The last wave of ZARA was discounted at the end of the year. I hope you can grab these…

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This year, ZARA is considered to be the most popular brand in the fast-selling brand.

ZARA completely outperforms H&M in terms of style, and quality does not lose out on GAP. The fast-selling brand has been very good.

Dangdang ~ now is to say that ZARA is discounting, all kinds of explosion models as low as 50 percent oh ~ and the audience!

The most conscientious thing is that online and physical stores are at a discount. After they have tried the payment in the physical store, they can take home. ?

Hurry up, it’s too late, so get on the train, or you can’t keep up with the last train to save money and save time.

Textured Hooded Parka Jacket

¥ 699.00 ¥ 459.00

Parker’s coat is also written in previous articles. Every year, many people wear this type of jacket, warm and stylish, and is also a wild style, how to match will not step on thunder, give it a 10,000 points to praise ~

Velvet jacket

¥ 899.00 ¥ 559.00

This material is also very hot this year, suede sweaters, primers, coats are all, there are many kinds of cotton clothes like this, put on a very fashionable, not as ordinary as ordinary cotton clothes look too mediocre, like to go buy it ~

Patchwork effect fabric jacket

¥ 699.00 ¥ 459.00

Faux Fur Effect Jacket

¥ 699.00 ¥ 459.00

Has always been the principle of no harm without buying and selling, the most basic is to start from us, in fact, artificial fur is also very beautiful, texture is also very comfortable, and will not be as expensive as genuine leather, will fall off the ground will feel bad That kind of thing, the point is that the price is really good. Buy it, you must buy it.

XL denim jacket

¥ 499.00 ¥ 359.00

I love this fur collar, it is also the highlight of this jacket, the overall feeling is a word, the United States, I believe that everyone wears it is also very beautiful.

Retro coat

¥ 359.00 ¥ 279.00

This jacket is also my heart for a long time has not yet started, this time just hit a discount for everyone Amway, like it, go grab it, anyway, I will buy, ha ha ~

Stitching textured effect coat

¥ 199.00 ¥ 159.00

Patchwork coats are also very popular, and the types are all fun, not too rigid, and people wanting to buy it.

XL windbreaker dress

¥ 499.00 ¥ 229.00

XL Trench Coat

¥ 1,299.00 ¥ 799.00

I don’t remember how long the trench coat was fired. I only knew that it had been loved by everyone for a long time. The windbreaker was also a must-have item in the wardrobe. It was kind of walking and windy. It was also walking in the street. There are also many ways to wear high windbreakers. We can learn more about it.

Plaid suit jacket

¥ 499.00 ¥ 359.00

Textured pocket checked suit top

¥ 499.00 ¥ 299.00

This plaid suit jacket is a casual style, you can wear the kind of daily, in fact, this year has been fire up, before the cheese trap in Korean drama to see the woman wearing this type of jacket, really very temperament, I also went to the physical store to try and see if the price was expensive and you didn’t pick up your hand. This is a good time and I can’t wait to buy it.

Belted pleated pants

¥ 299.00 ¥ 199.00

Tight trousers

¥ 259.00 ¥ 159.00

Positive bow-tie paper bag trousers

¥ 259.00 ¥ 179.00

In recent years, the wide-leg trousers have become very windy. They have also developed various styles of wide-leg trousers. It is really very temperament to wear with a coat. It is full of immortals, with a pair of high-heeled shoes to control the waist line, every minute and minute. Leg length, each woman wardrobe essentials oh.

Faux Fur Effect Sweatshirt

¥ 159.00 ¥ 99.00

Printed sweatshirt

¥ 129.00 ¥ 79.00

Selected two basic sweaters, will not step on thunder, wear inside and outside will do, the price as long as 100 in, perfect.

Zip-flat over-the-knee boots

¥ 459.00 ¥ 299.00

Velvet high-heeled knee boots

¥ 599.00 ¥ 399.00

Elastic flat knee boots

¥ 459.00 ¥ 299.00

Boots are considered to be hot items in autumn and winter. If you want 2 meters in length, you don’t want to have a dream. The legs are long artifacts. Compared to thousands of boots, I prefer to choose ZARA. Many styles are affordable, not to mention now. Discounted, so cheap, regarded as white Oh

In fact, there are many that haven’t been said. It’s really impossible to talk about it once or twice. We can only focus on it today, so the others need to be discovered.

Do not forget that online and physical stores have this activity ah, go for a free trial, do not have time to go online orders, or the last bus no place friends ~

There are also some ZARA clothes that have defective products in them. Everybody must look at the purchase clearly. Repeated inspections can avoid this situation.

In fact, we can go to this type of shop more often when we are on holiday, not only can we improve our clothes, but also get the latest products and discount information in time.

Avoid stunned when you encounter a discount and you don’t know what to buy, or just that, the discount is reserved for preparing people.

ZARA discount rules:

ZARA discounts are not as frequent as other fast fashion brands. It is generally concentrated in July and November. There are many styles at this time, the number of yards is equal, and the discount is also low.

The second week, which is generally starting to be discounted. The discount will be reduced once, and the discount will be mobilized between 3-7 fold.

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