The new BMW 5 Series is forward-looking, no dry goods, I am so interested in knowing the column?

The new BMW 5 Series has been released overseas. Can it take over the cashmere of the 5 Series and continue to suppress the opponent? Especially in the Mercedes-Benz E-class with the near-cheating “small S” strategy to attack the city. Although the real car has not touched it, but fortunately, I talked with many people in the automotive industry. It is raining to listen to the wind. When I see the official technical manual, I can’t help but make a big news.

The new 5 Series, a lot of technology is directly shared with the cash 7 series, especially the suspension part. If you use the official press release, it is called “the flagship model technology decentralization.” Of course, technology belongs to technology, can you actually feel the flagship level of treatment, do not want to think that the answer is definitely no, or 7 series still sell not to sell? Ok, now we will take a break and take a look at the new 5 Series, where are new.

Engine camp: The entry-level 530i uses a 2.0T high-supercharged engine. The 2.0T engine code B48B20 can output 185kW/350Nm. Upward is 3.0T, which can output 250kW/450Nm 540i to replace the current 535i. In other words, BMW’s recent tail is also suspected of a virtual standard. The previous 2.0T high-powered 28, the current power has not changed but is marked 30i, the same as 35 to 40.

Comments: I guess, there should be a lower power version in the country, lowering the entry price of the 5 Series, and the Mercedes-Benz E200 is just positive. Anyway, for many people who buy 5 series, even 185 are enough. 520 is a good man.

Compact engine: The non-high performance version uses a water-cooled intercooler. BMW is also accelerating the engine’s modularity and compactness. The newer B-Series 3/4/6-cylinder engines all use the same bore/stroke as a result of their modularity. In addition, the 5 Series 4/6-cylinder engine uses a water-cooled intercooler that is retracted into the intake manifold, eliminating lengthy intake lines and reducing the size of the engine.

Comments: Water-cooled intercooler is the trend of the times, but this design has limited cooling efficiency. If you don’t see the M4 GTS and add a little more than 20 horsepower, you have to sprinkle water to cool down. This is the upper limit of the efficiency of the water-cooled intercooler.

Gearbox: 8AT that is unchanged for ZF. BMW’s gearbox adjustment is like a master of the martial arts genius. Although the opponents have changed their methods to challenge the status of the lord, this lord is so eager to eat.

Comments: Although Everest is already the highest mountain in the world, it is still growing a little higher every year. Every upgrade of BMW and ZF will be optimized again, and your opponent will be desperate.

[Attentive friends should find that the front shock absorber supports have two looks, they correspond to the rear drive and the four-wheel drive models. As for how to divide, think about it should be hard to beat you. 】

Front suspension: double wishbone with all aluminum alloy. The sway arm of the double wishbone is still the iconic double ball joint design of BMW. The double ball joint design enables the front wheel to change the principle of the kingpin inversion and the kingpin back tilt when steering, thus obtaining a stronger correction. Torque, improve steering feel. In addition, there is a set of active anti-roll bar (external models will be listed as optional, or 550M standard), which is to use the electronic control system to change the torsional stiffness of the anti-roll bar, so that the 5 Series can change the suspension according to the driving mode. Roll stiffness.

Comments: The double ball hem arm was originally a unique skill of BMW. Now many BMW competing products are eager to follow suit. However, BMW can also provide a delicate steering feel, which is all convinced by the Mercedes-Benz Audi Cadillac.

Sub-frame: Made almost entirely of aluminum alloy. In order to maintain the front and rear weights of 50:50, the front axle pressed by the engine, the weight reduction task is still quite heavy. The use of aluminum alloy to manufacture the sub-frame can achieve significant weight reduction.

Comments: Will it be reduced in China? how could I know. Rest assured, Xiaoqiang Lab can work with a magnet.

Knuckle and wheel frame: miniaturization of the center hole and PCD. In the past, BMW’s PCD value was 120, that is, the circular diameter of the locking screw hole was 120mm. Now this parameter is changed to 112mm, and the diameter of the center hole is also changed from 72mm to 66mm, which directly makes the wheel frame can be done. Smaller and lighter. The PCD value of 112 is the mainstream value of the European car, the Volkswagen (including Audi, Bentley, but does not include Porsche), Mercedes-Benz, Fiat Group (including Ferrari).

Comments: Weight loss, compact, BMW’s unique 120 hole distance to worship.

PS: Some people on Weibo questioned the miniaturization of PCD and thought it would reduce driving performance. But the change of a single parameter does not necessarily lead to this conclusion, perhaps The tightening torque of the screws is increased enough to offset the negative impact of PCD reduction?

Rear suspension: changed from the original integrated trapezoidal swing arm to 5 links. The original BMW set, this time the 5 links, but also from the 7 series, the structure, materials and the new 7 series are on par. Compared with the integrated H-arm of the current model, the 5-link can release the “steering” freedom for the rear wheels, which is obviously prepared for the new 5-Series integrated dynamic steering system.

Comments: The suspension structure is actually a black box for consumers, without looking at the structure, the focus is on feeling.

Steering system: Integrates the variable steering ratio with the active steering of the rear wheels. The variable steering ratio is not news in the new 5 Series. The new 5 Series innovatively integrates the variable steering ratio with the active steering of the rear wheels. It is called “integrated dynamic steering”, and the effect is not to be described. It is listed as an optional one, and I don’t know what it is after entering the country.

Comments: Variable steering ratio and active rear wheel steering forced packaging, a little meaning ha.

Ok, the keyboard evaluation is here. Finally, friends who are interested in downloading this official technical information can search for the first blogger “@pkpk1” on Weibo, or search for “Zeng Yingzhuo, who is called the festival”. I can also find this from the content I forwarded. data.