What if I don’t want to work hard?

In the era of peace, people are free from the trampling of wars and scenes of death and death. Most of this feeling comes from the incomprehensibility and grievances of real life.

I obviously have worked hard? Why does life not give me feedback?

Insufficient feedback is a problem that everybody has to face every day. So many people will choose to put time and experience in high feedback is Wu Zhong. What is high feedback? For example: games, chase.

In the game, every choice, every step, every operation will be rewarded. Stimulate your senses at high frequency and high levels. When we chase the drama, we will have a similar experience.

Another example: gambling, drugs.

If you spend a lot of time and energy on these things, we all know that emptiness, even the family is broken.

Then, in the face of the idea of ​​“Suddenly don’t want to work hard?”, what other options do we choose besides choosing to escape from the matter?

Yes, we can choose something else to stimulate ourselves. We drink chicken soup!

Luo Yonghao Luo’s first twenty-five years of life are basically the young people in the eyes of the firewood. They don’t learn nothing, they have nothing to do, and they have a fat body. Later, he decided to learn English, retreat in the room, and always face the frustration of “words can not finish”, “sentences can not understand”, “do not understand the volume”, and want to give up several times. How did Lao Luo do it?

See celebrity quotes and famous biographies. That’s right, I found a book of chicken soup with a scorpion, and I turned it out when I retired.

For example, Gibran’s famous article “I have despised my soul seven times”:

For the first time, when it was achievable, it was pretentious;
The second time, when it is empty, it is filled with love.
For the third time, between difficulty and ease, it chose to be easy;
For the fourth time, it made a mistake, but comforted itself by making mistakes.
For the fifth time, it is free and weak, but it is considered to be the tenacity of life;
For the sixth time, when it scorned an ugly face, it did not know that it was a pair in his mask;
For the seventh time, it was sideways in the sludge of life, but although it was not reconciled, it was timid.

When you see such a sentence, you will? Anyway, Lao Luo went to New Oriental.

When we face the college entrance examination, what makes us support? hope. So we need to set some goals for ourselves and gain confidence and encouragement from the experience of people coming over. These people may be your parents, lovers, or strangers who are completely irrelevant. We need to know more similar stories to remind ourselves not to stop.

Jay Chou sang in “Taoxiang”: Please turn on the TV and see if many people are living forever and bravely going down—

How many people are there, what are they doing? The following medicine:

  • The story of Mane

Mane is the head of the Premier League giant Liverpool, 25 years old this year. When he was still in the motherland in 2011, he could not even afford a pair of decent shoes. After the transfer of French and Premier League clubs, Anfield was officially signed in 2016. In the 16-17 season, Mane played 29 times and scored 13 goals and 8 assists for the club.

Two years ago, when a Chinese reporter visited a Chinese player in a team in France B, he took the photo above. He attached a note:

“This man is called Sadio Mane. I went to Metz a few years ago to interview Chinese players Wang Chu and Huang Wei. I was photographed by Metz in the countryside of Senegal. When I first arrived at the club, I was like a Japanese. I saw it. Everyone is 90 degrees. He looks at me with a camera and asks me to take a picture. I want to show it to my mother. I have this photo. I asked him for an email. He shook his head and only gave it to my club. Address, and finally he did not forget to ask: ‘Is it free?’ ”

At that time, would anyone associate him with Liverpool? Except for a little luck, can you imagine how a child from the poorest mountain village in Africa’s poorest country has come to this stage?

  • Stephen King’s story

American horror novel masters, from the 1970s, published a series of best-selling novels such as “Korean Carrie” and “Sparkling”, occupying the stage of popular culture in the United States, and the works were transcribed and translated.

After graduating from Stephen King’s University, he worked as a laundry worker in a laundry room, and his wife worked as a clerk in a dessert shop. Three years after the marriage, the two children came to the world, and the economic burden was overwhelmed by the family. At the age of 26, the letter of rejection received by Pingsheng had already been posted on the wall at the table. At this time, he published a total of less than five works, the highest one: $500. How life looks is a pool of stagnant water. After the first officially published novel “The Witch Carrie” received a prepaid fee of $2,500, he still dared to resign as a middle school writing teacher.

Knowing that he will eventually receive a $200,000 royalty,

I held her hands on her shoulders and told her about the sale of this version. She didn’t seem to understand, I said it again. Ta Bisha’s gaze crossed my shoulder and scanned our small apartment with only four rooms. Then she cried like me.

If you haven’t read his autobiography, you may not know that the first draft of “The Carrie Carrie” was taken from his garbage basket by his wife.

  • The story of the college entrance examination

I took the college entrance examination in 1978. At that time, there were almost no books and exercises for the college entrance examination; that is, our current students at the school, and all the teachers got the practice questions and sent them to the students after they were engraved with the waxy version. There is a girl in the liberal arts class. The three college students in the college entrance examination review all use our information – during the day, she uses the class; after dinner until 12 o’clock in the evening, her brother’s girlfriend uses (workers); twelve o’clock Later, her brother used (workers). The results of the college entrance examination, the history department of his brother Peking University, the history department of his girlfriend, Beijing Normal University, her second French department.

Author: Fu Jing weedlink: What is the story of the most diligent person you have ever seen? – Know almost

Compared with them, are you really hard enough?