The rescue and rescue dog of 15 people rescued from the Wenchuan earthquake: the hero is a leap year, and finally can be spoiled and sold.

Ten years ago, the Wenchuan earthquake. The two-year-old search and rescue dog Shen Hu and the rescue team together entered the epicenter of Beichuan, trekking in the ruins of the ruins, looking for the breath of life.

Ten years later, the former Gongxiong Shenhu was old, its teeth were smoothed by time, and the hind legs were scratched in the earthquake search and rescue, making it walk a little bit abruptly. Once I could eat 3 or 4 pounds of food a day. The stomach, now only about a pound of digestion.

On February 9, 2006, Shen Hu was born in Shenyang police dog base, male, German Shepherd. At the end of the year, the Nanjing Fire Department bought it. The first trainer called Si Kai, named “Little Black.” In November 2010, Sikai retired, and Shen Peng took over Xiaohei. He changed the name of this lively Demu, “Shen Hu”, which sounded like two brothers.

In 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake, Shen Hu was led by the master of the time, Sikai, into the epicenter of Beichuan, trekking in the ruins of the rubble, looking for the breath of life. Shenhu, who built the slag and did not have any protective measures, scratched the soles and legs on the first day. After the simple dressing, during the day, it rushed to the rescue line. At night, when it heard an abnormal noise around it, it would remind The tired soldiers got up to prevent aftershocks.

In the rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake, Shen Hu searched and rescued 15 people.

The traces of rescued rescue dogs are also obvious. The food and water resources in the earthquake zone are in short supply. The energy consumption of search and rescue is huge. Shenhu not only loses a dozen kilograms, but also has bladder stones and lacks cardiopulmonary function. Often coughing, shortness of breath.

In 2016, Shen Peng retired and he wanted to take Shen Hu. Prior to this, there were no similar exceptions. In the army, Shen Peng went to see the search and rescue dogs who did not have the ability to work. Although they had good material conditions, they were lying in the kennel in a sullen manner, and their eyes were sluggish.

Shen Peng submitted an application report to the troops. In the report, Shen Peng, who has always written “the skull shell”, wrote: “When you leave the army, the heart is most concerned about Shen Hu. Its heart and lung function and hind legs increase with age. The gradual emergence of functional attenuation requires people to take great care of it. I hope that the leader will let me retire with my comrade-in-arms, Shen Hu, so that I can accompany it and take care of it for the rest of the day. It enjoys its old age.”

In order to take care of Shen Hu, he gave up his security work. Fortunately, Shen Peng’s application was approved by the troops. Until now, Shen Peng was grateful to the troops for approving his application.

He always remembers that his former comrades rushed back to the army when the domesticated rescue dogs died. The dog looked at his former partner. Even though he had no strength, he would try to open his eyes… such a picture is really heartbreaking. .

The Nanjing Fire Department Command first signed an agreement with Shen Peng, stating that the ownership of Shen Hu is still owned by the Nanjing Search and Rescue Dog Squadron. Shen Peng has the right to raise, take care of it, and report to the squadron regularly.

On December 7, 2016, he withdrew from Shenhu, first returned to his hometown of Huai’an, Jiangsu, and introduced “good brothers” to his parents.

After that, all the way to play, Yantai to see the sea, Penghu boating, sunbathe in the sun by the lake… Shenhu followed Shen Peng all the way, leisurely sun, watching the sea view Yunshu, gradually from the intense training and critical search and rescue Slow down the rhythm.

In the end, Shen Peng decided to settle in Chengdu with Shen Hu. Shen Peng also returned to Beichuan with Shen Hu. In the place where he had fought, the “two brothers” sent a bouquet of flowers. At the entrance of the former Beichuan Middle School, Shen Hu turned a little anxiously, and Shen Peng understood that Shen Hu remembered.

Today, the 12-year-old Shen Hu is considered to be old in the dog, equivalent to the 80s of human beings. It is favored by Shen Peng and will be sold on the ground, and will also be tempered when he does not want to take medicine. More often, it is lazy and does not want to move. After fading away the responsibility of Shen Man, Shen Hu finally lived a simple and carefree life.

The older you are, the weaker the hind legs of Shen Hu’s injured, even if you walk normally, you will be slightly abducted. For Shen Hu to massage the hind legs, it has almost become the subconscious movement of Shen Peng.

Shen Hu was also become an “old cadre” in the dog industry by Shen Peng. This half-man high Demu usually walks up the road to mark the mark straight, launching the fire to the momentum, but always looks proud, not How to play with other domestic pets, watching other people’s dogs grab the toys, it is just a glimpse, then turn around and go. – Even after a year of resignation, the pride of those who went deep into the bone marrow remains in the search and rescue dog Shen Hu.

In the army, eating and taking medicine are orders, and rescue dogs must obey. But now, when Shen Hu doesn’t want to take medicine, he will lie on the ground and spoil and sell Meng. “Use your foot to squat and scream at you.”

Shen Hu picky eaters, Shen Peng will change the pattern to eat, pig liver soup, beef balls, lotus cabbage … whenever Shen Shen appetite is good, he will be particularly happy.

Nowadays, under the premise of protecting the health of Shenhu, Shen Peng has almost followed it, without training, and is no longer harsh. The gentleness that has been deliberately converged has become a favorite. Heroes are still young, and Shen Hu can finally hide. Your own fragility, free to do what you want, all he has to do is to comfortably support the elderly.

Nowadays, more and more working dogs are adopted by the family of pets who meet the adoption conditions after retirement. After giving a half life to the society, they can enjoy their old age in a loving environment. The stories of Shen Peng and Shen Hu are only among them. one.

And we sincerely hope that no matter what kind of dog, there will be an owner who will never leave, guarding it, willing to persist in and work hard to protect it, give it full love, and let it have a good life.