The wisdom and art of asking questions

I recently thought of some of my own things during college, one of which was a joke that I once had. When I was a freshman, listening to a lecture, the contents of the lecture were not clear. I only remembered that the lecturer said that the university period is very important in life. This period is a crucial period for the formation of a person’s way of thinking. Since I have heard many people have said “the way of thinking”, including the teacher, I have seen this word in the book. I am very curious, what is the way of thinking? At the end of the lecture, the speaker asked everyone to ask questions. I asked questions at the time and asked: Hello teacher, I often listen to other teachers’ thinking ways. You said that people want to form their own way of thinking. What are you asking? Is it the way of thinking? After this question came out, most of the students looked at me. Some students felt that the problem was very ridiculous. At that time, I felt very embarrassed. I couldn’t remember the teacher’s answer. I didn’t understand it at the time.

Of course, once again, I went to a painting exhibition with my classmates, and the questions I asked were said to be levelless. I think that I should have such a problem more than one person. Most people should have made such mistakes. So how do you ask a better question? How to be smarter and more artistic? I recently read a book entitled “Questioning Logic”, which is deeply touched. Write your own learning experience below.

First, your own questions must be logical . For example, some people say that the severity of punishment should be consistent with the severity of the illegal act. Nowadays, the phenomenon of drinking and driving is repeatedly prohibited. The punishment for drunk driving is only fine, deduction, detention, and then the consequences of drunk driving are very serious, which may lead to innocent people losing their lives. Therefore, some people ask: Can you use the death penalty to punish people who drink and drive? This question has a logical error, because if the consequences of drunk driving are serious, although it can support a more serious sentencing, but can not introduce the death penalty is suitable for drinking and driving. Is it like being a singer to be a singer? Certainly not, because talent is only a necessary condition for becoming a singer, not a sufficient condition. If you only have talents and lack other elements such as diligence and perseverance, you cannot become a singer.

Second, your own questions must be relevant, do not shift the topic . For example, a guest came to a restaurant and ordered a fish-flavored pork, but waited for the dishes. So he asked the boss: When will my fish-flavored pork come up? I have been waiting for a long time. The boss smiled and said: Why do you want to eat fish-flavored pork? Isn’t it possible to have a tomato scrambled egg? . The customer was very angry and asked: Why are you opening a restaurant? Why don’t you go to the toilet? After that, I will leave. In this example, the reason why the boss is annoying to the customer is because his question has made a logical mistake in transferring the topic. The customer ordered the fish-flavored pork. When the customer urged the fish-flavored pork, the boss asked him why he didn’t come to a tomato scrambled egg without any apology.

Second, don’t make mistakes in circular arguments. . The most classic question: Is there a chicken or an egg first? If you ask someone: Why do you have chicken first, then egg? Others will say: Because there is a chicken, it will lay eggs. Then you said: If there is no egg, how can there be chicken? Is there a chicken before you have an egg? The other party said: Yes. But in fact, your questions and answers are all in place, not solving any problems, very boring. When others say: Because there are chickens to lay eggs, you should ask if you have any evidence or reason to argue that there are chickens before you have eggs. This question has to evolve from what the chicken was made of, and the first egg was produced from the body of the chicken for what reason. It is only convincing that these arguments are convincing, rather than re-using the phrase “If there is no egg, how can there be chicken?”

Fourth, questions must be clear about their own problems, to understand what kind of information to obtain through questions, clear purpose. For example, there are two fruit vendors A and B, which also sell fruit together, and vendor A sells better than B. When the B trader saw the customer, he said, “My fruit is big and sweet, very delicious.” Some customers bought it, and some customers went straight. For example, an old lady went to the B vendor and went straight. When I arrived at the A dealer, A asked: “Grandma, buy fruit? Just taste one!” The grandmother chose a plum, took a bite, was sour, very happy, so said refreshingly: “Buy 2 pounds.” A trader asked the grandmother, “Other people buy big and sweet plums. Why do you buy sour? Grandma said: “My daughter-in-law is pregnant and wants to eat sour. “So, A dealer said: “That is a big happy event, love the son of sour, you are waiting to hold your grandson. “When the old lady heard it, she was happy, so she bought another two pounds. A said to the old lady that she said: “When you are pregnant, you should add more vitamins. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamins, especially for pregnant women.” . The old lady listened and thought it makes sense, so she bought 3 pounds of kiwi. Finally, A trader said: “I sell fruit here every day. If your daughter-in-law is eating well, you will buy it again next time, and promise to give you a discount.” The old lady was very happy and said, “Okay, ok. “Through this example, you can sell fruit as well. It is very difficult to do business without asking questions. It will be prosperous when you ask questions. Before you ask questions, you must clearly define the needs of customers and prescribe the right medicine.”

Fifth, you need to prepare before asking questions. . We know that Roosevelt is a very talkative president, and people with different backgrounds can have a very happy conversation. The secret is that he must understand the person’s career, background, interests, hobbies, etc. before he meets with a guest. In this way, when talking and asking questions, people can always feel friendly and happy, and they can get closer to the guests.

Sixth, if you want to convince others, you can make inductive questions. . For example, parents want their children to write an hour of homework at home on weekends. You can ask: “When you write an hour at home on the weekend, can I take you to the cinema to watch a movie?” If you want your child to play less, ask: “Today is done. Going to play an hour of computer work, go to sleep? General questions like this, the audience is easy to agree.

Seventh, layering difficult questions. Usually ask simple questions first, make it easier for others to accept and answer, and it will be more beneficial for later conversations and questions. . For example, a salesperson said: When the customer walks in, I will not immediately ask him what needs him. This question is too difficult. He will be nervous. If I push too tight, he will leave. So he usually asks some simple questions first, such as where you live now, where you live far from the company. After a while, you will gradually shift to topics of interest to you.

Eighth, for some questions with objective answers, don’t ask others, you can use Baidu, Google and other tools. For example, an interviewer communicated with the A company HR in Beijing. After the final interview, the interviewer asked: Where is the address of our company? This question is very mentally retarded. First of all, this question can be queried by Baidu or to the official website of the other company. Secondly, what do you think after HR hears it? It is ridiculous that the interviewer is not familiar with the company and is still applying for it!

Ninth, the question must be paid attention to the question domain. Some of the questions involved are very large, often confusing, and I don’t know where to answer them, so the general answer is very broad or very shallow, or others don’t want to answer. Some questions are very specific and easy to answer. If you can ask for key nodes, others are very willing to answer.

Tenth, open questioning and closed questioning are combined. Open-ended questions have no standard answers, which can ease the atmosphere of conversation; key questions are closed-ended questions, because the answers to these questions are often clear and you can ask the answers you want. If the conversation is likened to a war, then the open-ended question is the first round of attacks by the leading troops. After the first round of offenses to understand the situation of others, the closed-ended question is the precision-guided weapon, which accurately strikes the target. . For example, the company came to a new employee and accompanied him to a master. After a few days, the master asked: “How do you feel when you come to the company these days?” The question is open-ended. On the one hand, new employees can play freely. Don’t feel nervous. On the other hand, from the answer of the new employee, the master can slowly understand the situation and characteristics of the employee. After talking to the specific business, the master can ask questions. For example, from the sales data of the A project, you can analyze the characteristics of its channel, and how is the coverage of the city? These questions are very specific, and the answer can immediately see the recent learning of new employees. There is also a closed question that is a multiple choice question or a judgment question. Just let someone choose or answer yes or no.

Finally, good questions require the questioner to have good observation, language organization, logical thinking, thinking ability, etc., which require us to constantly accumulate and practice.