Video | We bought a 2018 X3 in Japan to test it for you.

Hi everybody, I’m Dongpu car life Akasaka.

This weekend, Alex, one of the members of the Dongpu Life Production Committee (for the moment, the video team), started a 2018 BMW X3.

We were busy day and night, shooting and editing a very detailed commentary video inside and outside.

The video is up to 16 minutes (I know that the video limit is just 15 minutes, so I can only pass the station), it is recommended to watch in the WiFi environment.

Japan test drive brand new 2018 BMW X3 图标

At present, this car has not been listed in China, and it has just been released in Japan since December. The dealer who bought the car is currently selling this X3.

The first time I got this car, I made the video the first time, and I hope I can give some reference to the friends I am watching.

(Do not blow black, pure personal opinion, no recharge (if any Japanese German car dealer is willing to recharge the Chinese, please let us know…))

The new X3 is not a star or a half in appearance compared to the previous generation. In the eyes of Akasaka, the X3 has never been a good-looking car. But the 18 new cars really changed my attitude.

The protagonist of this video and the camera car. You ask, if I choose one, I will choose which one? Of course, it is on the left. After all, the price of light is several times more expensive. The price of landing is more than 8 million yen (including various taxes, optional configurations, etc.), which is about RMB 500,000.

Is there such a high-end place in such a car, is it worth the price? You can go to the video to find the answer.

This time we tested (buy) the car, the optional M Sports appearance kit. In addition to the aerodynamic part is different from the standard version, the 20-inch large rim is also a lot of color for this car.

Although the X3 M Sports is a full-time four-wheel drive, the front and rear tire widths are inconsistent, with the front tires being 245 and the rear tires being 275.

Say goodbye to the headlights that looked cheap before, this generation of X3 has become more stylish at the same time…

Also more like X1…

In the interior, we also made a detailed introduction to the boring introduction in the video. It must be said that the various black technologies in the recent mid- to high-end new cars are still very attractive.

In short, let Akasaka make a summary of the comments, probably:

This is a car that will make your middle age less greasy.

Today’s update is here, we will see you next time!

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