Why do I have to check in 45 minutes before the flight departure?

There are fans asking the patrol:Why can’t I board the flight if I have not completed the procedure 45 minutes before the flight departure and 15 minutes before the flight departure?

Patrol: This is going to be said“Professional” flight cargo and passenger baggage loading processCome, come, sit down, talk to you.

There are several reasons for checking in early:

1. Allow sufficient time for the passengers to check the baggage for security check. Many people think that the baggage is handled directly and it is directly pulled onto the plane. In fact, there are still many processes that you do not know later.

2. Only when the boarding is checked in advance can the passenger’s position be determined, and there is enough time to match the aircraft balance.

3, In addition to passengers, passenger luggage, there will be a “third party” on the plane, which is the cargo. These need to be balanced with the passenger weight.

In detail:

Before determining that all passengers have checked in the checked baggage, it is impossible for the stowage settlement department to know the actual number and weight of the baggage, so the number of tickets purchased will be calculated when calculating the stowage.Estimate a valueEstimate a space for loading luggage and then match the cargo in the remaining space of the cargo hold.

About one hour before the flight took off, the outfield and the loading and unloading workers came under the plane:

First of all, the cargo at the cargo station was pulled. Many passengers did not check in the baggage at this time. At this moment First risk source Appeared, the goods may be larger than the estimated value given by the cargo station, or the shape is special, or there are special loading requirements that lead to a larger space than the actual situation. Judge: Ask how many people have not passed the security check, determine the approximate amount of baggage, and then decide whether to pull down some of the goods according to the cargo hold capacity and cargo loading schedule, so as to leave enough space and time for baggage loading.

Next, about half an hour before departure, the passengers started boarding:

The baggage will be transported to the baggage sorting station through the transport system, and then loaded by the flight to the aircraft. The settlement will inform the final baggage weight of the outfield. Some of the baggage will not wait until the passenger arrives. The settlement will inform the outsider, and there are still several people. If you don’t come, you will be ready to reserve space and wait until you come back. This time appearedThe second source of risk:Even if all the passengers’ luggage is in place, the sorting station only knows the weight and has no volume data. It is likely that the same ton of baggage volume differs by one or two cubic meters…

The goods carried by the airlines have been dropped several times, and finally the passenger’s luggage is not leaked onto the plane:

Seeing that the plane still has 15 minutes to take off, suddenly there is a sweet voice from the check-in machine in the intercom: xxxx is equipped with an outfield, minus two adults and one child, looking for two bags of number xxxxx, xxxxx.

If it is late baggage, you can leave more attention on the door of the cabin. If it is mixed into the first batch of luggage, it will be placed deep in the cargo hold… It may be necessary to turn the baggage out and find it again. It was so delayed. So sometimes flight delays are not all weather reasons.

simply put:

Arriving in advance is to be able to count the actual number of people and the amount of baggage as early as possible, leaving a margin for calculating the stowage and on-site loading, and leaving the flight early, except that you and the baggage can’t catch the flight, leave it to the machine and the final Loading emergency disposal time.

In the last fifteen minutes, the field will report the final loading result to the settlement, clear the sent manifest to the aircraft, evacuate the passenger and cargo door to close the bridge, evacuate the loading and loading personnel, and perform the final winding check. The baggage system of the aircraft has been closed and no longer accepts new consignments, and even if the passengers rush to the bottom of the plane, I am sorry that the aircraft will not open the door for you again.

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