What kinds of jobs can be done by chemical professionals in the industry?

Introduction: Let’s talk about the work of the chemical industry first, and then list the career development of several friends I have contacted at the end of the article.

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Where chemical engineering graduates work in a professional field in a company, the classification is as follows:

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# design

The design can enter the Chemical Design Institute, which has nine design institutes under the former Ministry of Chemical Industry.

1. China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Company (the first design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC) Address: 521 Jingjin Road, Beichen District, Tianjin

2. Sailing Engineering Co., Ltd. (Second Design Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) Sailing Engineering Co., Ltd. No.1, Sai Ding Road, Jinyang Street, High-tech Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

(Editor’s supplementary note: Sai Ding Design Institute has a Chinese chemical Sailing Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. in Ningbo: China Chemical Matching Ding Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. No. 300 Guanghua Road, High-tech Zone, Ningbo City, China

3. Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (third design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Address: No.70, Wangjiang East Road, Hefei, China

4. China Wuhuan Chemical Engineering Company (the fourth design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) cwcec.com Address: Great Wall Technology Park, No. 1019 Minzu Avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan

5. Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company (Fifth Design Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. Address : 660 Academician Road, National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China

6. Hualu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (the sixth design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) chinahualueng.com Address: Hualu Building, No. 7 Tang Yan South Road, Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone

7. Sinopec Nanhua Group Design Institute (the seventh design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) ncidi.com No. 268, Geguan Road, Dachang District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

8. China Chengda Engineering Company (eighth design institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. Address: No. 279, Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu

9. Northeast Corporation of China Petroleum Engineering Design and Design Co., Ltd. (Ninth Design Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry) cpene.com

However, through recruitment requirements, it is not difficult to see that they demand that nature is relatively high. Undergraduates are at least 211, and most of them are 985. Such as Chengda, and this is only a hard condition. Now they have masters or even doctors. As for other design institutes, there are still many, some of which are undergraduate students, and the development is not necessarily bad. Like the Zhejiang Provincial Chemical Research Institute and the Tianzheng Design Institute, the company will also establish its own design institutes, such as Sinopec, Sinochem Blue Sky, Shaanxi Drum, Hangzhou Auto, Zhejiang Longsheng and others.

Involving knowledge is mainly Chemical engineering, physical chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, control engineering, etc. . Used later The tools are mainly Auto CAD for drawing, PDMS for piping, Aspen plus and HYSYS for simulation, etc. . Of course, these tools will not necessarily be used. They are related to your specific tasks. If you do instrument control, configuration programming will do. If the university has participated in chemical design competitions, there will be points for recruitment.

The division of labor within the design is also diversified, including process calculation, overall layout, piping, instrument control, electrical control, and unit equipment. The unit equipment may also include various types of towers, heat exchangers, compressors, steam turbines, and liquid pumps. . The work content will also be different according to the division of labor. For example, to do the process calculation, in the early stage of the project, it is necessary to make a short-term difference, communicate with the user the process plan, and prepare the bid. The overall arrangement and piping are often at a later stage of project implementation and installation guidance is provided at the site. All kinds of jobs are not consistent with each other.

Professional development is a chemical engineer, who can later become a technical expert or technical manager or sales manager. Most middle and senior leaders of old clubs are technically advanced.

# Research and development

In research and development, undergraduates do less research and development in the chemical industry, but do more chemical research and development will be more, because even in the chemical industry, based on the idea of ​​wide-caliber training, in the school or do more experiments, the students have to go to Shanghai WuXing Kangde etc. The pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing company is doing experiments. It is very important and it will be hard work. It just came out to help graduate students wash their bottles. However, everyone said that doing organic is the most profitable. Career development is a synthesis expert. Chemical R&D is also there, and some factories will let you do process optimization, mainly for energy saving and productivity.

# produce

It is best to find a job in this field of professional production. In addition, there are usually no design institutes for overtime. There are two types of overtime, production and operation departments and process departments. . Production and operation, just graduated salary can also be, if it is Shenhua, Datang, such a large state-owned enterprises and rich and powerful, let alone say. If you do analytical tests, you can not shift to work, the environment is very clean, but generally girls. Otherwise, shifts are needed and the factory may be harder. If you can squat down, money will still be there. In fact, it is not so scary. Some of them are sitting in the control room in the factory. It would be nice to have a look at the computer, but the factory would be rather remote. There are a few who can enter the nuclear power plant and have a very good environment. So the production is not terrible. The key is to choose the right unit. Give priority to foreign companies, Peace of mind. There are fewer or even no shifts in the craft department, mainly to solve the problems that production cannot cope with, to optimize the process of the factory, or to undertake project management for some new projects, etc. It will also communicate with suppliers and belong to Party A. The career development of both is engineer or technical management and can be rushed to the branch manager.

# Sales

If you sell, you have to do foreign trade, but also have technical support. That is, when you sign a contract, you are responsible for explaining technical problems with the customer, responsible for business quotation, Belonging to B2B type, the pressure will be lower than traditional B2C sales Naturally, wine is also indispensable.

# purchase

Compared to sales, it is actually a better choice to purchase. For enterprises, reducing procurement costs is a direct reduction in the company’s production costs, both internal and external. of course, There are also many children in this kind of department. . In addition, the supplier’s wine is also indispensable.

# Compound career

Chemical + financial – chemical industry analysts generally prefer master’s degree qualifications, and qualification certificates for securities industry will be examined early. Chemical + computer – related software product manager or developer in the chemical industry, Shanghai Aspen, Zhejiang Zhongguan, and Peking Yingying. Chemical + foreign trade – foreign trade commissioner and economic related work can be. Chemicals + Intellectual Property – Intellectual Property Agent, Judicial Examination. This kind of compound professional general job position is usually not in the chemical institute, you need to take the initiative to understand. This is a good opportunity for the industry to jump out of chemical pits.

# Development of related friends

  • Google: Undergraduate in chemistry, applied for graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. It has excellent computer skills. The junior high school started to demolish computers for the first time. In the undergraduate school, the campus PT website was created and actively used Matlab to help the instructor to do the project.

  • Doctor: It is hard work to send or postgraduate Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tianda University, and Jiaotong University. The doctor who reported to Tsinghua has already stayed in school as a teacher.

  • Dow: Master of Chemical Engineering at Zhejiang University, majoring in Total practice at the reading stage, entering Dow after graduation, working temporarily in Zhangjiagang

  • Shanghai BASF: Chemical Engineering is said to be an instructor

  • Beijing Mercedes-Benz: Chemicals + Foreign Trade Undergraduate, made a 4 year purchase at Shanghai Hantai Tire, and moved to Beijing Benz to purchase

  • Chongqing Hantai Tire: chemical + foreign trade undergraduate, now Shanghai Hantai Tire has done 4 years of marketing, now turn to Chongqing

  • Zhejiang Property: Master of Chemical Engineering

  • Hangzhou Mary Kay: Chemical + English undergraduate, girls, made a purchase

  • Hangzhou Tianzheng Design Institute: Chemical + English undergraduate, considered a relatively good engineering design institute in Hangzhou

  • Dahua, Hangzhou: Chemical + computer undergraduate, do development

  • Shanghai Aspen: Chemical + Computer Bachelor, Testing, Development

  • Hangzhou Kuntian automation: chemical + computer undergraduate, development

  • Zhejiang Tobacco Company: Chemical + Computer Bachelor, Hangzhou Production, need shifting, but easier than Jiaban, monopoly, welfare lever

  • Hangzhou Linde: Undergraduate Process Control (formerly chemical machinery), doing pipeline stress analysis in Linde, Hangzhou

  • Shanghai Air Liquide: Undergraduate of Process Control (formerly known as Chemical Machinery), produced in Shanghai Air Liquide

  • Hangzhou Sanjie Environment: Chemical + Computer Bachelor Degree, with C# as the environmental software development, more travel abroad, and sometimes feel the plane is more tired

  • Hangzhou Zheda Zhongzhong: Chemical + computer graduate student, responsible for industrial advanced control, need to be programmed

  • Hangzhou Fufu Bank: Chemical + Computer Bachelor, Software Development

  • Ningbo Donghai Lanfan: Chemical + Computer Bachelor, Software Implementation Consultant

  • Hangzhou Dahua: Master of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering of Zheda University advanced the Huawei Institute of Hangzhou Institute of Technology. At that time, they were just recruiting talent for mobile phone thermal analysis, and then jumped to Dahua.

  • Shanghai’s Securities: Ph.D. in Chemical Industry, an Industry Analyst at a Securities Company

  • Shangyu Earth: Master of Chemical Engineering, need to work shift

  • Hangzhou Oxygen: Chemical Engineering Bachelor or Master of Chemical Engineering, as project engineer or process engineer

  • Hangzhou Sales: Sales of Chemical Products, Sales of Dishwashing Agents

  • Chemical Analysis: Chemical Engineering Undergraduate or Master of Chemical Engineering

  • Taobao entrepreneurship: chemical undergraduate, sea Amoy milk powder, foreign partners, but the market is not as good as before

  • Ningbo Zhenhai Refinery: Chemical Engineering

  • Ningbo Zhenhai Engineering Company: Undergraduate Process Control (formerly chemical machinery)

  • Lishui Government Civil Servant: Master of Zhejiang University

  • Zhoushan Agricultural Bank: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, read 3+1, read the last year’s International Trade Division, and finally succeeded in transitioning without a Pharmacy diploma, and obtained a Diploma in International Trade.

  • Special police in Nanning: Chemical undergraduate, like the civil service test, but also need to pass the fitness test

Note: The above work and units are not necessarily all good, please also personally screened.

# Supplementary explanation

1. The chemical industry is not a financial security, nor is it IT. The money is not so fast. It should not be too impetuous to do the technology down, otherwise you will be very disappointed. In the same way, because of the long time of development, there is no need to wipe out the fighting spirit by time.

2, just the professional classification does not mean that you must do something in the future, it is possible that you reported the bank’s examination also entered, life has nothing to do with the chemical.

3, the above is a family of words, personal knowledge is limited, only for reference, do not want to misunderstand the children, In particular, highly educated personnel may have larger and better platforms. Due to personal level restrictions, the reference is not significant.


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