Wild skills │ from the amateurs’ eyes, the flat style is not completely summarized

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When this article was written, Ye Lang looked at a lot of similar works.

One feeling: Most poster categories don’t just stay visually, but the meaning that the creator wants to convey to everyone.

And Ye Lang is only superficially through the visual effects of some induction.

So don’t be too serious, just watch it!

A group of children’s shoes made a suggestion to summarize the various styles of posters:

Bunzi children’s shoes are right, Ye Lang is a wild-handed hand-to-hand, and does not understand the problems of theory and style classification.

However, I feel that I can really learn from this opportunity. After all, this is an easy-to-understand process for amateurs. It is better to wear X in front of Miss Sister.

Of course, professional designers can not care too much about these styles, and what they want to express is the most important.

Therefore, the content shared today mainly belongs to the product of Ye Lang’s online patchwork query, plus a personal understanding.

1. Fault Art (Glitch Art)

This is the style I first came up with to come up with a name. After all, I have written it before. Let’s take a look at Duan’s explanation:

For example, some days ago, Yero’s old cattle machine had a card machine. There were children’s shoes in the group. This is good-looking. I can’t see anything special:

The explanation of Du Niang is a bit confusing. The simplest explanation for this style is that it is a problem with good things. This problem makes it look more interesting.

I don’t know why, when writing this paragraph, Marilyn Manson’s This Is The New Shit song will be heard in my mind:

(The above image is from Guido Iafigliola)

2, Pop Art (Pop Art)

I know this style, the group friends have spread to me, the representative figure: Yayoi Kusama. For each style, let’s first take a look at Duan Niang’s explanation:

Can’t read it? If you don’t understand it, you are right! I don’t understand, let’s take a look at some of the case diagrams:

(The above image is from Betim Bozkurt)

From the above picture we can see that pop-style posters are mostly expressed in colorful forms, and the elements of the pattern collage are inside. For example, the polka dot that Ye Lang had done before. Gives a vintage, novel and quirky feeling.

3, Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk)

I have mentioned this term before in the group, I can only say that I have seen it:

Dean’s explanation, I can see a few constituent elements, seemingly inseparable from the future, technology, and then look at the case diagram:

(Image courtesy of Ash Thorp)

It can be seen that cyberpunk does contain many elements of future technology. The overall picture feels gray and oppressive. There is a visual effect that brings disaster to human beings after the explosion.

4, steampunk (Steampunk)

The same is the explanation of the previous one, and Ye Lang read a little bit of understanding, but there is a picture of a game that I used to like to play in the past – Machinarium:

(The above image is from Katerina Khachatryan)

The whole picture is mainly composed of some key elements of the first and second industrial revolutions, such as steam engines, electricity, and light bulbs.

Feeling the style of painting is somewhat similar to the cyberpunk in front, and it is also full of decadent feelings brought about by the impact of the times. The difference is that one is the past and the other is the future.

5, Minimalism (Minimalism)

This is actually a very good understanding, that is, we often say that the complexity is simple. However, due to the recent popularity of Normcore, I feel that I can share my personal understanding.

It is possible to make a presentation with an indoor map. This is minimalism:

(图片 来源 Apartment for a young creative family)

This is a cold sex:

(Image source US1K1)

It is not difficult to see that the cold weather is actually a kind of minimalism, which is counted as an upgraded version.

The essence of minimalism is simple, but some colors are quite rich, but the overall layout feels very simple. It can therefore be seen that it is important to make a minimalist style of poster layout.

The overall cold weather is not only simpler in color, but the overall picture even reminds people of the word “abstinence.” If it is the owner who lives in this room, I will think that he is a person who has no desire and no desire. This may be the so-called “sexual coldness”.

6. Memphis

This is a kind of style that Ye Lang feels common. From the explanation of Du Niang, we can grasp several keywords: funny, brisk, and color. Look at the diagram again:

(The above image is from Marilyn Tota)

From the above figures, we can see that Memphis-style maps usually have strong contrasting colors, with some geometric patterns.

Compared with the same bright pop style, pop style is biased towards retro, while Memphis is biased towards novelty.

7, steam wave (Vaporwave)

As always, I don’t understand, or look at the picture:

(The above image is from Mr. Manv)

This style of poster should be the most popular category that Ye Lang has seen on Weibo recently.

Inductively, it is usually a gorgeous gradient with some effects of fault art in it.

Most of the themes are nostalgic electronic devices, and the elements are also plaster, tropical plants, and early Nintendo games, windows interfaces and other products of the 80s and 90s.

Due to the time relationship, I will write it here temporarily. If you feel that you can continue to write down, then I will continue to add it later.

Uh… This article counts as “wild skills: the flat style from the eyes of amateurs is not fully aggregated one”.

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