Why do two loved ones feel so painful together?

Miss L and Mr. M have been married for two years. In the seven years of falling in love, they are noisy and different. The two years after marriage are still similar. You will definitely think that such two people may not be suitable. How can you not want to get married? The answer is because of love!

Today’s quarrel is the glory of the king from the beginning. It is probably that Ms. L wants to accompany her to play the game to relieve the pressure on the work. After Mr. M has invited Miss L, he has completed the game with others. Ms. L is angry but thinks M. Failure to comply with the agreement, breach of contract. In this way, in order to express her attitude, WeChat Mr. Lahei M. Oh, I forgot to say how the team was wrong with others. The premise is that Miss L opened the game alone. Miss L’s explanation was that she was not careful. Maybe she was really careless, Mr. M thought. Such small things are full of their daily routines, and they often turn upside down, and they are willing to pull the impulse of the divorce certificate. Are two people really in love? Miss L nodded, Mr. M is sure. I just want to play haha…

This year, Miss L has not been relaxed, her work is facing transformation, life is full of birth, and some old-age problems need to be considered. Time has passed, the problem is not solved, but it is difficult to intervene. piece of cake. Miss L chooses to find answers from her life and establish her inner order. She likes to watch Qi Qi said, watching those singularly swaying swearing in the language and fighting against each other; she likes to break away, get rid of the garbage of the soul, and eliminate the waste of life. She likes to look at the design, find those inspirations, and find the fighting spirit. But she always does these things alone. Whenever she was very excited and told M Mr. M, Mr. M played the game most of the time, or answered a “good”. Ms. L feels frustrated and has been with each other for 9 years. Some tacit understandings, knowing what to eat in each other’s life, knowing each other’s little cockroaches, or Miss L wants to have a heart and soul. There is a heart in the world. It is just a point, even a look, an action, a tone. Whenever Miss L wants to have a mood exchange with Mr. M, she will end up failing, or interested in finding another person.

Mr. M seems to be awkward this year. He has a lot of troubles at work. The pressures and gaps facing his peers are becoming more and more obvious. Mr. M remembers the “My Volunteer” written by the freshman. Some hearts are unwilling. After two years of marriage, the frequency of business trips is almost one year. Whenever I travel, Miss L will always have resentment. This is not the case that the pesticide incident happened on the premise of a business trip. Mr. M is keen on online shopping for a variety of cost-effective things, but also like to study a variety of new and unique money, he always feels better to Miss L, such as buying more of her love, such as adding items to the family, such as giving her money ……

The story is here, as if it caught a gap between them, as if nothing was caught. Miss L wants Mr. M to have no worries, and the family is properly arranged. Mr. M wants to make more money to raise his wife; but they seem to have an attitude towards life and the future expectations are inconsistent. Miss L said that she is lonely in spirit, and Mr. M always said what he can do. I want to ask questions from the depths of my soul. Do they fall in love? Love, love, love! They love each other in their own way, and each other’s love is still on the road, not reaching the other’s psychology. Thinking of that happy camp, Lin Zhiling’s sentence, “Why are two loving people together so painful?”

At that sight, love at first sight, the deep feelings of those years, the white-headed covenant of that life, can you surpass the phrase “who is going to do the housework”, love is easy to live together, and it is easy to get along with each other… Upgrade the monsters to change equipment, how do you change your teammates into Maofeng?