What is the meaning of science?

Trying to do cybersecurity science for a year, today I heard the serious vomiting of team members, expressing two feelings and their extended thinking:

One is that people outside the technology practitioners have more interest and enthusiasm for safety than we have imagined. Security technology has always been considered a very unpopular thing; the other is that this interest and enthusiasm are often used, for example: reporting security incidents Some of the media that do not follow the code of practice in order to attract attention.

Although it does not rule out the cognitive errors caused by the limitation of subjective ability, it still reveals the big environment of information asymmetry, and the essence of the information gap/knowledge gap is the difference in the ability to create wealth.

But I don’t think that this gap is reasonable and should be sustained. I believe that knowledge should be monopolized in the hands of a few people. This is a manifestation of totalitarianism, but science is a liberal act – this difference should be Broken. This is the most meaningful thing.

Security is not far away, and hackers are not mysterious. If anyone tries to demystify an image, abstract it into an empty symbol, and use the sense of worship to put gold on his face, then this is no different from what Roland Roland calls to create “empty idols to match the masses of the jaws.” After all, in some people‚Äôs games, only fooling others can make them profitable.