Uncle police, please sell me your Shenzhou Z7. On how to find cheap second-hand notebooks.

I thought I met a liar. I ended up with a note?

On a dark night, insomnia, I lie on the bed, and the seeds of crime sprouted in my heart.

Suddenly, the hands were so itchy, and after repeated ideological struggles, I finally picked up the phone.

Skilled to unlock the screen, opened the long-lost fish, no purpose to slide the screen, suddenly, a familiar model printed into my eyes, Shenzhou Ares Z7-SL7D3 only sell 3400 soft sister coins. Normally, 6 generations The used Z7 for the I7 processor should be around 4,000.

But my first reaction is that this Shenzhou will not be a Titanic!

So at 3 o’clock in the morning, I got up, because this time period sent a message to the seller that the seller could not see it, but I didn’t want to leave this piece of fat until tomorrow morning (may be lost by other buyers), so I need to find my own clues to prove the integrity of the seller. The steps are basically divided into three steps.

First look at the description, generally the description of the spectrum is a more detailed introduction to their own purchase platform, purchase time, use and existing problems, if there is no problem, the seller will generally write without any problems. Of course, some second-hand merchants understand this, deliberately write very detailed, and then exaggerate the performance of the description, in short, let you think that you do not buy him is that you are too 2, this type of second-hand business is mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, if you see the seller’s address is Shenzhen, and there are a lot of idle sales, then it is best not to buy, they are basically second-hand merchants, although they may not sell things with problems for you, but they It’s a real good thing to know the market, and they will never sell it cheaply. Amoy second-hand is a cost-effective figure, individual sellers will always have less than the idle sale of the business.

There is also a liar, they generally strongly demand face-to-face transactions, and they are extremely determined not to go outside, even if you are willing to take the initiative to bear the freight, they will definitely not let go, or let you add his micro signal, such sellers to Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu Chongqing is the most popular. If you see digital products in the above regions, it is best to know more about them. Keep your mind and face risks. The transaction needs to be cautious. I personally recommend that digital products should not be traded face to face, unless you buy something you know very well, or what you buy is not so deep or not worth the money, for example, you buy a radiator, you buy a set of keys Rat and other accessories. I personally have many face-to-face experiences, bought things and sold things. I haven’t encountered any pits on the whole. It’s more enjoyable. When I sell things, I’ll talk about the price in advance, but when I’m in the face, I’m not happy at the end. You have a knife, very embarrassed, and I am embarrassed to refuse directly. Most of them are forgotten, make a friend!

Then look at the picture, whether it is the same as the description, generally have a film, have their own upgrade hardware or have a lot of third-party accessories, basically belong to individual sellers, no business has this leisure time to the computer to stick those fancy film and purchase Three-way accessories, of course, can not be ruled out that the merchants directly sell the second-hand notebook after the film is sold, but the general merchant receives the computer will tear the film off and check, the accessories will be sold separately, after all, they are professional to do this One line.

Finally, look at the seller’s sesame credit and transaction records. Sesame credit is only for reference, because many whites may not have a lot of online transactions, and the reputation is not high, but they are not very knowledgeable at the same time, this time you can see how much your mouth can knife Down, if the seller has a transaction before, the evaluation can be seen, mainly to see if there is a dispute.

After understanding this set, I basically know that the seller is a reliable individual seller, so I no longer hesitate to pay directly in the second.

Sure enough, the hand was full of comfort, the waist was not sour, the legs were not sour, and the trembling hands were restored to the previous calm.

But things are often not as simple as you might think.

Waking up late in the morning, a message told me that the order was cancelled by the seller…….

I quickly opened the free fish and found a lot of sellers’ messages. The general idea is that the freight should be transferred to him first, otherwise it will not be shipped.

I rushed to reply, the freight can be paid directly to SF.

The seller probably didn’t know that the freight can be paid. After some explanation, I finally agreed, saying that I will ask SF tomorrow. I said yes, let him ask the price, contact me tomorrow, then I took the baby and paid.

Early the next morning, I was still asleep. The seller called me and said that I still need a packing fee. What is the price? I slept so much that I didn’t know what he was saying, just answered Enn. Oh, oh. He probably knew that I didn’t wake up and told me to wake up and contact him.

When I wake up and pick up the phone, there is another message telling me that the order was cancelled by the seller.

What a ghost, I quickly hurry up to find him, he said that I need to bear the cost of packaging and insurance, saying that it is afraid of crashing in transit.

To be honest, I was a little angry, so I explained to him that packaging and insured prices should not be borne by the buyer. SF is still very reliable, as long as you let SF packaging is no problem, I am willing to pay the packaging fee, but the insurance price, if you want to protect the price should be your own pocket.

But for the buyer who is so refreshing to buy things and not BB, he is extremely tough and resolutely not conceived. In fact, even if the freight and the insured price are added, the price is still very good, but one yard is the same thing!

Struggling with him, he argued for several rounds, and finally negotiated, the freight I bear 30 yuan, after the delivery, Alipay transferred to him, the extra he went out, then I took the goods and paid for it.

Then he started asking me to ask him questions, what problems with his notebook, and what the details are. I said that I have nothing to ask. You wrote it in great detail, and I am the brain powder of the Shenzhou ship. I basically understand it.

But he wants me to ask, the more detailed the question, the better, or it will not be shipped.

The old man has been fishing for more than 20 years and has never seen such a naughty person. I was angry and I took the initiative to cancel the order. However, after the cancellation, I immediately regretted it. For a moment, I was calm and calm, and I stepped back and made two orders. Why bother to take this breath?

But at this time, I couldn’t pull my old face to beg for mercy, and I was looking forward to his initiative to talk to me.

He estimated that he thought so, stalemate for a long time, and finally he couldn’t help it, and asked if I still wanted it. I said that I certainly want it, but you are also insane! He said that this is for the transparency of the transaction, for the sake of the interests of both sides, and so on. I quickly interrupted him, and borrowed from the slope: “The ideological and enlightenment of Xiongtai is really above me, admire underneath.” Ever since, the seller and I have also called the brothers and brothers up and down each other, and it’s a pleasure.

After the second day of delivery, I transferred the 30-yuan freight to his Alipay, but his Alipay avatar was a police badge. The name was XX police officer. The original computer sold me was a policeman. It’s no wonder that a second-hand item was sold. More true. !

So I immediately contacted him on the fish, big brother, you turned out to be a policeman!

He asked how you know, I said that you Alipay betrayed you. Suddenly remembered that I slept a few days ago and I talked to him on the phone. The foreword didn’t make a fuss. I was a little panicked. I explained: “I was on a whim last night, and I watched three hackers in one breath and slept relatively hard. So when I called, I was confused and didn’t know what I said. I am definitely not smoking marijuana. I definitely don’t like PGONE. No, no, absolutely not!”

He said: “Nothing, I often watch movies late, and I won’t be able to come the next day.”

When he said this, I was relieved, probably because I added too much inner drama to myself.

Two days later, I received the package. The black fruit was installed by myself. I changed the wireless network card, the network card sound card independent graphics card, the power supply is available, the brightness can be adjusted, the power can be displayed, basically perfect.

The film posted by the buyer, I can’t think of the police.
The jargon in the used car is to tear off the film and the car is the original original paint.
Weighed again and again, still reluctant to tear off the film, just like this

The following is the internal structure

Three fans and five heat pipes are still relatively powerful, the motherboard is still regular, and the fruit is definitely not comparable, but it is not bad, after all, cheap so much. Battery 0 loss is an unexpected surprise.

A lot of dirt inside the radiator, clean it up later, and replace the silicone grease. The original NGFF interface network card is INTEL AC3165, this wireless network card Bluetooth can be driven by the black fruit, but the WIFI part is uncertain, I re-change the Broadcom network card. Spend 60 yuan

This 3500, a good performance black Apple computer will get it. Processor performance is roughly equivalent to I5 7500 on the desktop

The performance of the graphics card is almost the level of GTX1050TI. The 128GB solid state and 1TB hard disk are also very practical. Friends who don’t have a lot of money in the pocket can also try to find some second-hand hardware with high cost performance.