What did Xiaomi do wrong, causing so many people to black it? Is Xiaomi guilty of original sin?

Before in the foreign group, we talked about one thing, and took out a piece of it, and got more than a thousand praises.

What is it about? There is a daily development of the development system, one multi-G package, it has updated a few words: improved stability. Or yes – improved fluency; fixed bugs.

So the group opened up, saying that MIUI’s comrades are mentally retarded, such a big package, certainly changed a lot of things, and ended up doing a lot of things, just wrote a few words in the description.

The next classmate said a very crucial sentence –

I can’t feel it completely.

Later, MIUI9 was released. When engineers said their millisecond-level optimization in video, we were relieved – MIUI is as mentally handicapped as ever.


This year, there are also friends who are learning Xiaomi, nothing to boast about the engineers, but how to do it is not sincere, I feel that it is not the same thing.

I don’t think they understand it. The reason why Xiaomi Kua’s engineers look sincere is that Lei is itself engaged in technology. From programmers to engineers, Lei has always been fighting in the front line.

Mr. Lei’s speeches are all seen, skills, no, field control, okay, progress is big, vocabulary, lack of it, and it’s not afraid to say it. Lei’s speech is already an enhanced version. There will be someone before the press conference. I want to let Lei always say something more, and it’s not awkward. It’s the style of Lei.

Imagine, Lei always suddenly said: Our chip has surpassed Intel and hanged AMD. What is it?

It doesn’t exist, it’s not the style of Ray, it hasn’t been.

Lei will say that we are a high-end chip, it is very good, and it is very hard.

To say a little funny, Lei always talked about the hardships of engineers. The reason why everyone feels sincere is because he is an engineer himself. He is talking about himself and boasting engineers. He is boasting and confessing. It is not necessarily true that a person blowing someone is not sincere. If you say that you are good, it must be particularly special sincerity.

Everyone here is the old iron of mobile phones. Who is fighting in the front line?

Lei Jun is just a businessman? Oh, huh, huh, the waist doesn’t hurt.

That’s OK, first engineer, then businessman, O is not OK?


Don’t look so far, let’s talk about it.

Bright silver version of the meter six.

This is a typical engineer product.

Difficult to do, difficult to produce, difficult to sell.

Any market-oriented company will not pass this product, the technology is not mature, the yield is low, and the selling point is not obvious.

Bright silver and silver, white is visually similar to the mirror, what is the significance of multiple mirrors on the back of the phone? Can you illuminate your own beauty? Without beauty. It’s not good to take out and force it.

The low yield rate – very low, it is necessary to price high, the high price is not the difficulty of the process, but the selling point.

What is the selling point?

Brand high-end, protruding features, performance experience, and so on, are selling points that can be felt by users in the most direct and intuitive way.

Let’s take a look at the textbook-level mobile phone selling point.

Illuminate your beauty. Is it one?

Charge for five minutes and talk for two hours. Is it one?

This is obvious, selling point marketing for a very obvious user experience.

To what extent is this selling point, that is, all the mobile phones are good, you can show them on the counter, and definitely do not leave an advantage for you to go home and experience it yourself.

Take a photo, take a photo on the spot. Charging is right, take a 10% mobile phone, and talk to you while charging, absolutely true. At first glance, there is absolutely no false propaganda. Don’t add special effects. For example, the super fast charge can only be erected for five minutes. When I use it, it is white. If you take it back, it will be white.


Yesterday, the air conditioner was broken. I came to a small air conditioner. The little brother used Xiaomi note2. I was quite surprised. I chatted with my little brother. They have already seen the air conditioner, and I have seen it. I am very curious about this depth of interest, but if it is well-informed, he will have any opinion on Xiaomi note2.

The result is very arrogant, the little brother said that note2 is hot again.

This is very interesting, you said that 821 heat is even, you say 821 card, and is the daily use card?

So I thought that the little brother felt that the animation part card, he taught the younger brother to open the developer option, and set the animation to double speed. Because the over-animation of Android is not as smooth as Apple, it feels a bit of a drop frame.

As a result, he said that it was a bit slow, and I thought about it. It was not the reason.

So I asked you to dry it and it was stuck.

The little brother said: It is that feeling, you know. In fact, it is not a card.

Then the little brother talked to me about R9, saying that R9 never gets hot. I said that performance is not as good as yours, he said so.

The little brother said that he wanted to buy S7E, it was too expensive, bought note2. The little brother said that he did not feel the screen is uncomfortable, saying that he fell a few times when repairing the air conditioner, and a small seam fell on the screen, saying Xiaomi The quality is not good.

I blinked. When I repaired the air conditioner, I fell a few times and fell out of a small slit. Crap it.

The little brother said disdainfully, right, the quality is not good, the back shell is still glass, and it is crisp.

I am suddenly happy, then what if you bought S7E?

The little brother is more happy, can’t afford to repair, can’t afford it.


In the first paragraph, my teacher bought Xiaomi. After he bought a notebook, he also bought Xiaomi. He said that he would use it on the same day. I will take him to the Dujiangyan store to buy it. On the way back, I naturally waved a wave of Xiaomi TV’s recent price cuts. I didn’t expect to sit in the back seat with a big sister who sold a few years of mobile phones.

Big sister must have been through a hundred battles, and everything has been seen, so my interest is deeper.

The older sister said that she had sold Xiaomi before, and that Mi Si and Mi Note had been handed over, and there was a rice four still used now. Big sister said that Xiaomi’s cell phone is good, and it’s fast, it’s fever, and Mi is hot.

I am happy, I am sure it will be hot, and the performance is castrated and the temperature control is not hot.

Big sister said that she added a temperature control software at the time, and it was really not hot.

I asked, after the card?

Big sister said that it is not a card.

Then the older sister told me that the stainless steel frame of Mi Si was easy to break, the socket was easy to break, and the screen was easy to break.

I said that this is the case. The engineer who made this phone felt that the layer of glue on the side of the screen was destructive, and it didn’t matter much. The frame was at least broken or stagnant. The glue from the back of Xiaomi’s mobile phone was given up. Then I showed the big sister the glue on the six sides of the rice. Everyone looked at the glue in the R11 and snorted.

The older sister asked me if I didn’t get a temperature control. I said that Xiaomi is an iron-brain company. The people who bought Xiaomi at that time were called rice noodles. These people said that Xiaomi is going to pursue performance. This chip is easy to heat up. High performance is easy to heat. This is common sense. You drive a hundred. The code and the fifty yards temperature are definitely not the same. As a result, Xiaomi really didn’t do it, and it was hot when he ran.

Big sister smiled and said that you are selling Xiaomi mobile phone, I think you understand it.

I am also happy, I said my sister, you see this mobile phone in my hand, Xiaomi’s new flagship, 2499, and then Xiaomi has a direct sales platform, how much do you guess how much?

Big sister is very happy, based on her previous experience in the industry.

Big sister said that more than two thousand mobile phones, at least three or four hundred.

I stretched out five fingers and the big sister was shocked.


In fact, I remembered it wrong at the time. When I first came out, it was less than fifty. Now it has risen a little, but it is no more than one hundred.

The big sister looked very complicated and I smiled.

You see, I can’t sell millet. The employees of Xiaomi’s specialty stores all have fixed salary, when the staff come to raise. I want to sell Xiaomi, it is difficult to eat in the backcountry.

Big sister said, yes, we had to increase the price of the channel when we sold it.

Then the older sister said: Which brand of sweeping robot did you just say?

I said it was Xiaomi. Then light up the teacher’s notebook. This is also true.

The big sister said with amazement that Xiaomi had so many things.

I said yes, I still have a rice cooker.

Big sister is very happy, how to be like Gree.


Why do you give the above two examples, because these two examples are typical.

Xiaomi’s selling point, Xiaomi’s efforts, in fact, many are not starting from the selling point.

We can see that Mi’s products emphasize design sense, which is a kind of thinking that is a selling point and a pursuit.

But many things on Xiaomi’s side are pure pursuits.

Cost-effectiveness – is it a cut-off? Is it so cheap?

Stainless steel frame – the user feels heavy when he gets the phone.

Curved glass – the intuitive feel is crisp.

Ceramic – crisp to die.

Bright silver version – Ha?

MIUI9 optimization for subtraction – is there a chicken difference? Where is the big version upgrade?

Continuously update the system – will not make the information of Laozi even more gone?

MIUI’s functional details – not afraid to smash the salesperson’s mouth?

Open performance – hot.

Plus temperature control – initial heart? You falsely publicize.

Therefore, these efforts are things that users can’t feel. If you are embarrassed, you can’t go offline.


But to really say what the original sin of Xiaomi was shackled, it might be to respect the user.

Listening to the user and willing to give back, that is to come back.

You see some friends, users never go online to say things, why? Is it because its users are not online?

No, buying a mobile phone without surfing the Internet is not a dream.

It’s because they don’t listen to what the user says, and the user says it’s useless, and that’s definitely not to say.

In their eyes, the user’s behavior only requires public relations and does not require public relations. In both cases, the little things are not reasonable, and the big things have blocked a wave of bullets.

So at the end of the day, only Xiaomi screams and boasts, and it is not awkward. You lick Xiaomi, someone comes out to pick up the trick, you praise Xiaomi, and some engineers ran out of blushing, this is a group of people who can be exposed to life.

That’s probably it.


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