The Three Major Advantages and Difficulties of Xiong’an New District

The emergence of the Xiong’an New District turned out to be a hot debate. However, whether or not it can really rise is a topic that many people are concerned about. Objectively speaking, there are three major advantages and three major difficulties in Xiong’an New District’s emergence.

One of the advantages: high emphasis

According to media reports, setting up Xiong’an New District is a major historical strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee. It is another nationally significant new district following the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the Pudong New Area of ​​Shanghai. It is a grand plan for the millennium and a national event.

It can be seen that the Xiong’an New District is highly valued and strategically ranked as rare in recent years. In the current China, if the leadership attaches great importance, it will be able to give full play to the advantages of the system and concentrate on the major issues and successes, such as the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo.

The second advantage: accurate positioning

“The establishment of Xiong’an New District is a major policy decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in-depth promotion of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. It will concentrate on relieving Beijing’s non-capital functions, exploring new areas for optimizing population development in economically densely populated areas, and adjusting and optimizing. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban layout and spatial structure, cultivating innovation and driving the development of new engines are of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance.”

It should be said that the strategic positioning and function of Xiong’an New District is still very accurate. The metropolitan Beijing metropolitan area is very serious and needs to be started again. It is looking for a new place to serve as a centralized and unbureaucratic carrying capacity for non-capital functions in Beijing. “Exploring a new economic development model for the densely populated areas, adjusting and optimizing the urban layout and spatial structure of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and cultivating Innovation drives the development of new engines.”

The third advantage: superior geographical position

“The planning scope of Xiong’an New District involves Xiong County, Rongcheng County, Anxin County, and some neighboring regions in Hebei Province. It is located in the hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. The advantages of location are obvious, the traffic is convenient, the ecological environment is excellent, and the carrying capacity of resources and environment is relatively high. Strong, existing low level of development, sufficient space for development, and basic conditions for development with high standards and high standards.”

One of the difficulties: insufficient historical and cultural heritage

On the whole, Xiong’an New District has both geographical advantages and disadvantages. This is because its foundation is weak, there is no long history and culture, and there is no solid economic and industrial base. In contrast, Shenzhen and Pudong New Area of ​​Shanghai all have unique economic location advantages and strong historical and cultural accumulation.

Difficulties: Can We Really Assume Beijing’s Non-Capital Function?

If Beijing’s central enterprises, universities, government agencies, and other high-quality resources will not be relocated so easily, there will be various kinds of interests and even struggles. Therefore, Beijing’s big cities are not so good. It is also a problem whether Xiong’an New District can attract talents, companies, and funds from other regions or even foreign countries. It is not enough to attract real estate speculators.

Difficulties 3: Can you give enough time and support?

The emergence of Xiong’an New District requires long-term attention and investment. This is also a big test. The Caofeidian New District is a lesson from the past. It was also the No. 1 project in Hebei that year, but it is now known as the “empty city.”

In short, the establishment of Xiong’an New District is very necessary and very important. Whether it is a thousand-year plan cannot be said, but it is indeed a major national event. It is of great significance to Beijing, Hebei, and even China as a whole. However, opportunities and challenges have always existed side by side. We should not only see advantages, but also have a clear understanding of their difficulties. The key lies in the driving force of the central government, and whether we can adequately avoid weaknesses.

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