which is simply teasing me.

The sense of despair at that time was too strong. I was always skeptical about my life when I went back to school. Even my friends felt: “If you want to live in this place in the future, I will really feel that you are very pitiful.”

Although I did not choose to live here, I still struggled in the village.


@kkkkkkkkk: I was deceived by 1000 pieces, which made me completely dying of Shenzhen and returned to the embrace of Guangzhou City Village.

When I graduated, I got two offers from Shenzhen and Guangzhou. I hesitated for a long time. I finally decided to go to Shenzhen to fight and began to consider renting a house.

I started looking for a personal listing on top of 58, After reading it, the landlord said that he had to give 1000 deposits first. . When the money comes, it will be used as rent, and if it is not, it will be confiscated. At that time, thinking about 58 such a big platform should not be deceiving, plus the basic determination of this room, it is very unimportant to pay.

Later, when I contacted the landlord, I found out that others had disappeared, and the listings were gone. There was no result in the complaint on 58. I have to pay my money to learn to be a man.

This money is not much, saying that there are not many, but it also makes me feel good about Shenzhen. I compare the prices of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and recognize the reality that I can’t live in Shenzhen. Finally, I decided to go back to Guangzhou to rent a small house in the city.

After returning, I found out that The so-called village in the city is not as “horrible” as imagined. Although the overall environment is dilapidated, life is still going on.


@想复联3 is not good looking beauty: Guangzhou’s handshake building is also known as the next door.

In a low season of renting a house, my roommate and I rented the current house at an ultra-low price. I thought it was the beginning of a good life. I didn’t expect it to be a continuation of a nightmare.

Because we waited for the first time, the landlord began to increase prices in disguise. What management fees, garbage charges, sewage treatment fees, air-conditioning usage fees, and even renewed rents have risen by 200, and so on, have not let go of any opportunity to add money.

And because I live on the 7th floor, it’s still a Super Invincible Hand Building That would be quite transparent, and even the next door would know, No privacy at all

In addition, the fruit stalls downstairs are broadcast daily in Maoming’s spoken language. “Good news! Good news! Apple 10 yuan 3 pounds!” It really makes people love.

Later, by chance, our upstairs house was empty, and we moved to the 8th floor with better layout and sound insulation.

Of course, the rent has also skyrocketed, but finally you don’t have to know when someone else goes to the bathroom, it is worth it.


@社会你花哥: When I left, I really wanted to get rid of the toilet in the house.

When I graduated, I shared a room with a university roommate, and two people had to sleep in the same bed. Later, I still felt that it was not convenient, I wanted to change to a bigger house.

When renting a house at first, the landlord also said that he could check out during the rental period. It only needs to be said 20 days in advance. Because we had plans to check out, we notified him 2 months earlier.

During the back of the house, I also told him many times to check out, but until the end. The landlord still refused to refund our deposit on the grounds that “it is now a low season for renting a house, many houses are vacant, so that you can check out and I lose a lot”.

After playing the phone for many times, we had no choice but to recognize it. In the last week of the week, when we got home, we drove the air conditioner, all kinds of water and electricity. I still want to take time to dismantle his toilet, and finally think about it.


@专业互动怼30 years: After the water in the village was shut down, only mice were accompanying me.

When I was just looking for a house, My parents want me to share a community room with my classmates. . However, because the living habits are not the same, so I don’t want to live with my classmates, I decided to rent a house in the village.

It was better at the beginning, the house was newly renovated, and the light was good on the roadside. However, in July and August, my nightmare came.

Because of the circuit problems in the village, I often have a large area of ​​power outages. Plus, I live on the top floor, so when I was in a power outage, I felt like I was going to be steamed. Then there is really no way, I can only put a basin of water in the room, and it will be poured on the body when it is hot.

At first I thought it would be better to survive this time, however I found some traces of mice at home. One night, I even saw two mice walking by my feet. Later, the landlord came to take the medicine, but I was still very scared, afraid that I could not sleep.

One night my doll fell on my hand. I thought it was a mouse. I burst into tears, but after I turned on the light, I didn’t have anything. My heart was really tired.

In fact, at the beginning, I will be very worried about the safety of the village in the city. Now I am used to it. The nearby store owner is familiar with everything.

Once I went to the nearby supermarket to buy food, took an egg in my hand, and an old lady was very kind. She smiled and said to me, how do you buy one, think of my grandmother and suddenly homesick.


@吉吉王, who regrets all day: The conditions in the village of the city have been hard enough. I didn’t expect my roommate to live like a grandfather.

When I first graduated and started renting a house, I couldn’t help but know where to start. Thousands of choices, and finally entered the village in the city. Aside from the environment, what makes me speechless is that I have a roommate who has reached the end of the world.

In the beginning, because the house had to be settled in advance, the landlord would have to rent it to others, so we paid the rent in advance. However, the roommate who shared the rent told me that she didn’t have to live this week, so she had to pay a little less or she felt bad.

I was a little surprised at the time, but it was not good to say anything. After living together for a while, I discovered that she is really more embarrassed than an iron cock. I don’t want to turn on the air conditioner in such a hot weather. It is clear that there is sweat but it is not hot. I am tired of steaming with her. WiFi is not willing to install, even buy a sponge mop is not willing, there is a sense of life hopeless.

Occasionally, I also want to say “I don’t mind, I will come out with this money”, but I know that my salary does not allow me to say this stupid.


For most people, renting a house is a topic that cannot be avoided in life.

Some people are willing to sacrifice some living environment in order to save money, and some people are willing to spend more money to live brighter and more comfortable. There is no right or wrong in these choices, and some are just different attitudes towards life and personal choices worthy of respect.

In the village, it may not be so elegant, but it is tolerant and energetic. It is also these “drunken” urban villages that have given countless “wide floating dreams” a place to be placed.

The so-called “the house is rented, but life is not”, so no matter where you live, pursue your own thoughts, and have fun.

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