What is the experience of being a very dirty girl?

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(This issue’s anchor: Sponge orangutan, University Sen, a dirty woman who can break the durian with a chest.)

Hey, get on the bus, big brothers? The durian will be launched, fast belts~

I don’t feel that I am dirty. However, some people think that I am very dirty! The baby is not satisfied! Humph! Let’s talk about feelings.

First, there are quite a few girls around me who sometimes hear me crashing when I talk to someone about this topic. I don’t think people are pure, maybe people can’t stand it, but please don’t put on a particularly disgusting expression, I want to hit you ==! (Wang Wangwang!)

The second one is the man around, always trying to talk to me about some wretched topics, but I can’t be too cumbersome. After losing, they always affectionately call me a big brother! However, many people will take the initiative to talk to me about some of the problems that he personally experienced and difficult to talk to other sisters, but they are very serious. Feeling very happy~ Trusted or quite happy to talk about true QVQ

For example, if I have a good friend, I will be happy to tell you that he likes to make a symphony when he is awkward. Some people tell me that they like uniforms, and others like to bite their thighs before they like it. And so on, then an unspeakable picture, and then they complete the great harmony of life.

The third point is that many people will not like it. I have to take it for granted~ just like I like Li Yinhe, some people don’t like it. Last time a sister told me that Li Yinhe is different from the female dog on the street. My heart is almost broken. However, the turnip greens have their own love, there is no need to quarrel because of this kind of thing, but please be careful not to tell me that when I like you, I say that you hate her very much, I can’t bear it. For example, if you say that Song Zhongji is your husband, I said that this is what is so ugly and ugly to make a movie. (This kind of pick up, most of the reasons are not knowing how to respect each other. I think this is the minimum courtesy.)

Also, when I came to my aunt, I used a tampons. Other girls would look at me with a look of “You are definitely not a virgin, a virgin who uses this terrible thing.” Then the baby patiently gives them universal access. The use of this tampon has nothing to do with the constellation, and the baby is Aries!哼~

Sometimes when I go to the bookstore to buy some sex books, I will be seen by a kind of “small girl, you come to buy a yellow disc today.” Then when you leave, the eyes of the uncle of the bookstore have become “the next time.” I will tell you the new film, remember to buy it.”

Good underneath is super dirty! Sewage! Sewage! Link (not something super change!)

I will list some of the books I have read, and interested friends can take them!

I really like Isolde’s magic soup series, which is one of the three new books. I also like the book “Humble Set”, which is a history book of condoms. For example, hey, you know the 18th dynasty of Egypt in the 1850 BC, when Amon Nehmet III, papyrus It is recorded how they are contraceptive~

Cough, cough, drive.

They used the crocodile’s droppings and honey together and placed them in the woman’s vagina to prevent pregnancy (the picture is so beautiful) and then many people know that chewing gum is contraceptive, but I don’t know what happened. Fasten your seat belt, baby is driving! Hand over your cards! Drop by yourself! In fact, this is a uterine cap with a gelatinous composition on the gum arabic. Egyptians also like chewing gum. This chewing gum is also extracted from gum arabic (so the real name of chewing gum should be gum arabic gum). After adding a little honey, this natural spermicide chews is said to have a good taste. (Meow meow meow????)

Come and come back with an additional question! Test your moments! What is the ancient method of contraception in women? Passengers in the front row don’t swing my wiper, thank you for your cooperation! Hey, say you!

The ancient method of female contraception is to use pomegranate! The little organic partners with wood and wisdom think of pinching~ In ancient Egypt, women were told to divide the fruit of the pomegranate into two, hollowed out inside, and then put on it~ did not explain when the woman should wear pomegranate and why wear it, it is estimated that Considering the parallel relationship between ancient society and the emerging modern society, it is very cautious to write about contraception. Silently open the wiper as the arm you waved~ 哟哟切克闹 (you go)

The following book lists are mostly literary works. When the book list cannot be seen, it can be used with the book list.

1. Lolita (with Freud’s psychoanalytic consumption is quite good) 2. Save the breasts (talking about breast cancer, don’t think about it!) 3. Besieged (I understand it for love and Lonely law can be countered, can be used in conjunction with philosophy books) 4. Red skin (speaking of the story of a Chinese prostitute, more realistic. But this comic, I like the painting, the original is a decade of unannounced visits, Amway wave!) 5 Lost Paradise Watanabe Pure One 6. Jin Ping Mei (can be used with Ge Fei’s “The Sound and Nothingness of Jin Ping Mei”)

Movies and other magical videos

1. Female addict 2. Carol (original titled “The price of salt”, interested can find it) 3. Danish girl 4. Human body 蜈蚣 (calculation?) 5. Step on blood to find plum 6. Ghost Township (according to the old man of Jiang Sunrise, the theme of comfort women) 7. Brokeback Mountain 8. Furnace 9. Sex Master 10. Animal World (manually funny, deliberate for me! Slightly slightly!) 11. Samaritan Girl 12. Spring sighs 13. Keep standing

14. Strangers by the lake 15. Eternal Mariah (seven av actresses, respectively, Yoshikura Muna, Sumami Pear, Chuan Ai Mi Li, Ban Yeu Ji, Muto Ai, Hasegawa and Lemon.) 16 Color desire wall (also female actress starred, this time is Aoi Kong and Nishino Xiang) 17. My skin (speaking transgender, but I don’t know how to be specific) 18. Sensory world 19. Max, I love you (Human beast triangle love) 20. Refers to the artisan pick (BBC TV drama, the original is called this name can look for books) 21. Blood beads 22. Hong pregnancy holiday (speaking male boys and children) 23. Heart eclipse (male) Version of Lolita) 24. Rose’s funeral (transvestite 癖 male 妓) 25. Mulholland Road 26. About my mother 26. Midnight Cowboy

Ok! You don’t want to jump over! I am driving! Sit down!

Hey, it’s hot here today~ Thank you for your support and love!~muuuuuuua~ Do you really not watch Animal World? How erotic oh~~oh~ (you roll)

Female student with a story

Yummy user@ Fuyutori

When I talked about the topic of sex, my girlfriend said that I was hooligan. This made me very angry. Women understand sexual knowledge, develop their own sexual pleasure, try to make sex toys illegal? The key is that she usually likes European and American muscle men. I thought her thoughts were open. I didn’t expect it to be so conservative. I felt helpless with a little dirty woman.

Yummy user@ Barley milk

The sister is a little dirty and cute!

Yummy user@ Queen of mint

I want to be a very dirty girl, but I don’t have any objects.

Yummy user@ Sind

In the case of pollution, there is a brain circuit that is enough.

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