Today is hot: fans are watching the night and night do not hurt the body cheats

“Have you seen the World Cup last night?” Tang Tang asked the bald boss.

“I am a veteran fan!” The bald boss is extremely proud. The 5:0 victory in Russia last night was really exciting!

“Then you are not sleepy?” Tang Tang looked at the passengers in the car, a pair of sleepy eyes, listless, and the bald boss in stark contrast.

The bald boss mysterious smile: “I have a cheat!”


The power of the nine cows and two tigers, Tang Tang from the bald boss finally put the fans who are watching the night and night do not hurt the body cheats “stealed” out!

Stay up all night, you have to eat and drink like this.

Don’t eat too much for dinner, don’t eat food that is difficult to digest, or the burden on the stomach will cause the brain to be deficient in oxygen, and then cause sleepiness. You can’t stay up late to watch the ball!

When staying up late, prepare some good digestion nights and nights, and it must be hot, even if it is a bowl of instant noodles, warm body, more energetic. Yes, eat less sweets. Although high in sugar, it has high calories, but it will consume your vitamin B, which is easy to fatigue and more likely to be obese. When I stay up late, my body is very short of water. I really want to drink more hot water! Drink more hot water!

Can’t do this day and night

For those who are not used to staying up late, staying up late to watch the World Cup will feel very tired, but no matter how tired you feel, you can not go to bed during the intermission, it is very bad for the body. Just like air conditioning, suddenly you feel good about opening and closing (I still remember playing the air conditioner switch when I was young…)

I believe that the little friends who stay up all night for the World Cup should not feel sleepy. Shouldn’t they need to drink coffee or tea to refresh themselves? But if you drink these refreshments, you should pay attention to drinking hot, and the concentration should not be too high, it will hurt the stomach.

After watching the game, you must be careful. This is very important. Don’t be too excited, or you will definitely be unable to sleep. Take a cup of hot water and take a soft capsule that protects the liver, you can sleep!

The last step of staying up late

The last wave of maintenance when you get up the next day! The hot and cold water alternately stimulates the blood circulation of the face, applying a mask and then rubbing the face. Then drink another cup of oyster sauce. Well, that’s right. After drinking the simmering juice, move the lower bones to keep your body awake. At this time, I should have an appetite for breakfast. Similarly, eat breakfast but can’t eat cold food! Next, go to work with a refreshing look! The body is ready for another night! However, it is best to find a free time during the day to make up for it!