What is the first bag that should be started in 2018?

Hey~ Your year-end award is coming soon!

What is the most anticipated in the year-end and the beginning of the year? Of course, the silver is falling into the bag. Buy a new bag Hahahahaha! However, it is really necessary to pick it up, but the style, price, brand and quality must be paid attention to!

It’s time to leave this Lala sister and tell you about the most worthwhile new package this year, to help you solve problems!


this year Small round package The wind is really big, and the mini size of the Italian brand Nico Giani and the American brand Mansur Gavriel (the brand that used to be red to the out of the bucket) is very popular, and it has become a new generation of delicate accessories for girls.

In fact, the small round bag can’t hold too many things, and people rely on their own beauty to convince people.

And in color selection, it’s mostly like a fairy tale. Bright and active color scheme Fully satisfied the fantasy of the girl’s heart.

After all, from the size point of view, everyone already knows that the small round bag is not practical, it is more suitable for the fashion fine to use as a sharp match.

However, the overall lack of small round packages Detail support If there is no filter in the photo, and the blessing of the blogger, it may become directly in real life. Cosmetic bag for the wholesale market.

If you don’t say it, do you think these two packages are a series?

On the left is Five thousand Mansur Gavriel, Taobao on the right 5 dollars Cosmetic bag,

Which one do you choose?



I planted the Spanish brand Loewe before. Puzzle Bag

It is really good to explode.

The green grassland in the heart of the head is already 2 meters high.

The size of 29cm or so, let it Practicality Greatly improved, there is no worry about not being able to install anything upstairs.

Geometric stitching The design immediately brings a high degree of recognition, leaving a few other positions in the bag.


and many more.

Sorry, this poor is wrong, I am sorry.


MK, small CK Really many people recommend it! !

When you mention them, everyone may think of it. “High cost performance” The word is gone. It takes only a few thousand dollars to get a package that can support the scene. It is really worthwhile.

Especially MK, after being sold by nili power, it is not too strong.

But because of this, Collision The index rose directly to the side of the sun. It’s only just beginning in 2018. I don’t want to hit the same cow now and I don’t know it.

And MK’s materials are fundamental Not leather Life, comfort and durability are naturally compromised.

If you add a few hundred more budgets, you can buy a full cowhide bag. Why do you want to be in MK?


Fine leather goods + full manual craft + close to the people price

The next one seems to be our best choice.

It is: 2018 VIGGIO series organ bag

Can’t recognize which brand?

Do not blame you,

Because this is the first bag launched by the brand.

And this brand,

It is to redeem INS and Weibo/Little Red Book with excellent craftsmanship:

Thai brand Oyster Footwear

As a brand that only launched 4 seasons, it will burst red.

Oyster used to focus only on shoes.

2017 autumn and winter

Voyage Collection · Travel Series

ARCH HEEL Collection

With simple design and superior Thai craftsmanship, fashion bloggers love it.

@杨梦晶 Magicyang


From the beginning, Oyster insisted on using Italian calfskin To build every pair of shoes. Its unparalleled comfort is also the reason why brand reputation is getting better and better.

In order to build the 2018 VIGGIO series organ bag, the founder of Oyster once again went to Italy to select leather goods, and to adhere to the quality of the shoes, through the bag.

Why must I choose Italian cowhide ? The founder of Oyster said: Due to climate reasons, Italian cattle have fewer skin diseases, so the chances of producing the most complete and high quality cowhide are also the highest. This is why the finest leather goods are the preferred Italian cowhide.

Because of his persistence in leather goods, Oyster was also awarded the Thai DITP in 2017. “Best Leather Award”.

In addition to the persistence of leather goods and craftsmanship, the VIGGIO series organ bag also continues the design inspiration and theme of Oyster’s last season’s shoes “journey”. The seemingly ordinary metal buckle is actually inspired by the beautiful curves of the airplane window.

What you care about the most is, of course, the price of the bag: the pre-sale price of 2k + RMB can be internationally available!

This bag will be more Paris Fashion Week 2018 The showroom exhibits. It’s a wise choice to start before it bursts red!

High-energy advertising time

So, now, with Whoolala,

Be the first to have an Oyter VIGGIO organ bag!

World premiere

2018 VIGGIO Series Organs

Buy a pre-release version immediately at Whoolala.

Now have the opportunity to become

The first batch in the world

The person who got it!

Even earlier than Paris Fashion Week!

It’s almost necessary to kill those small-sized pools that are pretending to be modeled!

Oyster 2018 organ bag world premiere

15% off pre-sale discount

Limited time January 1st – January 10th

Your first bag in 2018,

Will this be the world’s first Oyster organ bag?

of course!

Friendly reminder: Due to the special nature of the new product customization, the production cycle is long and it will not be shipped until January 25.

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