What is custom travel?

What exactly is “customized travel”?

This is the most frequently asked question since the establishment of the No. 2 tour in 2012.

In the face of customers, the media, and friends around us, we have repeatedly listed the customized services of the second journey, trying to explain this somewhat fresh concept.

Today we want to sit down and talk about it and customize the trip. As a company that insists on making customized travel overseas, the original intention of the No. 2 tour is simple – Just want to let the trip, restore it to the way it should have

Travel should not be numbly crossing the street in the bus;

Should not be mechanically moving with a group of people, punching around;

You shouldn’t always be wary of possible shopping traps, and you should suffer from glare when you refuse to buy souvenirs;

It shouldn’t be remembered for a long time. It’s not the clouds of foreign countries and the winds of other places. It’s the toes that move under the scorching sun. The air conditioning on the bus, the streetscape passing by the windows, and those that could have been Save money.

A trip, you should go, discover, feel –

– not with the group, only free –

Save the trip from the crowds of people to this trip, according to your interests and preferences, to make what you expect. This is our first expectation for custom travel – freedom.

The most important thing is to play what you want to play.

Different people have different travel “flavors”. Some people like mountain pastoral, some people like to explore the limits, some people like to go shopping, buy, buy and buy. Island rafts and glacier walks, punching and roaming all over the city, are “playing me like it.”

– One stop, super peace of mind –

However, it is not that simple to play what you want to play.

Speaking of tourism, people think of the first time, always “water is deep.” There are so many people crouching in this industry chain, so many traps are buried, as if they are ready to smash and kill themselves.

If you circumvent the huge gray area, choose the free travel that you must do? Finding Raiders, scheduling wine, designing trips, scheduling events… This process may be tired and happy, but more often, we are unable to cope with the complicated preparations due to lack of time or lack of ability.

What’s more, the lack of experience often affects the travel experience. During the trip, I found that the itinerary was not good enough. Sometimes it was too late and sometimes it was ruined. If the language was unreasonable, it would be inevitable that there would be some puzzles; not to mention the sudden situation such as strikes, bad weather, etc. However, after all, a rare trip, we always hope that we can regret less and less.

If anyone, can do my own strategy for me, help me avoid all the unpleasantness that may happen on the trip, help me book the super popular Michelin Samsung restaurant. And I, as long as I take all this and travel easily, how good is that?

This is our second expectation for customized travel – peace of mind.

– Guaranteed, more practical –

Every day we are beaten repeatedly by the society, we all hope to “be better to ourselves.”

Order a bunch of flowers every week, change the instant brewing into coffee beans, replace the gray-faced face cleaning with the door cleaning service, and arrange the “do not abuse” fitness personal education class. Better for yourself, not just “buy expensive”, but choose items that are more cost-effective, better able to improve the quality of life, and save time for yourself.

In such an era, the No. 2 tour also wants to provide you with a more reliable trip abroad.

It’s not the kind of “five-star luxury aristocratic supreme”, but it must be more professional, more comfortable, and more suitable for you. Plan your itinerary according to your preferences, help you get a lot of tedious preparations, spend all your money on the blade, and protect your travel safety.

This is our third expectation for customized travel – guaranteed and more practical.

This triple expectation is the definition of customized travel for the second journey: for everyone Free, worry-free, guaranteed Overseas free travel program.

We have been working hard for this.

Optimize your team and make our customized services more professional.

Adjust the mode to make our travel plans more cost effective.

Polishing more refined and more informative road books, so that every customer who receives the exclusive road book is pleasantly surprised.

Pay attention to every customer feedback, and put an end to any mistakes and re-offences…

There may be a lot of details not done enough, but we have been working hard to do better.

In the past five years, more than 200,000 people have customized their own travel abroad through a unique journey. There are sweet couples who are quietly looking for a custom designer to plan an overseas wedding. There are hearing-impaired couples who insist on not traveling with the honeymoon of the group. There are elderly people who want to take each other’s hands and go to the end of the world. There are more like you and me, just want to bring Watching the world with family, lovers, and friends, and truly enjoying an ordinary person who travels freely.

Help you grab the tickets for the most wanted game;

Take you to the scene of the most beloved American drama;

Recommend the best small restaurant in the locals for you;

Tell you which of the three main entrances of the Louvre is the shortest…

Turning travel abroad from a “troublesome event” to a relaxed experience of walking away, these are the beauty of customized travel.

What is custom travel?

The custom travel of the second journey is to let everyone walk into the landscape they like.

Everyone said that it is really good, can poke: The real evaluation of the second journey – the second journey

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