The most practical Thai shopping tax rebate

The tax rebate abroad requires a lot of trouble. This kind of welfare varies greatly from country to country; the price of goods with different quotas varies from country to country. Please remember the names of the three major tax refund companies Global Blue, Tax Refund, Premier Tax Free, can only be refunded if you shop at a merchant that identifies these signs.

Shopping tax rebates, as the name suggests, are the taxes paid for the return of goods, the amount is very considerable. It should be noted that international students and minors aged 15 and under are not eligible for tax refund policy.

How to smoothly refund the tax in the popular tourist destination of Thailand?

I. Tax refund conditions

◆ Who can apply for a tax refund?

1. With a tourist visa, travel in Thailand and stay no more than 180 days;

2. Travelers must take international airline flights and be non-airline staff;

3. Bring the item out of Thailand within 60 days of purchase, otherwise no refund will be given.

◆ What are the rules for the purchase amount?

The same traveler (according to the passport number) spends no less than 2,000 baht in the same store (counter or shopping center) on the same day.

*The VAT official website does not mention the requirement that “the total amount of purchase must be higher than 5,000 baht to be refundable”.

◆Other conditions

1. On the day of purchase, you must collect and fill out the PP10 VAT Refund Form from the store with the specified logo. The date above should be the same as the date of the credit card and the small ticket. Otherwise, the tax refund cannot be refunded. Not the next day;

2. All receipts (receipt) and credit card voucher must be retained;

3. The number of items in the tax refund should be the same as the quantity on the tax refund form;

4. If the traveler purchases luxury goods, he/she must present the tax refund to the tax refund staff and accept the inspection;

5. Forbidden goods, flammable and explosive materials, gemstones, etc. set by the Thai government are not allowed to be refunded.

◆ At present, many stores have cancelled the tax refund form and changed to the P.P.10 tax refund card. All consumption records and tax refund information of travelers in different merchants can be recorded in the card. Travelers carefully read the above requirements before shopping, and will not be able to apply for tax refund if they do not meet any one. Whether the items purchased by the traveler meet the tax refund requirements is ultimately determined by the airport tax refund prosecutor.

Second, where can I refund the tax? What is the tax rebate rate?

◆ Tax refunds are available from shops with the VAT Refund for Tourists logo.

◆ From September 1st, 2013, Thailand implemented a new tax rebate policy, and the tax refund system was changed to a stepped type, and the tax rebate is no longer stipulated. For example, the purchase amount of a single tax refund form is 2000-2499.99 baht, the tax refund is 80 baht; the amount is 2500-2999.99 baht, the tax refund is 100 baht, and so on, the more the purchase amount, the higher the tax rebate rate, but not more than 7%.

3. Where is the tax refund point?

1. Travellers can apply for tax refunds at these airports before leaving Thailand: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, Utapao International Airport Krabi International Airport and Samui International Airport.

2. In general, shops or shopping centers with the “VAT Refund for Tourist” logo that can be refunded immediately are very few. Travellers are advised to go to the store tax refund counter or customer service center.

Fourth, the materials needed for tax refund

Passport or photocopy, tax refund form, same day shopping receipt and credit card receipt.

V. Tax refund process

1. On the same day, the traveler will purchase 2,000 baht in the same store with the designated logo, present the passport or photocopy to the staff of the store or the customer service center of the mall, request the PP10 form to fill in, confirm, and keep the corresponding small ticket. And a credit card receipt;

2. Upon arrival at the airport, find the VAT Refund Office in the departure hall, present your passport, invoice, etc., and ask the customs to check the purchased items and stamp the P.P.10 form;

3. Handling baggage check-in and registration procedures, passing security inspections and border inspections;

4. After the border inspection, arrive at the tax refund office of the airport duty-free shopping area, present passports, invoices and tax refund forms that have been stamped by the customs. If you purchase luxury goods (more than 10,000 baht), you need to show the luxury goods. Therefore, the traveler should store the purchased luxury goods in the hand luggage for inspection;

5. Pay a handling fee of 100 baht;

6. Receive the refunded cash/money order or request a refund to the designated credit card. If the refund exceeds 30,000 baht, it can only be collected in the form of a money order or credit card remittance; if it is less than 30,000 baht, you can receive cash directly.

Six other issues

According to the experience of many travellers, there are a lot of travelers waiting in the tax refund counter, so it may take a long time (more than half an hour). It is recommended that the travellers go to the tax refund counter as soon as possible to apply for tax refunds to avoid delays in boarding.