What should I do if I have an accident in a foreign country? It is enough to read this!

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This weekend, many small friends drove around to drive around.

In the domestic self-driving tour, it is inevitable that there will be an accident.

When driving abroad, it is more likely that an accident will occur because of unfamiliar road conditions, differences in traffic regulations, and so on.

Today, we will talk about it, and have encountered a traffic accident in a foreign country. What should I do?

Note: In this article, we take the self-driver’s paradise, the United States with Highway 1 and Route 66 as an example, other countries can also learn from

First of all, don’t panic when you encounter an ordinary traffic accident. The first step is to find the appropriate parking position for the accident vehicle.

What are the parking spaces for vehicles?

The accident occurred on the “ordinary road” and did not block the incoming traffic. Whether you are the fault or the victim, you should not move the car for the time being;

The accident occurred on the “highway” and drove the car to the emergency lane;

The accident occurred in the “tunnel” and it was necessary to drive the car out of the tunnel as soon as possible and stop in the nearest emergency lane.

After that, open the trunk and check if there is a triangular warning sign ▼ inside, which will be included in the car rental company.

Is there any attention to the placement of the warning triangle?

Yes, if it is on non-high speed, put two triangle warning signs in the direction of the traffic 3-5 Meter distance

If at high speed, put two triangle warning signs on the 100-150 The distance of meters (different national laws);

After you have placed it, you can check the damage of the vehicle and call the police.

Take the United States as an example, directly hit “911” ▼

At this point, the operator will ask for the specific location, I How to describe the location?

If it is non-high speed, it is best to describe the detailed house number, such as “No.123 Park Avenue” “Park Avenue 123”; or describe the intersection of two streets, such as “Park Avenue and 13th Street” “Park Avenue and Intersection of 13th Street”;

If it is high speed, tell the operator the name of the highway, where it is from, how far it is from the nearest entrance or city, such as “I was driving from Detroit to Columbus on I-80, just 15 Minutes away from Detroit” I traveled from Detroit to Columbus on the I-80 state highway, just 15 minutes from Detroit.”

If the language doesn’t work, what can’t I describe?

Please remember at least the most basic expression “I am reporting a car accident, please help me, I don’t speak English” “A car accident, please help me, I don’t know English.”

At this point, the operator can determine the coordinates by the location of the mobile phone base station.

What should I do if I choose insurance when I rent a car?

After contacting 911, you should contact the rental car company immediately to inform you of the accident. The car rental company’s phone number is usually found in the introduction manual in the storage space in front of the co-pilot.

Why contact a rental car company?

First, the insurance company’s insurance claims contract includes the tenancy requirements for the tenant; the second is that most car rental companies will arrange for alternative vehicles, which will not affect your next journey.

Need to find someone to witness?

On the highway, don’t take the initiative to try, it is too dangerous; but if it is on the ordinary road, it is best to call one or two pedestrians on the side of the road as witnesses, leaving the name and contact information so that the police can take it when it is impossible to discretion The confession and transcripts form the basis for the identification of accident liability.

Then, just wait for the police to come.

The first step is to check your driver’s license and car rental certificate ▼

Note that the United States is a state with separate state and federal powers, which means that each state has the power to make its own traffic laws, which brings a very surprising result:

Some states can use Chinese driver’s licenses directly; some states do not.

Unrecognized states require an additional translation, TIDL “Translation of International Driving Licence”. Below is a list of states that require TIDL for reference.

  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • the state of Wisconsin

Note: Currently the most popular self-driving route No. 1 is in California, and through nine national parks, the “big ring line” from Las Vegas is not on this list, it is also a gospel.

The following pictures are taken in the “Big Circle” Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, Zion several national parks, none of them have been too ▼

what? You haven’t heard the famous “National Park Grand Circle”, and you can reply to “gc” (short for Grand Circle) in the background of the public number leantravel. A picture allows you to understand the “big ring line”.

After reading the picture, we return to the theme,

The police will record it in the accident report and ask you to check if it is true, and then ask you to sign it.

What will I face if I am the victim?

You will get an accident report and record the details of the accident. Basically, there will be a website address. You can go online to check the electronic version directly. Is it very intimate? Of course, more importantly, you usually don’t need to go to court.

What will I face if I am at fault?

In addition to the accident report, you may also receive a summons with time and place of court.

It means that you must appear in the court at this time and place. The time and place is likely to be a few weeks later. It is very pit, that you may not be in the United States at this time.

What should I do?

Note that certain types of accidents can be handled directly by paying a fine. You do not need to go to court. You can ask the police directly “Do I have to go to the court or just pay fines through mail or Internet?” “Do I need to go on?” Can you directly post a fine or pay a fine online?”

If this is a case that does not require a court appearance, the police will inform you directly and tell you how to pay the fine.

After that, the police will leave.

What should I do at this time?

Then contact the rental car company.

If the car is still driving, the car rental company may ask you to drive to the nearest chain store and change to a new car for you;

If the car is no longer driving and the police have not arranged a trailer, the rental car company may send a trailer to take you to a nearby store and change to a new car for you.

What will happen to me after the accident?

A week or so after the accident, you can find a detailed incident report through the website on the accident report. If there is a camera on the road section where the accident occurred, the report will even be accompanied by a video of the whole process of the accident.

If you are at fault and the type of accident supports not paying the penalty directly on the court, the website will also provide the entrance for the payment, generally supporting Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

If you are dissatisfied with the fine, you can also choose to go to court. The court time usually ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months. The place is usually in the local court where the accident occurred. Therefore, for most of the self-driving tour partners, it is almost impossible to go to court when they are in court. I suggest that it is better to pay a fine directly.

Ok, in the end, Xiaoji will come back to help you sum up “How to deal with accidents caused by accidents in foreign countries”:

1. Don’t panic, find a parking place, put a safety warning sign

2. Contact the police first, then contact the rental company, and if possible, leave the names and phone numbers of the surrounding witnesses for backup.

3. Wait for the police to come. If it is the injured party, wait until you get the accident report. If it is the wrong party, you will get the subpoena. At this time, you need to ask the police whether you must appear in court (important).

4. Contact the car rental company to change the car, see if you drive to the store, or rent a car to send a trailer.

5. After a week or a few weeks, check the details of the incident on the website of the accident report. If it is a faulty party, you can pay directly.

That’s it.


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