The first outbound tour guide: where is the visa, the consumption is not high, and what is the picturesque country?

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So far this year, 57 countries and regions have granted visa-free/landing visas to Chinese citizens. The e-sign is also a very convenient visa method. I don’t want to say that everyone understands it. What is the certificate of entry and electronic signing?

visa on arrival

That is, no visa is required from one country to another, but an entry permit is required at the airport. Tips: Different countries have different regulations for landing, and the time they can stay is different. Most countries need to spend money to apply for landing. 5 dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Electronic sign

That is, you need to apply for a visa, but you only need to fill in the simple information on the official website, upload the corresponding materials, pay the visa fee, you can get the e-visa, you can enter the country with the passed e-paper and passport.

How much is it cheap to leave the country?

Not all of them are like the United States and Canada. The tickets are worth 10,000 yuan. There are many beautiful scenery, the ticket is not more than 5,000 yuan, and the low season may only need 1000 to 3000 yuan to wait for you to play. Below, Xiaobian is the place where you recommend 8 floor sign/e-signs, and the consumption level of these 8 places is not high! Note: The following are not specified in the yuan.


Visa policy: The visa/visa has a 15-day stay. If it is more than 15 days, you must first apply for a tourist visa in China. The landing fee is 2,000 baht (about RMB 370)

Consumption level: Thai prices are similar to domestic second-tier cities. Street food is delicious and cheap.

Ticket price: When Hong Kong Airlines or AirAsia offers, you can buy a round-trip ticket for around 1000 yuan or less. The general round-trip ticket is around 2,000 yuan.

Characteristics of the style: The land of smile Thailand is known by the world as “the land of smiles”. It has countless amazing places of interest. It is the most exotic country in Southeast Asia, a friendly country and a shopping paradise in Southeast Asia. Thailand is already a very mature tourist country, and the service industry is so good. Romantic island beach, splendid temple palace, strong oriental color, warm and simple folk style.

The people who have been to say: Thailand is a country that believes in Buddhism. The people are very kind and the law and order is very good. There are no fakes in Thailand. Buying things at ease, the level of development of cosmetic diet pills is very high. Thailand is definitely a place worth visiting, and there is too much beauty to slowly taste. From the graceful dance, from the expression of sadness, re-recognize the word demon.


Visa Policy: Landing visas will be exempt from visa fees for Chinese tourists from January 2016. With all kinds of valid passports, you can apply for landing at the immigration office of Tribwan International Airport in Kathmandu, and there is no requirement for the validity of your passport.

Consumption level: The living conditions of local people are relatively difficult, so the consumption level is low. You can get simple meals for more than ten yuan, and you can live in a good hotel for about 150 yuan.

Ticket price: round-trip ticket 2000 to 4000 yuan.

Characteristics of the customs: a paradise for hikers If Tibet is the closest place to the sky, then Nepal, which is separated from one of the mountains, is the closest to God. Although poor, but with the world’s most beautiful scenery and the most friendly smile, the snow-capped mountains, sunshine and folk customs are the purest; the snow-capped hiking trail is a paradise for hikers. Here you can not only appreciate the world heritage, but also witness a history that is happening (reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake).

The person who has been to say: Changed the NZD of 3,000 RMB and played 12 cities in 30 days. There are people everywhere, but the excitement makes you feel warm and not panic. In the 2015 earthquake, let us remember and cherish this Buddha, snow and adventure capital. This is a country where the mood is released. This is a mountain country with hand-picked stars.


Visa Policy: Chinese citizens departing from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam can sign visas and other materials at the designated ports on the borders of Cambodia, Cambodia (Lao) and Cambodia (South). In addition, you must apply for an e-Visa (e-Visa) on the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and enter Cambodia at the designated port of entry. Both are $30 and there is a $7 fee. Children under the age of 12 are free.

Consumption level: You only need to spend about 20 yuan a day to solve the problem of eating, drinking and playing. You can live in a star hotel for one or two hundred yuan. Buying things can basically kill the price, and when it comes to Cambodia, it becomes a local tyrant.

Ticket price: If you are willing to transfer, the round-trip ticket will be around 1,500 yuan, and the direct round-trip ticket will be 2000 to 3000 yuan.

Characteristics of the customs: Mystery and vicissitudes refer to Southeast Asia. Most people only think of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, but few people think of Cambodia. In fact, Cambodia is very popular among Europeans and Americans. Cambodia seems to be simple and backward, but when you go, you will be captivated by its mysterious and vicissitudes of beauty, especially the Angkor monuments, one of the splendid and seductive world cultural heritages.

People who have been to say: It is better to go to Cambodia on a mobile computer every day. Cambodia has the whole world. Cambodia is definitely not to be missed to explore the wonderful world of limestone caves. The statue of the most famous “Khmer smile” is comparable to the smile of the world famous painting “Mona Lisa”. The thousand-year-old tree that is rooted in the temple tells you the power of life.


Visa Policy: The visa fee for landing is 40 Jordanian dinars (approximately RMB 370). If you purchase a Jordan Pass and stay in Jordan for more than 3 nights, you can get a visa-free fee.

Consumption level: The price is similar to that of China’s first-tier cities. Tips: Many times there are double prices, the locals have a price, and the tourists have a price. And most of the attractions have tickets, you must talk about the price before the chartered car, in case of all kinds of scams!

Ticket price: Cheap round-trip ticket is between 2000 and 3000 yuan.

The characteristics of the customs: the dream of the traveler, Jordan, a magical land on the Arabian Peninsula. Some people say that all the beauty here is God’s will. Ninety-five percent of the beauty in the Middle East is there. Every inch of land here confirms the traces of thousands of years of history and is the kingdom of many travelers’ dreams. Don’t miss the Dead Sea, Jerash, Rose Desert, Red Sea, Petra Ancient City.

The people who have been to say: The height of the house is like the lens in the space of the Pirates of Dreams. The city of Amman is very similar to Beijing 30 years ago. Jordan is an underrated tourist destination, and many Europeans and Americans like to come on holiday. One of the safest countries in the Middle East.


Visa Policy: Electronic signing of the new travel visa in Turkey in 2015, the Chinese no longer need other additional conditions, can be electronically signed. The fee is $60.

Consumption level: The price is similar to that of the first-tier cities in China. The consumption level has obvious regional differences. Istanbul and the southern coast are relatively high. The east is close to the Middle East. The consumption level is very low.

Ticket price: Round-trip ticket is between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan.

The characteristics of the style: the sensational country of Turkey, a country that is very emotional, the ancient gorgeous luxury and the simple and pure nature are very harmonious. Of the seven wonders of the world, two are in Turkey. The ruins of the Troy city, Cappadocia, the bird watching resort of Kush, the beautiful Yalova Spa and other fascinating natural scenery. Here you will not only have the most fashionable urban culture, unique and delicious food, but you will also be shocked by the fascinating ruins and wonders.

The people who have been to say: Turkey is a very enthusiastic, slow-paced country that needs everyone to feel it. It will make you miss for a long time after you come back! Be sure to take a hot air balloon overlooking the landscape of Kappa. This is especially important. The rest are clouds. There is a feeling of entering the battlefield of history, the ancient architecture, giving the most comfortable mystery.


Visa Policy: Landing visas for Chinese citizens who hold valid passports for more than 6 months can apply for entry visas. The stay period is 30 days and a visa fee of US$15 is required.

Consumption level: One of the countries with the lowest travel costs in the Middle East, the cheap accommodation in Egypt for only one night is only 70-140 yuan, or even lower, and it is 30-50 yuan to eat at the roadside snack bar or ordinary restaurant. Tips: Public hotels, that is, the government is cheaper to build, security is good, private is just like China, star hotels are expensive, general hostels are cheap, but security is not high, it is better to go to the public.

Ticket price: The round-trip ticket is between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan.

Characteristics of the customs: The ancient civilization of 7,000 years of history has an ancient civilization of 7,000 years of history, the vastest Sahara desert, and the mysterious sphinx. For tourists who admire the monuments, almost all of them want to go to Egypt. Open its mystery. However, in addition to these famous attractions, the Arab customs here are unique.

The people who have been to say: Egypt, where the story is everywhere, indulge in your style. It gives me the feeling that it is not only mystery, but also stimulation and romance, a country full of surprises! Half is sea water and half is flame. I never thought that I would miss a city that has no order but no control.

Sri Lanka

Visa Policy: The e-signing to the Sri Lanka Visa official website email application, generally passed within 24 hours, can stay in the local area for 30 days, and can be extended for 6 months after expiration.

Consumption level: Five-star hotels are the most cost-effective accommodation option in Sri Lanka, about 200-450 yuan a night. Some famous restaurants, about 100 yuan per person. Tropical fruits and seafood are extremely fresh and cheap.

Ticket price: Going to a one-way ticket is around 3,000 yuan.

Characteristics of the customs: tropical island countries, blue water and blue sky longing for the clear waves of the Maldives, clear water and blue sky, but can not afford high consumption, Sri Lanka is your best choice, the same sea, the same beautiful scenery, but much cheaper. In tropical island countries, divers enthusiasts gather. The locals are very welcoming and can really smile everywhere.

The person who has been to say: About 250 yuan can enjoy the feeling of vacation in Sri Lanka. It is “the most beautiful island in the world” by Marco Polo. This is a country full of the purest smiles everywhere, every smile is always in my mind, unforgettable. The hospitable people, the flocks of elephants, the tumbling waves, the low prices, the tempting food, the fun train journey, everything is fascinating.

Have you been to these 7 places? Specially recommended for the first outbound tour! Which high-cost countries have you been to? Come and share it~~