Visit record | Beijing mother with baby micro study for two weeks

☆ Arriving in New Zealand

After about 12 hours, we arrived in Auckland, where the children have been waiting for a long time!

The children left the shelter of the parents, each is independent, great! On the plane, sleepy, when you are cold, look for the crew to take a blanket, and when you are thirsty, go to the water yourself… If the parents are there, it is estimated that the parents will do the work.

In order to save the entry time, the children began to learn how to fill in the immigration form on the plane, English and Chinese to look at, do not write the words, they help each other, each child’s entry form is completed by themselves!

When I got off the plane, I saw that many adults would not fill in the entry form. Therefore, we should give the children the opportunity as much as possible. Believe them, they can do it!

At the time of entry, the staff was very friendly and greeted us with the Chinese only and said hello! I also tried to read the names of each child, and I really wanted to learn Chinese with the children. Just chatting and laughing, we passed the customs clearance!

☆ The first day of studying in New Zealand:

Every child has already entered the class. The children in the class are very enthusiastic and are vying to be friends (one-on-one assistants). Our children, looking at their “fantastic” classes, are not a bit nervous. Come on, kids! Meet the challenge of the first independent foreign study in your life!

Children’s transportation to school – skateboards and bicycles (must wear protective gear)

I really admire myself! After the children were arranged at the school, the two mothers took the train and then took the boat and finally took the bus. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to return to the north bank from the central area. I walked along and asked, the people here are really friendly, even with the plan, worrying that we understand the wrong, and then use the mobile phone to navigate and explain to us, this way down, really learned a lot of English.

We also met the Guangzhou girl born in Auckland, very beautiful, listening to her English, it is a kind of enjoyment, so nice. Because I was born here, Chinese can only understand a little bit, and can only say a few vernaculars. But she was very enthusiastic, sent us the train and took us to the place where the boat was. We have added WeChat to each other. If the children can learn English with her, it is definitely good.

Every day there are new challenges, and we will meet new friends, good and fulfilling.

With the children staying on campus for a day, the deepest experience of the day is that the children here are really “crazy” to exercise and play. But when you need to calm down, you will be very quick and very quiet, and enjoy reading! Exercise and reading are essential every day.

☆ New Zealand micro study abroad the next day:

The children here are very polite and full of positive energy! It is said that foreign children are free-range and have no rules! However, staying at school for the past two days, communicating with the children and playing together, I feel that they are very polite. In the process of playing, if they need to leave for a while, they will tell the teacher what to do and how long to come back. .

☆ New Zealand micro study abroad the third day:

The children said today that they had a game today: “The boys are responsible for building, the girls are responsible for destroying, the boys are building, the girls are destroying…” Another mother who accompanied me said that this is to exercise the boy’s ability to withstand it?

After staying at the school for three days, I didn’t see the fight. The children played the game and obeyed the rules of the game. The queue will line up! Children in several classes only saw one child wearing glasses. Hey, this is a 10-year-old kid notebook!

Two small assistants took our children to visit all corners of the school. The positive energy of the local children is really what we should learn! Every imitation does an action, no matter how good or bad, they will reach out and give me five (clap)!

Every break between classes, there will be several girls in their 10s who come to me and teach me English. I also took the tour to the school today, told me the rules of each game, told me what time to do, took me to the library, and led me to read English picture books, really a group of lovely children! They will slow down and even talk about it. If I still don’t understand, she will write it down. They asked me for my contact information and told me that when they were 12 years old, they would come to China to see me.

Children and I have a harvest every day! I am more and more eager to learn English and want to communicate with my classmates. Today’s knitting sweater course, the children are in the office area of ​​the teacher of the Academic Affairs Office. Sometimes there will be a phone call, the children will answer them one by one, and the things that can’t be solved will be transferred to the teacher.

Everything is true ability expression, the children are mostly lively but regular, simple and natural, sunny and confident… Let me experience the power of politeness, and also realize the educational philosophy of the school: to prepare for the future life of the child! Exotic education, I really don’t know, I’m scared!

Knitting sweater class

Group cooperation

Indoor physical education class

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This is the 10-year-old child, which is the class schedule for the 6th grade students here!

At any time, there will be children rehearsing and recitation in this group! Each group does not bother each other!

This is the lunch for the children, it feels so little!

Everyone said that foreign children go to school to play, and do not learn anything! In the past two weeks, I have been in school every day. I saw and felt the opposite, but the opposite is true! “Reading, writing, and speaking” is a must-have course every day! They don’t have to take up the after-school time to develop reading interest, they don’t have to report to various extracurricular classes, learn to write, practice lectures! Because these can be done at school!

In New Zealand schools, students are the protagonists! To say much, to do more, is the children! Not a teacher! Not a parent!

At the end of the two-week study in New Zealand, the children are friendly and the teachers are kind, let us reluctantly! The children who had left the school received the micro-study certificate issued by the principal. When they took the message cards of the students, the children hugged them together. I really hope that our children love their school, their teachers and classmates.