These collections of websites are given to you who are constantly improving (Summary)

(A) Learning Skills

01 I want to learn

Although the interface is unable to Tucao, you can download APP. The main course is computer skills.

02 Netease Cloud Classroom

This interface is more comfortable, look at the left column! The free course also has a lot of good me, but for a fee, from one piece to one thousand, I searched directly when searching for free…

03 Muchanet (It is the largest IT skills learning platform in China)

There are many free courses for the programmer’s place of production, and it has designed a learning path for you. It is very human.

(II) Industry Information

01 36氪


In fact, he is a science and technology blog that focuses on Internet entrepreneurship. I will come and see it several times a day.

Provide entrepreneurial information, technology news, investment and financing docking, equity investment, fast financing and other entrepreneurial services, is committed to becoming entrepreneurs can rely on the entrepreneurial service platform for entrepreneurs to provide the best products and services.

02 Entrepreneurship


What’s so special about his sentence: entrepreneurship is a belief

Entrepreneurship really needs the national football’s spirit: keep fighting!

03 Everyone is a product manager


Everyone is a product manager. Sometimes this kind of self-hypnosis is needed. He does create a good learning and communication platform for product lovers, product managers and other product lovers.

(c) Picture material

01 500px

The pictures were uploaded by the photographer. The user needs to purchase. In general, the 500px is more secure. Some netizens mentioned that some pictures in the copyright-free picture website are designed by some photographers to deliberately design a trap. You may use it. Will be defended, and the website has a statement that has nothing to do with it!

02 Petal Net

(Designer who lives with you (discovers, collects your favorite inspiration, home, outfit, wedding, food, travel, map, merchandise, etc.)

Personally, I feel that it is still a picture collection tool, and the user experience is good. On the surface, petalnet has not been improved for a long time, but the user experience, such as search, is much better.

03 Pexels

A brief introduction: there are many picture resources, see below, everyone will be English, right? If you don’t mind, let me translate this English Level 4 exam 451 into the following popular categories: computer, landscape, glaciers, characters, rivers, all in HD!

(d) Academic Search

01 sciseek

SciSeek is a search tool that focuses on science and nature. It uses manual collection methods to provide scientific journals and other information on agriculture, forestry, engineering, chemistry, physics, and the environment.

02 Find Articles

Information Find Articles offers tens of millions of papers in a variety of top publications covering arts and entertainment, automotive, business and economics, computer and technology, health and fitness, news and social, science education, sports, and more.

03 Vascoda

Vascoda is a prototype of a cross-disciplinary portal that focuses on the aggregation of specific topics, integrating library collections, bibliographic databases, and additional academic content.

04 base-search

BASE is a multi-disciplinary academic search engine developed by the University Library of Bielefeld, Germany, which provides integrated search services for global heterogeneous academic resources. It integrates the library catalogue of the Bielefeld University Library, Germany, and data on approximately 160 open sources (more than 2 million documents).

(five) reading class

01 The Ninth Reading Room

It’s okay to pass the time to the Ninth Reading Room. It’s okay to know watercress. He is actually a website that selects the relevant science, technology, and learning related articles on the Internet at home and abroad so that you can talk about poetry without money. distance…

02 Read and write people

The literate person is a website that aggregates book review magazines, book review blogs, and Chinese and English reading resources. This everyone should be familiar with it, not much introduction

03 Daily article

Saying a good day is really an article every day (but it’s not suitable for me who is an older person). Look at the picture, the interface is very simple Chinese reading site. There are currently three sections in the daily article: articles, sounds, bookshelves. Rating: Simple, simple, or simple.

(6) English learning

01 Lingvis

Known as learning a language only requires 200 hours, it is possible to determine the learner’s learning through computer algorithms. Progress to understand everyone’s learning difficulties

02 Busuu

Online free language learning community. Free access to local people around the world. Improve your language and learn language courses online. Through people around the world, you can quickly learn the most accurate and professional native language.

03 Memrise

For Xiao Bai, its repeated practice plus Lenovo may help, but some grammar is a bit difficult to understand, I personally feel that it is not perfect, and the quality of the courses is uneven, and the poorer foundation will be more popular. Easy to get started

Finally, you can search for the public number: Li Yunjing , background reply: Learn , you can get a set of learning skills.

Reply: Python , Can learn Python tutorial

Reply: English, Acquire 4 or 6 levels of data

Reply: Japanese language For Japanese language learning materials

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