The institute licked my face too big, my nose was too collapsed, my legs were too thick

Some time ago

There is one thing that makes a lot of noise

a 23-year-old Chinese girl

Quan Anqi

Elected for 2016 “Miss Michigan”

This is the first time the award has been won by Asians.


She will represent Michigan “Miss America” game


China on the other side of the ocean

All An Qi is due to appearance conditions

Attacked by groups of online public opinion

“This kind of girl can also be elected”

“Westerners are Mulan-like aesthetics”

“I can go so ugly”

“23 looks like 43”

There are more more vicious words

Are used as a weapon to curse this girl.

Leave her out of that “Public aesthetics” Appearance

Everyone can’t see her comprehensive quality at all.

All this, I have to

Aesthetic kidnapping

Speaking of

Distorted aesthetic

still remember Victoria’s Secret Is the model hip event?

The advertising party wants to make the model look better.

Thus P half of the hips on the poster

And in fact

Not just the secret of Victoria

Almost all ads have undergone a lot of manual modifications.

Such as the following example

An ordinary girl

The skin is not so perfect

Even overgrown with acne

After the beautification of the makeup artist

Long time shooting

After carefully selecting photos

Another long time trimming

Finally, when entering the public field of vision

Has become perfect

“No wonder our aesthetics will be distorted.”

We are brainwashed by such advertisements every day.

These ads don’t teach us how to love ourselves.

But by shaping panic

let us disgust Own

So go buy more things to change

Overwhelming advertising

I can’t hide without hiding.

Ugly magnified

It is precisely because of these distorted aesthetics

So everyone is looking at themselves in the mirror

More or less always feel ugly

“My face is too big”

“My nose is too collapsed”

“My legs are too thick”

We were caught in this situation for a time.

Dark circles, freckles, dull skin

I feel that I don’t look good anywhere.

Some girls will hide behind the hair

Some habits are driving a pair of black-rimmed glasses all day long.

Taking off your glasses can become very insecure

Some camel back

Some don’t want to stand in front of the camera

Full of inferiority

And now the blessing of the whole industry

More words wash our three views

“The temple is not full”

“eye socket depression”

“The nasal column is too short”

We feel that we are getting ugly

It becomes less and less confident

And the less confident and uglier

Into an infinite loop

Worried about

Will it evolve into a national cosmetic in the future?

Everyone needs to go through thousands of miles

Must follow a standard face

French sociologist

Pierre Bourdieu

in “Changes in the value of the body’s appearance” Survey display

“The higher the position women occupy in social space, the higher their scores tend to be for different parts of the body, and the fewer people who think they are below medium.”

Perhaps with the development of the economy

Whether for the individual or the whole

Can bring some confidence in the body?

Unified beauty

In a country with about 670 million women

The public exaggerates not only the body “defect”

And the definition of beauty is almost identical.

Big eyes, European double, high nose, toot lips, awl face

Under this standard

a batch of emerged “Aesthetic police”

They will appear in any comment area of ​​the network porn girl

Use a variety of vicious words

Attack does not match “Public aesthetics” People

And when these people are attacking others’ looks

It is very likely that I will throw out my own grievances.

So it became an ugly vicious circle

During World War II

Hitler I have also used a single appearance to distinguish three or six, etc.

Some characteristics are regular bloodlines.

Nothing is lower blood

And hope “after purification” Humans meet the standards in his eyes

Unable to accept the beauty of diversity

this is not “Aesthetic Fascist”

What else can it be?

This kind of aesthetic is undoubtedly backward

We need a new aesthetic

More developed society

The higher the level of aesthetic education

Aesthetic diversity The higher the degree

So we are contemporary

Will have a variety of styles of art work

If it is not the times, the aesthetics tends to become more and more

We may only wear the same kind of clothes

Have the same style of art


In the process of aesthetic diversification

Many forces are constantly joining

Let’s take a look at some of the famous Chinese beauty in the United States.

Zhao Xiaolan, former US Secretary of Labor

CBS News female anchor Zong Yuhua

Figure skating champion Guan Yingshan

Then go to Hollywood movie star Liu Yuling

And Murdoch’s ex-wife Deng Wendi

They are not the beauty of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

But they Smile, good health, strong body

In short, each has its own strengths and features.

Same as Miss America

Miss France

Every girl has different characteristics

Some foreheads are too big

Some squatting

Maybe any one on Weibo

Will be criticized “That’s it.”

But they are no exception

Are confident not to be artificial

Filled with a bright smile

This is the new aesthetic


Many women have participated

the perfect body activity

Designed to make more women see

The real female body is diverse

Not just the paper people on the ad

This is the new aesthetic

A well-known fast-moving consumer goods company

Launched a charity event in India

Let’s break the rules of beauty

Let more inferior Indian women re-recognize themselves

Re-love your body

Regain confidence

This is the new aesthetic

Many big-code bloggers unite

Estimated big size girls put on their favorite clothes

More and more people leave a message under the blog of the big code blogger

“you are pretty”

This is the new aesthetic

Under such push

I believe there will be more and more women.

Fading away unnecessary inferiority

Confident and self-love

Can create more value for yourself and society

Create more “nice”

Let’s break the rules of beauty

If we have a daughter in the future

Must be before she is brainwashed by those ads

tell her

Love your body

Self-esteem, self-confidence

Learn to appreciate the different beauty in the world

Hope at that time

All girls can be in a diverse and beautiful world.

Looking up

Living happily and happily

be the better one

Instead of turning yourself into someone else


Recommend a movie for everyone

“Little Sunshine”

I believe that compared with other beautiful women in the movie.

You would like this more strange

But the real little hero

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