Those Taobao shops that I turned over the brand

I have no unreserved contributions to you. I don’t like it.

I am 168, weighing 46-48kg (up and down fluctuations to see the mood…), although the length is very oriental, but the dress style is more like Europe and the United States, occasionally the Korean version is small and fresh, basically do not understand the aesthetics of the Japanese cute girl. . . . Therefore, the girl who likes Europe and the United States can refer to the store I often visit.

I am also very poor, so basically I buy clothes that are cheap but have texture. I rarely buy explosive clothes, the most favorite is the basic model, because it is really versatile and out of date! ! ! The most important thing is to find your own style of dressing is really important! ! 1 is always the best for you, whether it is lipstick, hair, skin care products, bags, shoes, clothes or male friends. . . .

I hope you will never love it. . . . .

The first thing to say is the foreign trade shop.

Because the same paragraph of clothes, shopping malls are much more expensive, of course, the premise is that you have to find a good reliable foreign trade shop

Store Name:

1, those foreign trade, export clothing 2, foreign trade king original single 3, rose big brand wind European and American foreign trade

(I also have a lot of collections, the styles are all the same, they are not all listed, after all, Taobao’s big data is really terrible, you will come out when you search for anything related.)

Every style of foreign trade shop is the same (the style is as follows). The important thing is that you can go to the mall to try, then go to the foreign trade store to buy (no thanks, please call me Lei Feng….)

Korean version of the small fresh

Occasionally need a small fresh point, in case of a male god?

Store Name

1、 LILI EDIT STORE Simple Fresh design

2. Jin Daban’s fresh pragmatism

3. IRUD flagship store

4, glutinous rice glutinous rice you do not bloom

5、 Feather EAL self-management

6、 FANFAN generalization

7. . . . . . (Too much, enough for you to pick up your hands for a while, not listed for the time being)

See the picture in style, you know. . . . .

Retro Style

In recent years, the retro style is too popular. After reading the dress style of Lin Qingxia, we can have a few streets in seconds. So, fashion is a reincarnation, and the classic style is enduring. ,

Store Name

1, fish chaise

2、 Ku Ang underground gold mine

You know, dress benchmarks in recent years, late night and cold. . . . Almost all sex style, I really like this

style. . . . .

Strongly designed shop

Store Name:

1、 Designer Club

2、 Rice yarn studio MISAZ

The above two stores are designed by the owner himself, and the graduates of the fashion design are envious of the person who can always wear new clothes. . . . (The point is that when I go to college, I almost don’t hit the shirt!)

Ok, let’s write here first. I don’t pay attention to it. I hope that you can finish it and then don’t let the beauty go down and love it.

(Tomorrow still eight to five, I envy you at the school to read this article… I started school, I wish to meet the gods soon!)

It’s really intoxicating, the pictures are gone, you can open your own Taobao if you need it. . . . . .