The reason why accounting is difficult to learn is because you have not understood the accounting entries!

Note will prepare for the study of simple knowledge points now

It’s coming to an end,

The next step is a review of the problem phase and the sprint phase.

In order to make everyone understand the exercises in accounting subjects more efficiently and conveniently,

The island launched a super dry goods series – Accounting entries.

Accounting is the basis of 6 subjects

Accounting entry pair

Finance, Audit, Tax Law, Economic Law 4 Sections

Have a direct impact

So the foundation is not good.

Other subjects want to learn well

Ha ha! ! !

The accounting island teaching and research group lasted 35 days.

Based on the teaching and research materials of the teachers of the island’s teaching and research group,

Combined with this year’s official textbook for most candidates

Tailored the accounting entry for this edition,

Those who wish to use can gain something.

Why use accounting entries?


When studying the accounting subjects,

In fact, it is the process of learning and understanding the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises.

First of all, you need to clarify the business concepts, scope confirmation, and loan relationships.

In this way, you can read the questions in the exam;


Secondly, learn and master the accounting treatment of initial accounting, follow-up measurement and disposal.

Prepare accounting entries based on principles and methods,

Only can fully understand the essence of the entire accounting process;


Finally, using the right approach based on understanding the business,

Accurately measure the amount of each item.

Therefore, candidates must know what is the accounting entry for each business.

It is even more important to understand why accounting entries do this.

The meaning of accounting entries

Accounting entries are a clue to the review of the “Accounting” review.

Link all knowledge points and understand the accounting entries.

Basic understanding of the overall knowledge of accounting.

After fully mastering accounting knowledge,

Is the exam difficult?

Preview of the most complete accounting entries in the accounting island

Data characteristics

1. It is more practical than a single knowledge point. The accounting entries mainly reflect the accounting principles, which can help you understand the knowledge points to be examined more clearly.

2, a total of 29 pages of pure dry goods form, presented to you in the form of a table, so that you can clearly understand the overall knowledge framework;

3, the most important and most important test sites, carefully selected and summarized, saving you a lot of unnecessary time.

The accounting entry is pdf electronic version, you just need to save it, you can watch it whenever you want to see it, whether it is a mobile phone or a pad, you can learn, regardless of the time zone equipment.

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