Watched a few days ago Company departure colleagues feedback Various suggestions and suggestions are also very valuable. But there is one point in the feedback. I can’t agree with it. That is the attitude towards “trial and error.” Two colleagues complained about why they should constantly “try the wrong thing”? So much toss? How tired the developers are. Why do customers keep asking us to modify the design draft?

The first thing to say is that I saw a lot of people confused at work with “trial and error” and “error”. Some trials and errors are simply correcting mistakes. Since things can’t be done right away, don’t look for other objective reasons. A function, every time you change it, there will be new problems, so the product personnel must ask you to keep correcting, several times, as Developers themselves are not aware of their responsibilities, but will blame the problem on the product staff. But in fact, such a situation should first look at whether the things you are doing are not rigorous enough, and whether you consider yourself enough.

Most people don’t like to frequently change their own “completed” work. The copy does not like to change it. The design draft does not like to change it. The finished function does not like to change it. Go, in short, don’t come to toss me, don’t bother Laozi, don’t come to provoke the aging mother… A little emotion can be understood, but what we should realize is that if you want to do something better, you have to keep on going. Changes, non-stop improvement. No one can make a perfect thing at a time, unless you are a god. By the way, Jobs is not a god, because the first generation of the iPhone now looks like a semi-finished product. What is the difference between “change” and “improvement”? The difference is that improvement is to make products, projects and even work better and improve.

As soon as I saw the word “progress”, many people said that I like progress and want to grow, but I hate others to toss me. It sounds like you are right, just because the “feedback” information is not here, but is being mastered by others, but you never thought about understanding the feedback. For a simple example, the programmer and the product manager work together. The product manager wants the programmer to change a certain function. The programmer thinks that you are very brain-dead. If you want to change it, why didn’t you say it earlier? Did you go before? The answer is before. He made a mistake – because of experience or ability problems or because of probabilistic problems, then he tried to correct or correct the problem. This is determined by the nature of his work. He can’t do everything right at once, unless you do something that doesn’t work at all, no one gives feedback, so it looks fine.

What’s wrong, what you said is a bit of a problem: Can product personnel do research in advance, do a good job of analysis, do all kinds of preparations, make good decisions, and then let engineers get things out at once without frequent changes? Of course, in the past, software development work is almost like this. Ok, a little far from our environment. There is another kind, it is offshore outsourcing, the demand analysis shows what kind of documents are written out a lot, and then the developers can directly implement it. You can imagine that everyone in this environment is just a screw, then you will definitely I feel that, oh, the things that are in contact are too narrow, so what should I do if I have been abolished in the long run?

There is also a need for trial and error, the practice is to follow other people’s products to copy, others have something to do, do not think about why, just because “competitors did, we have to do.” This also does not require trial and error, because this time is not important right or wrong.

The vast majority of small and medium-sized companies do things, they have to constantly try and make mistakes, especially for entrepreneurial teams. This is not a shame, nor is it an excuse for incompetence. Because the real user needs of the real world real business environment are far more complicated than we think, only a constant attempt can find a feasible solution. Yanai is writing a book to analyze the success of Uniqlo. “One wins and nine defeats.” If we “have not lost”, we would like to have “winning”, and it is too arrogant. If you only want to do things step by step, I suggest that you still think of ways to enter large companies into large organizations.

If you haven’t done anything, it’s because you haven’t made enough mistakes, you have tried too few mistakes, or you are not willing to try.

Failure is the mother of success, and trial and error is the mother of right. On the long winter night, this bowl of thick chicken soup is free to you.

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We must know that trial and error is a very high cost. This cost is basically borne by the company. The company is bleeding… Of course, individuals will also waste time. If you can avoid trial and error, of course it is the best. The question is, who can? If you know, please let me know, I invite you to have a cup of coffee.