These 8 poses are the most hurtful!

As the saying goes, “The station has a standing position, sitting and sitting”, the good posture not only looks elegant and decent, but also benefits a lot of health. But in life, there are very few people who stand straight, sit upright, don’t hump back, and have no chest. So which postures are the most hurtful? What are the injuries? What should be the correct posture? Take a look, then remind people around you!

1. When working, the back of the bow is the most hurting body.

Almost everyone sitting in front of the computer is wrong: bending back, stretching his neck and looking at the monitor, then sitting for a few hours.

Then the consequences of this is: the spine, shoulder flexion, induced severe pain in the back, back and neck.

Correct posture:

Choose a seat with adjustable height and back angle; the monitor should be too close or too far away; keep the knees, thighs and back, elbows at a 90-degree angle when sitting; consciously put the chin inward to make the chest The shoulders are open, which helps to breathe smoothly.

2. When watching TV, squatting affects breathing and digestion.

Lazily sitting on the sofa, the body seems to have been relaxed, in fact, this not only squeezes the living space of the internal organs, but also easily causes lumbar muscle strain.

Correct posture:

Choose a slightly higher, harder sofa. If the sofa is too soft, you can add a cushion; if it is too deep, you can put a waist back pillow behind the waist, so that the back is upright and docile.

3, when thinking, sitting on the back pain

Many people are used to sitting on their backs, especially during meetings or when thinking, this is a very unfavorable posture for the cervical spine, and it is easy to induce headache.

Correct posture:

When you think about the problem, you can go up and walk, or put your hands on the back neck and do some neck twisting movements. This will ensure the blood circulation in the brain. This is the way to keep your mind active.

4, when standing, sin to the side of the spine

On the bus and subway, we can always see people standing on their heads and bowing their heads. Then this posture will cause uneven force on both sides of the lumbar spine, leading to back pain.

Correct posture:

The legs are upright, the calves and abdomen are slightly tightened, the center of gravity is slightly forward, and the eyes are looking straight ahead, not always looking at the ground or the phone. If you need to stand for a long time, then every 10 minutes, we can exchange the center of gravity with the “slightly” action.

5, when walking, lowering the chest, affecting the heart and lungs

When many people walk, they only look at the mobile phone in their hands, or look down at the road. This way is the most likely to bring fatigue.

Correct posture:

Look up in front of you, do not directly “snap out” the calf when you step, you should let the thighs drive the calf. Also try not to walk too big, you should use “small pace” to increase the frequency of your legs, which is good for active cardiopulmonary function.

6, when going down the stairs kicking the leg joint weight

Some people are swaying in the next building, and their steps are not stable, which hurts their knees.

Correct posture:

The knees and toes should be vertical. For example, when taking the right foot, the right knee should be relaxed as much as possible so that the weight of the body can sink to the sole of the foot. When you go downstairs, it’s best to have your feet on the ground and avoid shaking around.

7. When running, only raise the calf and knees

Why do some people run up and look so light, and some are muddy? The unsightly running posture is both harmful to the body and easy to fatigue.

Correct posture:

When running, the legs are “sent out” through the linkage of the upper arm, hip joint, thigh, and calf. When the ground is held, the knee joint should be kept slightly curved, and the sole of the foot “rolls from the heel to the forefoot”. This posture muscle is the most labor-saving. Knee joint pressure is minimal, and cardio-pulmonary exercise is also the most adequate.

8, when you sleep, sleep, press the heart

The biggest drawback of taking a nap is that the heart is long enough to oppress. If the time is too long, it will affect the operation of the whole body, and there will be heart discomfort and difficulty in breathing.

Correct posture:

Sleeping to the right, or lying on your back is the most healthy. Lying on the right side can reduce the burden on the heart and lungs, and at the same time, increase the oxygen content in the blood. Sit on the back can promote blood circulation, but be careful not to put your hands on the chest, otherwise it is easy to dream.