The Spring Festival twenty years ago was called the New Year, but now it can only be regarded as a holiday at best.

New Year is coming

But I didn’t feel it at all.

a strong sense of the year

No colorful decorations,

There is no such thing as the fun of the family.

It seems that I have lost the kind of childhood.

Ceremony and expectation

When I was young,

Once I arrived in the twelfth month, I started to buy new year goods.

Until the age of thirty,

The home is full of steam every day, and the fragrance is diffuse.

This is the taste of the year,

The taste that makes people happy at night…

Can’t help but remind me of that sentence

Those who are poor are like grandchildren,

But happy like

Children and children, don’t be jealous, after the Laba is the year; Twenty-three, sugar melon sticky; Twenty-four, sweeping the house; twenty-five, grinding tofu; twenty-six, stewing pork; twenty-seven, killing the cock; Eight, face to face; twenty-nine, paste couplet; thirty nights for one night; the first day of the first month of the first street twisted…

I still remember that when I arrived at the twelfth lunar month, I would start to go to the market.

When I was a child, I was really a big crowd, new clothes, lanterns, candy bars, chicken, duck, fish, fruits, frozen pears, frozen persimmons, spring couplets, firecrackers, calendars… Mom would buy a big painting, one Little girl or chubby boy holding a big squid!

In order to be more suitable, make a branch, tied with sugar paper flowers, a special celebration of colorful flowers, but also buy some fake flowers from the market, put on the cabinet, there is a New Year’s celebration!

I still remember that when I arrived at the twelfth lunar month, I was going to start preparing for all kinds of food.

Killing pigs, when living conditions are not good, the desire for meat is particularly strong, and you can eat a large bowl of lean meat, which is the privilege of Chinese New Year.烀 A large pot of meat, full of room is meaty, this waiting for the torment and the satisfaction of eating meat, only when you are young!

Killing chickens, chickens, fish, elbows, and ribs are the standard packages for the New Year. When they were young, the chickens were small and stupid chickens. The most nutritious chickens were thin and yellow. The meat was tight and not loose. The soup was stewed. Oily yellow is not greasy, it costs a lot of money to buy, chicken stewed mushrooms!

Buy a bunch of frozen fish, live fish on the day of the New Year’s Eve, what is the best ingredients to stay on the New Year!

Steaming one pot and another pot of white and fat big steamed bun, the staple food is full, full of food and clothing, I hope that next year’s days will be more and more prosperous, all the good wishes of the year are pinned on the food…

Reserve dumplings is also one of the new year’s goods prepared before the year, wrapped dumplings on the frozen, you can pack a few stuffing, sauerkraut, celery, children have been hungry at night, cook some!

Frozen pears, frozen persimmons, candied haws, ice cream, family conditions are limited when you are young, there are not many opportunities to eat fresh fruits, frozen pears, frozen persimmons become the best delicious, bite a bit of sweet water and ice teeth!

Bulk sugar whole plate, come to the child to give a piece, it is boring to eat a piece, soft candy, hard candy, crisp sugar, crisp sugar, then you can chew hard candy, eat too much candy to eat enough…

The classic in soft candy is sorghum and bayberry, with low sugar content.

Crisp sugar, sugar, prawns, sugar, bite, slag, eat scorpion

Bulk hard candy pieces, orange sugar, colorful, tongue is eating discoloration

I still remember that on the twenty-fourth of the twelfth lunar month, the general cleaning of how to escape could not escape.

When I was a child, I had to come to a large-scale home cleaning to meet the new year. I cleaned the dust, washed the sheets and covered the curtains, washed them, wiped the glass, wiped the ceiling, and cleaned every corner. Once again, this is definitely the most difficult part of the past year. I can’t go out and play, and my parents are going to clean up.

I still remember that you can set off firecrackers on the 27th and the 18th of the twelfth lunar month.

At that time, the firecrackers were dismantled and released. At the end of the year, they guarded the small stalls selling firecrackers. The guns, the earth red, the string monkeys, and the other two called the kickers were very powerful. The bad boy always throws firecrackers to other children, licking his ears and watching the firecrackers screaming. When we were young, we were surrounded by firecrackers, as if we were yesterday…

I still remember that the twelfth lunar month can be posted.

The good people written in the brush are basically surrounded. This family is holding red paper to find him. That family is also a lot of people around this “cultural person”, looking at a Spring Festival couplet written by a pen. The Spring Festival couplets of each household are different.

Later, I bought the ready-made ones, and the Spring Festival couplets are getting better and better, but I have lost the taste of that year! When I was young, the window grilles were also hand-cut by grandmother grandmother, which was better than the ones I bought!

It is indispensable to send the God of Wealth to the Spring Festival couplet. No matter how much money this thin, thief’s inferior wealth god draws, you have to buy it. The God of Wealth is sent home. How can you refuse it?

I still remember that the year of the 30th was the most abundant in the year.

Throughout the day, my mother was turning around the kitchen, cooking meat, cooking, stewing fish, sauced elbows, cooking whole chicken in a large pot, and the whole room was fleshy. Almost all the meats are gathered together, and each part of the meat is very large. I remember that when I was a child, every dish had to smell and smell, and I was so anxious that I would like to eat New Year’s Eve.

The following table is full of happiness, watching countless people crying. At that time, we thought that every New Year would be even happier. I didn’t expect the New Year after growing up to be such a taste. Maybe it’s the kids who are really in the New Year!

I still remember that the New Year’s Eve was looking forward to the Spring Festival Gala.

At that time, the Spring Festival Gala was not as high as it is now. After eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, a lot of people took the melon seeds early and kept them in front of the TV, waiting for the appearance of Zhao Zhongxiang and Zhao Benshan! At that time, the whole family sat around to watch the Spring Festival Evening. At 12 o’clock, they had to eat dumplings. Listening to the sound of firecrackers, they called the New Year!

I still remember that the New Year can be worn for a long time.

In addition to the New Year’s Eve and the New Year’s money, wearing new clothes is the biggest expectation of the New Year in childhood. At that time, I couldn’t buy a few new clothes a year. I’m all looking forward to the New Year’s Eve. If I have nothing to do, I will try it out. The stacked boards will not sleep under the pillow. Imagine wearing new clothes tomorrow. Happy, a sweet smile in your sleep!

The red socks that have not stepped on the villain in the Chinese New Year are not Chinese New Year. Some socks are of poor quality, and the next day the feet are dyed red!

I still remember that the New Year is not allowed to say swearing, not to cut the head, not to sweep the ground, not to cry.

On the first day of the new year, Mom and Dad look a lot more kind, you can be naughty and indulge in the face will not be a fat, nothing, New Year. There is only one taboo, especially the word “death”, which is unlucky.

Remember, the new year’s must-have must wear large pockets of clothes.

The New Year’s mouth must be sweet, because not only can you get good food, but you can also get the lucky money of the amount you don’t even think about!

At that time, the red envelope was only a few tens of dollars, but for us it was also a huge sum! I was afraid of falling in my pocket and was afraid of stealing it elsewhere. Of course, the next day, my mother will say: Your red envelope is brought, I will keep it for you. Mom, you said, when did I return the red envelopes when I was a child?

When you go to relatives to celebrate the New Year, the adults will always catch a lot of snacks in your pocket. You are taking a big pocket of delicious food, and your heart is sweeter than eating honey!

I still remember that I liked the big gatherings of the relatives in the first month.

During the Chinese New Year, relatives in the family will come back. The aunt’s uncle rides a bicycle with several children. The uncommon brothers and sisters can usually see and make a lot of new playmates. A group of children run outside and scream. New Year!

When I was young, the year was the meat that my father bought. It was the new clothes that my mother bought for me. It was the few cents that I couldn’t bear to spend in my pocket. It was the little whip that was in the middle of the golden flower. When I was young, I was looking forward to…

When I grow up, the year is crowded in the supermarket. It is a busy meal that can’t be eaten for a long time. It is the rush of the north and the north, and it is the nighttime chaos.

Life is getting better and better, but that happiness is getting farther and farther away from us. When I was crying, I cried and laughed. When I grew up, I laughed and cried. It’s really like a year-old flower, and the years are different!

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