Then, do you want to apply for the Macau University of Science and Technology?

Interests: Macao University of Science and Technology undergraduate business management undergraduate students, next semester sophomore, Hunan college entrance examination.

The article is suitable for the crowd: your college entrance examination scores are 30 points lower than a line. (This answer may not be suitable for Shandong Province. As far as I know, my session (that is, last year) Macao University of Science and Technology in Shandong Province, the business administration profession has received a score of 20 points on the line) (according to my observation) Probably this part of the people are entangled in the end to go to the University of Science and Technology)

In the past two days, my knowledge has basically been:

I am a low xx from a book, I am a high xx points, I will not come to HKUST?

The inquiry broke the screen.

Ok, now I will tell you with my practical experience.

I still don’t come to HKUST. Basically, you will know the flow chart I gave below.

The above is whether you are suitable for the University of Science and Technology.

Here is which major you should apply for?

Then the following is the tuition fee of our HKUST