There may be extraordinarily large alien creatures, and the original shape is such a dish.

TOP20 virus-shaped alien organism

It may exist widely in the universe, and it belongs to the primary stage of life. (According to the definition of life now, it is not even life.) The advantage is that the gene mutation is extremely fast and can adapt to different environments in a short time. It can be dehydrated and suspended, while the microbes seem to have no brain. In fact, the whole operation is similar to ants. For example, after a cold, they will cause you to sneeze and breed and spread. Self-replication by infecting the host cell code is simply impeccable. Even though it seems to be weak, it always survives when there is a major change in the galaxy’s environment. But a member of the universe game winners group.

TOP19 Extreme Environment Survivor

Carbon-based life is relatively fragile relative to the cold and ruthless killing field of the universe. Temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, energy sources, disasters, etc. can all cause devastating blows. Therefore, the 19th person is the species that can survive under such extreme conditions. Although it is difficult for them to develop civilizations on the planets of extreme environments, they are marching toward higher-level victories, but they also have their own place in the cosmic bio-list.

The figure shows a creature that may exist on the gaseous planetary atmosphere to absorb lightning. (Imagination)

TOP18 social insect biology

Similar to ants on Earth, individuals have no ability to think. The entire community is dominated by the Queen. Strictly speaking, it is a whole creature. Such creatures are also widely found in science fiction.

The advantage is that they are themselves a perfect shovel-like species, each taking what they need, doing their best, and doing their part. A perfect balance can be achieved. The premise is that their king worm has enough brain cells to allocate this astronomical economic calculation. At the same time they can solve all unnecessary expenses, and the whole society can move at the same pace to achieve the goals they want to achieve. Breeding ability is strong, and you can’t kill it.

The disadvantage is that there is no individual creativity, and the individual has no knowledge. The accumulation of the entire civilization lies in the king insect. Therefore, the king worm died and the genocide. The king insect is subject to the fact that it is a carbon-based life individual, and its development has its own bottleneck and sky screen. Therefore, although it is also a powerful existence in the universe, it is always difficult to become the dominant force.

TOP17 parliamentary civilization

The entire civilization is subject to the parliament. This kind of civilization is similar in terms of individual thinking ability, but the class is complicated. Therefore, solving social fairness has always been the main subject of this type of civilization.

This type of civilization is also a path that human beings may take, but only a low probability. Humans will appear in the following text.

The civilization of this type of civilization is similar to that of human beings, mainly due to the clear division of labor and specialization in the industry. Infinitely subdivide technical knowledge, which will increase the level of science and technology in the whole society over time.

The advantage of this civilization is that the creativity of the species is greatly exerted. In a certain period of time, there will be a spurt of development, and hundreds of schools will contend and bloom. Because of the different interests of the population, it can also restrict itself to the extremes of the civilization. The disadvantages are low efficiency and internal disputes. Exploiting a large amount of limited resources on the spot and on meaningless issues. Even on the right path, there are still people who oppose it and development is hindered. Therefore, it cannot be ranked in the top 10 in the universe.

TOP16 Smart AI without self-awareness

This civilization cannot be counted as an independent civilization. He must be an accessory to the main civilization. It may exist independently on the edge of the main civilization. Since there is no self-awareness, even if the level of intelligence is high, there is still no personality and it cannot produce its own culture. Strictly speaking, it cannot belong to the definition of living things on the earth. The advantage of this species is that it is completely fearless in combat and is less affected by gravity, air pressure and temperature. Strong execution ability and no return on work. The downside is that self-dominance is not yet achieved. Not to mention mastering others.

TOP15 AI with primary self-awareness and civilization

The intelligent AI that already has self-awareness is not limited in its strength. Already count as a silicon-based living body. They have realized that they are independent individuals, some may have rebelled against their owners, and some may choose to continue to work for their masters. Although in machine biology, they are not top notch. It was only the primary to see the world. And has its own fragile civilization.

The advantage of this civilization is that the properties of silicon-based living organisms can be lived. Even on a planet that is harsh and airless, as long as there is energy, it can continue. And the transformation of one’s own race will also leap forward over time. It is very powerful in transforming itself.

The downside is that the ethical issues of origin of such civilizations will always struggle in this vortex after they have self-awareness. Coming to a family of the universe in a way created by other species is likely to make it a more extreme path for a rebellious child. This incurs a blow to more advanced civilizations around the world, letting them die in the bud of civilization.

TOP14 dominates the ecosystem

What is the creature that dominates the ecosphere? As the name implies, once the species reaches a planet, it will find an opportunity to stand at the top of the food chain. Propagation of the same type at a burst rate by means of parasitism or infection. Completely conquer the entire ecosystem in extreme times. Let the planet become a single species, and he will occupy the planet for a long time until his resources are exhausted. This kind of creature is expressed in the literary work “Song of Shaye”. In the movie, “Tear Man” is also a creature of this type.

The advantage is that the planet’s ecosystem can be easily crushed on almost any planet that does not have a higher civilization. The genetic code carried inside is complex and large, and it is highly adaptable. No matter how the environment changes, you can put yourself in the dominance of acquiring resources. It can be said that it is the peak of low-intelligence carbon-based life.

The disadvantage is that it encounters a civilization independent of the ecological circle, a silicon-based civilization, a superb civilization of biological weapons, and is immediately crushed.

TOP13 a planet a creature

To imagine the limits of living things, the whole planet is a creature. This life has its own gravitation like a planet. So this life should grow into a sphere to reduce the possibility of gravity crushing yourself. At the same time, he is not as big as the earth. It should be smaller than Pluto and larger than the large meteorite. This is the middle position. The surface of the skin has petrified cells, which are as hard as the surface to avoid the ravages of the solar wind. It can absorb the light and heat of the star as its ability to grow, and if necessary, it can also emit energy to change its own orbit. A large amount of liquid water may still be needed, but it can be collected from crushed ice in the asteroid belt. Or the emitter is collected for yourself. The reproduction of this organism may be caused by the mother emitting a daughter into the space and attached to a large meteorite. It is formed on the basis of vermiculite. The formation method is a mixture of animals and plants. The main ability comes from photosynthesis. An organ that is converted to liquid water.

The advantage of this creature is that it is part of the universe’s star system. Unbeatable and incomparably huge.

The downside is that it is still subject to the natural environment. The action is very poor. Basically the meat target of higher civilization.

TOP12 strong parasitic civilization

What is called a strong parasitic civilization is different from the general parasite. Such creatures should have at least one large and unimaginable gene pool, or simply write their own DNA. So that they can parasitize the different species of the universe as hosts. It’s just a parasitic ability, can it be called civilization? Obviously not. The species should also have the ability to control the host brain and have high intelligence into the adult state. This is actually not a fantasy, the toxoplasma on the cat has this function. Once the Toxoplasma parasitizes on the mouse, it transforms the chemicals in the mouse’s mind and makes the mouse feel like cat urine. This makes it easier for mice to be captured by cats and to parasitize more cats. This is how parasites on Earth control animal thinking. As a strong parasitic civilization, the control ability must be much larger than this. The third criterion is that this type of civilization must have an interstellar shuttle capability to achieve greater expansion of the population. With these three conditions, it can be said that they are almost the nightmare of all medium carbon-based civilizations.

The advantage is concealment, unlike the biosphere that dominates a planet. The raid of the parasitic civilization was hard to find at the beginning. The larvae can be as small as the naked eye can’t observe. After entering the host, it will not be exposed immediately. Then once it enters the outbreak, the host civilization is hard to resist.

The downside is that the purpose of existence is simply killing and breeding. It is almost a public enemy of all civilizations, so once it is discovered that the parent star is likely to be eradicated by other civilizations for the first time. This default hate 100% race can only be attacked constantly. Living around their galaxy is the law of the dark forest.

TOP11 Black Hole Civilization – Dark Utopia

The role of the cricket is coming. The first one in this list is completely out of the bottleneck of material survival and has a civilization with almost unlimited energy. The black hole civilization in my vision, he originated in the early days of the universe, and successfully avoided the large screening civilization. Technology has been inscrutable, especially for the use of black holes. The entire civilization chose to develop a road around the black hole. Although it has not completely abandoned the material world, it has basically formed a utopian self-sufficiency life. The main gravity of its civilization comes from the gravitation of the black hole, which is inexhaustible. All the buildings of the civilization are located in the low orbit of the black hole. There will be a very slow time. This makes Utopia’s life more isolated. The world outside is disturbing, and the world is as calm as water. The species should have reached eternal life by transforming genes or human-machine fits. The use of resources by the entire civilization is extremely efficient, but the number is sparse. Focus on enjoying your own paradise and losing the momentum for further development. Passing away with the god-level civilization.

Its advantage lies in being isolated and self-contained. Civilizations that do not reach a threshold in technological capabilities cannot enter the low track of black holes. So this basically isolates 99% of civilized harassment.

The disadvantage is that all material conditions are met and the loss of motivation is developed. The entire population appears to be uninteresting in the universe and stealing. Although he is a member of the higher civilization, he has voluntarily abandoned development and is destined to be destroyed by the god-level civilization. Or always mixed into the universe to shrink.

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