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Harlow! Hello everyone. After I started working, I didn’t have enough time to share technology with everyone. The focus shifts to the knowledge planet, but the public number still has to care about it~

The author is currently working as a [big data senior development engineer] in [what is worth buying]. Good at data capture, data analysis and big data related. What have you done? Taobao, Jingdong, Weibo, Baidu and other major websites based on RSA asymmetric encryption network request analysis mode to simulate login; Jingdong spike high success rate simulation order complete process implementation; daily terabyte data capture high concurrent distributed architecture process design And deployment; based on ELK, Spark, Hbase, Hive, etc. PB level data cleaning, storage, recommendation, streaming and offline processing and data warehouse maintenance. Nearly a thousand people are sharing data and are willing to share and exchange various technologies. Maintenance blog [ ], public number [ pydatame ] and knowledge planet [ data ]

The above projects can be shared publicly and shared with you in the community~~

Today, I would like to share with you the excellent tools I have used, which are the tools to improve productivity. I will give you a name when everyone is common. I will write about the characteristics of the minority.

Oh, I have to mention that I developed it under the Mac, and the mobile phone uses Xiaomi Mix2s, so the recommended ones are related to Mac and Android. In addition, I tend to pay for good software. I always agree that professional things should be paid to professional people/software.

Development related:

  1. Sublime Text The only development editor I use, of course, Vim on the server. For plugins, I recommend HTML-CSS-JS Prettify, Python PEP8 Autoformat, and SideBarEnhancements. The first one is formatted with JS code and JSON, the second one is set to automatically format when it is saved, and the third is sidebar enhancement. To be honest, I use very little Pycharm.
  2. Go2Shell opens the terminal in the Finder’s current directory. Since I used the ForkLift mentioned below, I rarely use the Finder. Naturally, this software is rarely used, because ForkLift comes with this feature.
  3. Charles capture tool, I have seen all of my video sharing, I use this to capture the package. Both the computer and the mobile phone can capture packets and then edit and modify the request.
  4. Visualization software for Rogo Mongo database MongoDB.
  5. Sequel Pro’s free Mysql visualization management software is much lighter than that of the workbench.
  6. Postman interface test tool that simulates sending various requests.
  7. Whistle Tencent is a large-scale open source Node-written packet capture tool that can be programmed to implement request recurrence and modification. Based on this, I implemented the history message of WeChat public number. I am going to slowly move from Charles to this.

Chrome plugin:

  1. Ad Filter Adblock Plus
  2. Beautiful new tab page Flickr Tab
  3. Office requirements under Mac are resolved with Chrome’s Google Suite
  4. JSON formatted JSONView
  5. GIthub project tree Octotree
  6. Proxy switch Proxy SwitchyOmega
  7. Keyboard control page Vimium
  8. Search for content from the page visited WorldBrain’s Memex. I can search for content I have seen, and have a unique personality database. I was looking forward to having such a plug-in/App implementation N years ago. Now I see decisive payment support, and the top 1000 pays a 25% discount. Introduction of the minority:
  9. Capture webpage screenshot Can scroll screenshots

Non-development class:

  1. The Manico 6-yuan gadget is one of the most frequently used software. Option+W is WeChat and Option+Q is QQ. All software switching is done with it.
  2. Resource Manager, ForkLift, I haven’t bought Transmit since I got it. SFTP tool, usually used for file management.
  3. Amphetamine free small software that keeps your computer from sleeping.
  4. Mark Text Community Open Source High Star Markdown Editor. In addition to it, my home computer uses paid MWeb. They are all super high value.
  5. The Unarchiver free and easy to use decompression software.
  6. A simple note-taking software that keeps Google Keep all-in-one.
  7. Alfred 3 This should be a valuable software that I bought. After I bought it, I only used the enhanced clipboard function, but it was very satisfying. This value, the exploration space is very large, you can search for it yourself.
  8. Moom window management, but now I see a few good open source alternatives on Github that should work fine. For example, I have never used phoenix.
  9. Snipaste F1/F2 quick screenshots, F3 textures, super easy to use screenshot software, seems to be full platform.
  10. ImageOptim image compression, you can customize the degree of compression, and occasionally use it is still very good.
  11. Unsplash Wallpapers desktop wallpaper automatically change, no copyright HD big picture.
  12. The best remote control software for TeamViewer is not too cool for the company to control the home computer.
  13. LICEcap gif recording,
  14. TinyCal calendar, very beautiful calendar, the key is to have a lunar calendar! There are also holidays.
  15. Google Photo Google’s photo app, automatic backup of unlimited space.

Everyone has a good tool to share with the public message~~

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