Together, it’s cheap to spit Western Air, and it’s inconvenient for passengers.

Today is the irrationality of Western Airlines. When flying back to Chongqing from Guangzhou, the standard boarding, no obstacles to boarding, smooth boarding, there is no hint that the baggage is overstated. When I flew back to Guangzhou from Chongqing, I was told that my boarding was over 15 inches and I couldn’t get on the plane. I also said that Chongqing is the headquarters of West Air. The regulations are like this. The theory has been a direct over-security check. When the boarding gate was ready to board the plane, the staff came over and asked us to check the baggage at the boarding gate. They also took out our photo taken by the staff member at their security checkpoint, saying that it was 120 yuan. I said that even if I had to check in, I also have 10 kg of baggage checked, but the staff said that my baggage ticket is included in the ticket, and did not buy the baggage alone, nor does it cost $120 to re-purchase. The staff said that they are a low-cost airline, and that baggage costs money. But I think that since you are a low-cost airline, why is the fare not much cheaper? It is similar to the price of the four major airlines, and the baggage is also very pitted. It is also a low-cost airline. There are not so many twists and turns on the plane of AirAsia. In addition, this is also the most important point. In a city as large as Guangzhou, I have no obstacles in mentioning the same suitcase. Why is it different in Chongqing? It is difficult for customers to understand your regulations. The regulations are the same across the country. Why do different airports implement different regulations, so how can customers be convinced? ! 120 yuan is a small matter, but I will never buy a ticket for West Air in the future. Other non-cheap airlines in China will not be expensive in price, sometimes even cheaper, and not subject to baggage and meals. The restrictions, really do not understand the advantages of Western Airlines? !