What is it like to draw, and it is easier to get a high score in the art test?

In the process of learning the sketch avatar, the basic black and white relationship of the person’s avatar must grasp the following points:

1. The five senses should be prominent, and the black and white relationship between the five senses must be clear.

The general order of color on the eyes: the upper eyelid overlaps with the black eyeball first, the pupil second, the bright side one third, the dark side one fourth; the entire upper eyelid is heavier than the lower eyelid; The volume of the eyelids, including all projections, is exacerbated. The general order of the heavy color of the eyebrow bow: the downward turning position on the light side is aggravated, the inner side of the nose and the eyeball are heavier, and the projection of the eyebrow arch on the eye is strengthened; the eyebrow is finally drawn on the eyebrow and grasping the feature. The general order of the heavy color of the nose: the two nostrils should be heavier on one side, the hemisphere and the nose should be the heaviest; strengthen the dark side of the nose, strengthen the boundary line; strengthen the projection of the nose. The general order of the heavy color of the mouth: the middle of the mouth is the heaviest, followed by the corner of the mouth on the bright side, and the corner of the mouth on the side of the dark side; the big relationship is the most severely cracked, and the lower lip is the lower lip and the lower lip. The second is the lower edge of the lower lip muscle.

2. Black and white ash on the face

Grab the big intersection of the face, but the color must be weakened, otherwise it will eat the color of the facial features. Shaped according to the three major directions we started with, the volume will come out. The focus is on the contours of the face above the heavy color, the heaviest color on the chin, the silhouette of the chin on the bright side is the heaviest, and the side on the dark side is the weight between the bottom of the chin and the neck; the other contour order: upward The position is weak and the weight is down. The feeling of the chin and neck is: the chin is strong and the neck is gray (so the neck can retreat)

3. Black and white ash of hair

When drawing the hair line, try to give the line according to the direction of growth. We grasp the principle that the hair is large and the face is consistent, and draw the thickness and characteristics of the hair. The heaviest color is usually outside the forehead on one side of the bright side, the second is on the contour behind the dark face of the hair, and the third is at the boundary line.

4. Black and white ash around the neck

The main side of the neck is the inner side of the neck, and the dark side is the projection side. The projection front is heavier. The others are gray.

5. Unified comparison

Finish the picture adjustment screen is not coordinated, portray some small details, such as obvious wrinkles and so on. Adjust the position of each part to complete the painting.

Basic steps for drawing a sketch of a person’s avatar in a general shape

Fixed composition

The position of the top and bottom determines the size of the head. Try to make the upward direction of the picture. In principle, do not exceed the original size. The left and right positions first look at the direction of the face, and the position in front of the nose is more. Observe the basic ratio and see if the person’s face is thin or fat. Don’t care.

2. Find three stops

The first thing to notice is the basic dynamics of people. Under normal circumstances, the positions of the two eyes are not horizontal, and there are some inclinations. Secondly, if the whole head is looking up or down, there is not much chance of looking at the head. When looking at the head, the eyes are generally in the upper and lower half of the head, looking up at the eyes and looking down. After determining the position of the eye, find the position of the eyebrow and the bottom of the nose.

3. Find the nose

On the basis of the position of the face on the third stop, first look at the contour of the face from the outside of the nose to the outside of the face, and then find the width of the nose. Go down and find the position of the nose on both sides. Express the large volume of the nose with a relaxed line.

4. Range of eyeballs

Pay attention to the range of eyeballs. Don’t look for the specific shape of the eyelids too early. After finding them up and down, find the feeling of the sphere and show the dark side.

5. The scope of the mouth

The most prominent position of the lower lip is from the bottom of the nose to one-half of the chin, and the mouth crack is slightly higher; after determining the height of the mouth crack, the total thickness of the upper lip and the thickness of the lower lip muscle are found. Then set the corner of the mouth. The volume of the mouth should find the range of the orbicularis muscles on both sides. The person is the most front position, not looking for the lip line, focusing on the volume of the mouth. Spread the entire dark surface.

6. Outline of the ear Face contour

First, according to the position of the outer corner of the eye, look at the distance from the corner to the corner of the eye, find the width of the corner: look at your angle, if you can see the two sides of the corner, you must draw together, the height should be consistent with the direction of the eye; See the corner of one side and pay more attention to the distance from the corner to the ear. Look at the height of the ear first, then look at the width, and set a large outline.

7. Head silhouette

According to the position of the temple and the ear, find out the hairline and the outer contour of the hair. Pay attention to the hairline and do not hook too much to relax. If you do not see the hair on the side of the contour of the forehead, be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the eyebrow and the position of the forehead turning.

8. Face contour

After the position of the ear, according to the position of the corner, look at the outermost position of the humerus, there are generally two situations: when only one side of the ear can be seen, the humerus in front of the face is the most prominent place, pay attention to two down Interspersed position (the masseter muscle can be seen under the humerus when the masseter muscle is seen, the sacral muscle is in front of the humerus when the masseter muscle is not seen; the lower jaw is in front of the masseter muscle or the orbicularis oculi muscle). When looking for the outline on the side of the ear, pay attention to the points: the ear is slightly inclined, and the position at the beginning of the lower jaw is the relationship between the ear and the ear; the place behind the lower jaw is the same as the corner of the mouth; the chin should not be used with a single line. Hook, we must see the thickness of the chin itself and the distance of the neck. Set the position of the neck and collar shoulder line.

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