Wonder! Why do many retired people live in various big mouths, but only Jordan rarely speaks?

Along with the depth of the schedule, the league is performing wonderful every day, and various records are being broken one after another. Super God and lore will be fixed forever. James slammed the Raptors and led the team to a 3-0 win. After the game, many famous places, players, and media have been sought after, and James’s performance has been praised. Including Barkley, Iverson, O’Neill and other retired people, frequently speaking for hot and controversial topics, and why not see Jordan say the same.

As a recognized god of basketball, Michael Jordan is hard to transcend. No matter how hard the younger generation catches up, Jordan still does not move. Like God, Jordan maintains a sense of mystery, giving people a feeling of being close and distant. Now that technology is fast enough, it’s not difficult to send a tweet. Of course, Jordan’s busy business is a must, but it’s not enough time to push it. The author summed up the reasons for the following reasons.

First of all, when the players retired, they need to make their own way. Like O’Neill, Barkley and other famous places, after retiring, they are active in the commentary. Most of the retired people need to pass this kind of voice, so that their aura will remain, and they will gather their popularity and financial resources to achieve commercial purposes. After retirement Jordan’s income is still far ahead, with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Jordan’s influence need not be described, and the financial resources are constantly flowing. Obviously he does not need hot spots.

Second, after retirement, Jordan became the boss of the Hornets. Unlike other famous places, Jordan is an absolute insider, and you can’t just make a sound. For the evaluation of the league and players, it may lead to fines at any time. In this regard, Magic Johnson must be deeply touched, and he paid a lot of fines for improper words and deeds. Because of his different identities, Jordan has a different position. Especially in the labor-management negotiations, Jordan is standing on the opposite side of the players and confronts the players.

Again, Jordan is really busy. He has been attending business activities almost all year round, promoting the major brands, managing his own team, and branding shoes. The league also has other teams and brands. For other teams and brand stars, Jordan is not suitable for comment. Coupled with Joe’s Hornets team, the record in recent years is not very prosperous, long-term in the eastern weak, and Jordan’s draft, and naturally have no time to deal with these irrelevant topics.

Also, as the Taishan Beidou-level superstar, Jordan’s voice is too much influence, which is likely to cause too much negative interpretation. Jordan’s casual talks may be taken out of context. Just as Jordan once said: Kobe is most like himself, James is hard to compare himself, Leonard is the most comprehensive star in active duty, and it has caused a lot of heated discussion. Of course, there are not many intersections among the superstars in private, and they are busy with their respective industries. There is no need to pick up the controversy.

The so-called: Jinkou Yuyan, more words will be lost. If the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, Jordan will naturally not speak. Even though Jordan has been retired for many years, his business value has not been withdrawn, including Jordan himself, many people continue to pack the Jordan brand. Jordan just keeps mystery like God, keeping the supreme of the first person in history

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