Why do boys generally do not pursue girls? How do single dogs end singles?

I remember that before I read the headlines, there is such a topic: Why don’t boys now chase girls? Initiating a hot debate on the Internet.

Boys chasing girls, that is an iron law. Men should take the initiative and pursue happiness!

I don’t know when to start, we feel that boys generally do not chase girls.

It may be scared by the label of “bad people”; the pace of life may be too fast; the competition that may be pursued is too great;·····

In the youth movie we watched, there is always a male No. 2 infatuated with the female No. 1 and painstakingly pursued the female No. 1 for several years, and then was quickly captured by the male No. 1 horn.

In those days, we were immersed in the happiness of the male and female protagonists, ignoring the idea of ​​the male second.

However, not everyone in our lives will be the protagonist. Many times, we are like the male No. 2 in the movie, and we are tireless in the hard pursuit of girls, but they are not finished.

But life is not a movie and cannot be replayed. A person’s life can remember to pursue a girl for several years.

In college, boys are easily fascinated by a girl. Knowing a week, it will be confession. Acceptable is together. Unacceptable, good, change the target next.

So some girls are very puzzled: I was still chasing my boys last week, and today I met him on the campus and took a girl’s hand and walked in front of him.

This has also led to a lot of remarks on the Internet: how many college students are together for love, not because they are alone.

Not necessarily! Perhaps this is the love of the moment.

In our society where there are more men and women, there are a lot of girls, and there are many pursuers around. There are many pursuers, and it is difficult to decide.

Nowadays, girls like to test the persistence, perseverance and will of boys. They also give a good excuse – “so easy to be chased by him, how can he cherish me?” Anyway, there are fewer men and women in China.

Boys, competing with many pursuers, can only be one with girls, and those who are eliminated can only continue to compete with other competitors for the next one. Slowly, patience is wiped out.

Sometimes, after half a year, the result is not as good as a dog in the girl’s heart.

This is not counting,

The chat record has also been passed to a circle of friends by various “goddess”, online “How do you know how to talk about the goddess”, “What is the experience of a boy who is not a sister?”

It’s funny to watch, but it’s a bit sad for some boys. Some people have similar experiences and feel the same.

Like a clown, he was mocked and insulted.

Boys, being rejected by girls are becoming more and more timid. Even the girls who saw the movements were nervous and sweaty.

Nowadays, since boys are not active, it is inevitable that they will be single. You can only pin your hopes on various social software. Because of the virtual, it is comfortable.

At the same time, it also gave birth to some training institutions. Among them, I remember that there are two in the bubble school:

1. Attraction Girls do not rely on chasing, but on attraction.

2. The sense of demand At the same time, chasing a few girls, a lower sense of demand.

Boys do not chase girls, it is a problem for boys, but also a problem for girls.

In this complicated society, try to be more sincere and less routine.

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