Where are the clothes placed overnight? 7 ways to tell you

Everyone is not stranger to the overnight meal?

It’s a pity to throw it away. It’s a taste not to throw it in the refrigerator.

Prevent this from happening,

We also specially buy a variety of crisper / bag to seal them.

In fact, except for the overnight meal,

There is something similar to it at home, called Overnight clothing

Don’t wonder, who has a few pieces of overnight clothes.

Especially in winter, clothes can’t be changed every day.

When you pass through once or twice, it’s often the most embarrassing.

Washed the trouble, where should I not wash?

Someone will put them in the closet.

But what if you want to find it later?

Believe in yourself, the entire wardrobe can be turned to the bottom!

Again, this position is basically no different from dog planing…

Some people will say that it is not good to sit on the edge of the bed and chair.

Then I want to say that poverty limits our imagination.

Overnight clothes can also be piled up into mountains…

This situation can not help but say,

Overnight clothes are worth more than the imagination.

And the key is to use the storage tool!

Coat rack

Solve overnight clothing,

The simplest and straightforward way is to use a purple coat rack.

Can be placed in the entrance and bedroom.

However, you must pay attention to the secondary classification when using the coat rack.

▲Image from home element user @菜蘑菇汤

For example, the winter coat is best placed separately at the entrance.

It can be replaced immediately after entering and leaving the door.

▲Image from home element user @肖竹芋

▲Image from home element user @海苍

Shirt sweaters and close-up thermal underwear placed inside,

It is best to place it alone in the bedroom.

This ensures privacy.

Then if you do not follow the above classification?

Over time, it will become this ghost.

Looking for clothes to look up for a long time,

In the end, it still did not achieve the storage effect.

Vertical hanger

▲Image from home element user @汤圆胡梦梦

Compared to the previous coat rack,

This design will make the visual more neat and tidy.

Also suitable for storing wrinkled overnight coats.

Plus the compartment for storing shoes, practical power max!

With a variety of storage units,

Such a vertical coat rack,

It can be used to classify pants, tops and shoes.

The effect is not much worse than the custom closet~

▲Image from home element user @Frida

Have a good regulation, and then match the small pendants such as green plants.

Overnight clothing also serves as a decorative space.

In this way, is it also beautiful?

Hanging rod

▲Image from home element user @Kale opens second life

▲Image from home element user @夕闲

The wooden hanging style clothes hanger has a fresh temperament.

Undoubtedly a high-value harvester~ As for weight bearing,

Hanging two or three winter coats plus daily bags is no problem.

Overnight clothing area in the closet

▲Image from home element user @Kale opens second life

If you want to store the overnight clothes, how can you forget the wardrobe?

It’s time to open up the wardrobe and divide a small piece of heaven and earth!

But be sure to prepare small storage items.

With them, it is possible for the wardrobe to avoid being smashed into pigs.

▲The picture comes from the home element user @黄小邪不急急

The owner said: the interior details of the wardrobe,

The canvas basket accommodates clothes that do not need to be cleaned once.

The bottom is based on the ease with which the door is opened.

Drawers and iron frames were selected as clothing storage.

Dedicated overnight wardrobe

For the 3-5 home, the wardrobe is already saturated.

The coat rack has limited bearing capacity. What should I do?

Don’t panic~ We can make a dedicated space to accommodate them.

Don’t take too much of the open wardrobe and overnight clothes like the picture.

No longer worry about the ash problem caused by openness,

After all, these clothes will be worn again in a day or two!

Still afraid that the space will be too messy?

A single small wardrobe can also be used as a special storage for overnight clothing.

▲ Image from home element user @老怒

The owner said: There is no door wardrobe, this simple cloakroom,

Just at the entrance to the master bedroom,

Used to hang some of the most frequently worn seasonal clothes,

This way you can replace it directly when you go out.

In order to find a skirt,

Turn over the bottom of the wardrobe in the four seasons!

In short, Whether it is an open wardrobe or a single wardrobe,

Their capacity is incomparable to the previous coat rack!

Very suitable for dressing frequency to stay in the big family for one day.

In fact, in Japan,

Fashion magazines are advocating wearing different clothes every day.

Everyone also defaults to common sense.

If you wear it today, it’s the same as yesterday.

Would be considered not to go home overnight.

So the Japanese have more overnight coats.

▲Image from home element user @Van

So this Japanese gentleman,

I have set up an overnight clothing storage area at home.

Hide it with a white curtain.

And make a classification and storage from top to bottom.

Clothes ladder

▲Image from home element user @武汉深思设计

▲Image from home element user @王冰洁

Of course, considering that most people have limited space at home,

Can not accommodate another wardrobe.

So here is a ladder like this for everyone!

Feel free to lean against the wall, and the top is hung on it.

Bottoms are hung underneath, not occupying space and very rational.


▲Image from home element user @guriko

In addition, the placket is also very suitable for small spaces.

But don’t look at it, people are also a good hand to store overnight clothing.

Small pieces of clothing are placed in the house after being returned to the house.

It does not affect the appearance at all.

People who don’t have too many clothes overnight can consider starting!

However, it is worth noting that

The placket is only suitable for storing clothes that are not wrinkled.

At the same time, you must remember to wash it regularly. If it overflows, you will be paralyzed…

Ok, so much, no matter what storage items you choose,

Finally, I hope that everyone will pay attention to overnight clothing.

Don’t let them mess up the cleanliness in our home!

Sometimes just change the way,

The quality of life can be a big step!