The hardest thing in the world is not to go forward, but to stop and stop.

When I bought a house, I didn’t buy a parking space. This is my instinct in nature. The car is a tool. Why do I have to buy a house for the tool? This property is located in the affluent area of ​​the city. It has only two types of houses, single-family villas and hardcover apartments, which means that maybe one family may need several parking spaces. With the increase in occupancy rate, there are fewer and fewer free parking spaces. One day, when I went home late, I didn’t grab the vacancies and had to stop at the aisle that did not hinder the traffic. As a result, I found that I was locked the next day.

I had to go to the security guards to negotiate.

I said first, you go to unlock my car, and then arrange for the individual to clean up the messy things on the car; second, I paid the parking fee seriously but I don’t have the security and convenience. You provide a solution.

The other person looked at me and may feel that the face is relatively young, and the tone is raised. Are you the owner? I said yes, he snorted and asked, you are the owner, why not buy a parking space?

I suppressed the dissatisfaction and said that this is not the point. The key is that if you let me in and collect the fees, there is no right to lock the car and dirty the car. This is your management problem.

He raised his big voice and said, OK, then your license plate number tells me that I won’t let you in.

Previously, the media made a special topic, saying that after 80 is the most cynic generation, saying that we have no ability to issue our own voice, indulging in the utilitarian rules of social Darwinism. This cynic is a very chicken soup packed with exquisite self-interest. Some people will tell you repeatedly, what you have paid, and make you feel that you are worthy of the world.

It is necessary to work hard, to struggle, to have a car and a house, to have a sense of responsibility to the family, and to have a sense of mission to the society. No one in this kind of frame asks questions. Why no one asks me, is this world worthy of me?

I am not arrogant, nor do I think that this security guard is really bad. I just feel that his thinking comes from this world – the kind of succumb to snobbery, the empty mind, the lack of imagination, the lack of reflection, and the rationality So, mediocrity.

I am embarrassed to tell you the result of this matter. Finally, I handed a business card. I understand the usefulness of the business card in this city. I was invited to apologize in their leadership office. You see that I am not not good at using social Darwin, but I am not happy at all. It does not make me feel meaningful at all.

There is another story in our community. The neighborhood committee of the district decided to settle in one of the buildings. The owners gathered and attacked on the grounds that their public business would make the community unsafe. I can’t help but check the administrative law and their functions of popularizing the neighborhood committee. I said that their service target is the owner. One of the functions is community security. We can ask them to work more standardized, but it is convenient in the community. we.

Someone immediately attacked me, you are a traitor! If so, if so, why are so many people in the group opposed? We want a bunch of people to kill the neighborhood committee office! We are going to pour the dung! This is the mobile phone number of the chairman of the neighborhood committee. Let everyone blow him up!

This is said to have lived in the so-called protests of the most intellectual community. This security guard who used to look at the business card and squinted and laughed. These seemingly boring and boring little things made me realize that this is me. The epitome of the frightening truth of life that has to deal with.

I am frustrated and returned to the shell. Is there a room and a car that can bring you a dignified life? When you have a room to deal with community relations, you need a parking space for your car. Every time you think you can get a better life, the new desires associated with it will follow, endless, let people think without thinking. Swinging in the hypnosis of the rules. However, why no one is thinking about whether this rule is true?

I can’t help but mention the title wars that have been raging in the past few days. The answer to a apology written by a certain group made me very embarrassed. It reminds me of a woman who liked it at the end of the sword. Doctor big face teacher too. She also wrote an introspective blog after she experienced a few years of red and then was attacked and sued by the mink. She said frankly that through this path, she found herself complacent, impetuous, radical and impulsive. Even if our original intentions are good, even if we have a good world view, but the method has a problem, it can not achieve anything.

She said that this is a precious gift that life gave her.

I really admire those who love life and work hard, but I also love the little friends who often stop to think about introspection. I admit that the mediocrity of human nature, acknowledging that social Darwin rules are good at capturing human weaknesses, but if you think that this is the whole world of life, I would rather be arrogant to say that at least the world is not worthy of me. .

I know that there are countless people who have asked how to become more successful, more interesting, more outstanding and more meaningful. Everyone agrees that the most difficult thing is to persist. However, persistence is difficult, but it is not impossible. When I was a child, I learned Confucius. He made rules for the whole world for the rest of his life. I suspected that he was annoying. Laozi said that there is no cure, I am not convinced. I only like the bad guy Zhuangzi who jumped out of the rules. But the more knowledge, the stronger the empathy, the more you understand, the more they are either one or the other, and the most difficult thing in the world is not to be brave, but to stop. Come down.

Ask the original intention, and then reflect on the thoughts of whether you have already been drinking a thirst-quenching toast, embedded in the self-imposed thinking of grasping the “truth” without thinking, to break this ignorant or shameless inertia requires wisdom and introspection, but also need to enjoy the will of loneliness mood. In this sentence, I only share with myself.

“I like you, because you are the only person I know, the one who can’t be classified. The only person who doesn’t need any form of collectivism. The only person who is not caught by the popular emotions catches a cold. They fear loneliness, so Need a circle. But you are in your own corner, far away, carving your own time.”