This Nintendo classic series finally has the first Chinese cultural work: “Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance”

On March 16, 2018, the “Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance” was released, this is the first “Star of the Card” game on the Switch platform, and the first Chinese culture of the “Star of the Card” series.

“Star of Card” is a classic theme of Nintendo. As an action game, its positioning is different from that of the Mario series. “Star Kabi” hopes that everyone can pass the customs. The main character Kabi is a cute pink brave, it can inhale all the enemy into the body, and take the enemy’s power as its own, it is this feature, although the “Star Kabi” series is not difficult overall, but there are many The release of abilities and skills also makes the game more entertaining.

Kabi has a new ally

The heart of allies

The biggest feature of this game is the “Alliance”. We can play alone or multiplayer. We can support up to 4 people. When playing alone, you can also recruit enemies as your own friends through the “Allies Heart” skill. The AI ​​will operate on these roles. Because the game level of computer AI is not very bad, it also makes the game clearance mode greatly reduced. The four characters on the same screen occasionally make the game scene very chaotic.

Allied ability combination

When you recruit different ally, two different abilities can be combined to launch new changes. One is to attach an attack attribute to the weapon, and the other is to launch a new skill. Many levels of puzzles also require different combinations of abilities. The default settings of the game will display the game guides, making the puzzle less difficult. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also turn off the guide.

Allies stunt

In the game, you will see some “alliance pedestals” that can trigger 4 “alle special effects”.

“Allies stunts” will launch fit skills, making the game’s mode more than ever, and “alle special stunts” is not only the necessary ability to clear customs, but also a lot of puzzles. It is a good habit to keep 4 teammates.

Recruiting Dream Allies

In the game, find the hidden big switch, you can open the “Dream Temple” on the map.

Visiting “Dream Temple” using the “Dream Scepter”, you can recruit extremely powerful allies. Currently, you can recruit “Turban Bean Rudy”, “Emperor King” and “Magic Tower Knight”. After that, the game will be updated to add more “Dream Allies”. The first role of the DLC update will be distributed on March 28th.

Allies must also cooperate tacitly

In the game, there will be some portals that require the number of partners, only two or more can be opened.

Because the next map will divide the team into two groups, you need to cooperate to successfully complete the map challenge.

If there is no blood in an ally in the game, at this time, it is also a good tactic to save the ally to continue the game, keep your survival and save the computer at any time, and let the computer AI fight. Of course, you can also choose to abandon the designated allies, and after you get the bloody food, you can also share it with your allies.

Not just the plot mode

Since the overall game of “Star Card” is not difficult, everyone can pass the customs smoothly, but the real challenge is usually started after the customs clearance. After the customs clearance mode, the “Stars of OOO” and “The Ultimate Choice” modes will be activated.

Story mode

The story mode of the “Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance” includes a total of four worlds, each world will have a corresponding map, you can walk around the map to select the level, each world also includes hidden levels.

There are a total of 28 abilities in this game for cards to use, adding new abilities such as painters, spiders, and wishful sticks. Many settings are well preserved. For example, collecting 100 stars will increase your life. After the story mode is passed, you will add hidden levels. After each level passes, there will be a small game to get extra rewards.

“The Milky Way Home Wars King” and “Swinging! Logging Competition”

Every time the Kabi series will add some small games, this time added “Galaxy home run King” and “Swinging! Logging competition.” Both games can be played by up to 4 people, and no game has 3 different difficulty levels.

“Galaxy Home Run King” is that you will hold a baseball bat and hit the ball into space to see who can give the farthest distance. It is very important to master the hitting strength and hitting time.

“Swinging! Logging competition” is the transformation of a house for a lumberjack, you need to avoid the insects on the trees to cut down the most trees.

Star of the OOO new star ally GO!

When the protagonist of the game is not Kabi, what happens to this game? “Star of the OOO new star ally GO!” is such a game, you need to select a character at the beginning of the game to carry out the game, because it is no longer a card, you will not be able to change your own character ability, this mode supports Up to 4 people can play together. Of course, the name of the game will change depending on your ability to choose. It is no longer a “star card”.

In this mode, the story mode levels are recombined, and the lifting items that increase the attack power, blood volume, and movement speed are added. Since the intention of this mode is to speed up, it is time to collect the ability to enhance the items, or Give up the direct customs clearance and think about it yourself. After the addition of the role DLC, it should also be added to this mode.

The ultimate choice

This mode is the traditional “Boss Rush” mode. You will pick a team configuration lineup, you can’t change it in the middle, and then challenge different Boss in succession. The game will provide limited blood supply, and the game will end when the character dies. This mode supports up to 4 people to play together.

There are a total of 8 difficulty choices for “The Ultimate Choice”. When you pass the “Oscars of the Stars”, the 6 and 7 difficulty will be turned on. When you pass the 7 difficulty level, the most difficult S-level difficulty will be turned on.

Depending on the team you choose and the different abilities, the overall game difficulty will be quite different. If you think that the customs clearance mode makes you think that the game is very simple, then the single pass will be the “The ultimate choice” for the S-level difficulty. Maybe it will change your view of this game.

Indispensable collection elements and 100% clearance

No matter what kind of game, it is often necessary to collect elements. The collection element of this game is “illustration puzzle”. “Illustration puzzle” is divided into ordinary and color. Each level will hide a colored “illustrator puzzle” and also You can collect common “illustration puzzles” in the level.

When you collect enough “illustration puzzle” puzzles, you will complete different “commemorative illustrations”, you can see the illustrations you have collected in the “Illustration Gallery”.

In the main game interface you will see the completion of the archive, then how can I complete the 100% through the archive?

  1. The relevant cards in the customs clearance mode, including the new level opened after the completion of the week.
  2. Collect colorful puzzles about the cards
  3. Unlock all the difficulty of “Galaxy Home Run King” and “Swinging! Logging Competition” and complete the highest difficulty
  4. Clearance once “Star of the OOO new star ally GO!”
  5. Clear the “The Ultimate Choice” S-level difficulty

Other elements

Indispensable amiibo

“Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance” also supports amiibo, paused into the menu during the game, you will see the amiibo option.

Use amiibo to get reply items and “illustration puzzles” in the game. If you are just amiibo, you can try it out.

HAL room egg

In the past works, the production studio of “Star of Card” will place a hidden map room in the game, which is usually called “HAL room”. In this game, there are 3 different ” HAL room, when you are playing, try to find something.

to sum up

This “Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance” has joined the new “Alliance” concept, coupled with the Switch platform, it is very convenient to share the happiness of Kabi with your friends. In terms of game difficulty, you can easily experience the whole story story, or you can challenge yourself in “Star of the OOOO New Stars Allies GO!” and “The Ultimate Choice”.

If you didn’t know much about the “Star of Cards” series before, or if you are still hesitant to contact, then the first Chinese culture of “Star of the Card than the New Star Alliance” may be a better mobile phone.