What is the difference between buying a first-hand house and a second-hand house? What is the difference?

commercial service

After buying a house, the importance of the property is reflected. A good property allows us to have a comfortable and safe place to live.

If you want to know the property service of the new house, you can refer to the property company ranking, understand the content of the property service and the charging standard. Second-hand housing, you can also ask the owner of the community to know the quality of the property service, this method is more convenient, the information is more reliable.

Parking space

The parking spaces of new houses are relatively adequate, and many communities are in the form of diversion of people and vehicles. Some older second-hand houses, the parking spaces in the community are seriously inadequate, and there is no reasonable planning; relatively new second-hand housing, the parking space problem in the community is relatively better, and some can even be comparable with new houses.


New houses are generally rough houses. After buying a house, you need to decorate yourself; of course, there are also some new houses for hardcover rooms. Second-hand houses are generally hardcover rooms or simple rooms, and there are also a small number of rough houses.

Buying rough houses can be decorated according to your own preferences; if you are satisfied with the decoration style of second-hand houses, you will save yourself the troubles of decoration; of course, if you are not satisfied with the style of second-hand house decoration, you need to knock out the original part and then re-repair. Decoration is more troublesome than decorating a new house.

Age of housing and property rights

The age of the new house is relatively small, and the second-hand house is relatively old due to the use of a certain number of years. The older the age, the shorter the loan period and the greater the pressure on the monthly supply.

The term of property rights is counted from the date the developer takes the land. Under normal circumstances, the remaining property rights of second-hand houses are generally less than the new houses.

Buying a house

New homes: There are mainly major taxes such as down payment, deed tax, housing maintenance fund and property fee.

Second-hand housing: There are mainly major taxes, such as down payment, deed tax, value-added tax (exemption for two years), individual tax (only five exemption), and agency fees.

In the case of the same total house price, the net down payment for second-hand housing is much higher than that for new homes; the transaction tax for second-hand housing has also been relatively high. In terms of the cost of buying a house, new homes are much higher than second-hand houses.

Transaction process

The new house is a buyer who trades with the developer. In many cases, the property consultant will help the buyer to handle some matters, and the transaction process is relatively simple. Second-hand houses are traded by buyers and sellers and intermediaries, and the intermediary will handle related business. In general, the process of second-hand housing transactions is more complicated than that of new houses, especially when buyers and sellers do not trade through intermediaries, but when they trade on their own.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the new house is usually relatively late. It is often the case that the mortgage has already been paid, and the house has not yet been paid; the second-hand house is handled through the relevant procedures and can be transferred.

Of course, the existing house has the same characteristics as the second-hand house, that is, buy and pay the house.

Buying a house risk

The most worrying thing about buying a new house is the developer’s change plan, the failure to honor the promise, the unfinished property, the delay in paying the house, the developer running the road or mortgage the house to the bank. The second worry about the second-hand housing is that there is a problem with the property rights of the house (either mortgaged or sealed).

Therefore, in the end, whether to choose a hand or second-hand house, you have to judge according to the specific situation. For example, the current house is rented, and it is more urgent to stay. Of course, the second-hand house is better. Not only does the house buy and live, there is no need to wait, and the surrounding facilities are relatively perfect. But if you don’t hurry to stay, you also want to buy a house that is comfortable and can live for a long time. Of course, it is more appropriate to choose a first-hand house.

New and second-hand houses have their own advantages and disadvantages. When buying a house, individuals can choose according to their actual situation and preferences.

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